Hey there dear

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sarcastic breakup poem

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012



Well hey there dear

How are you doing today

Good is what you say

I am here to make it even better

Hey my dear

Have you heard the news today

I have a surprise for you

Well at one'o;clock

It will be time for Splitsville

I can not seem to take you anymore

And at two'o' clock

I will ignore you

And not hear what you have to say

Well hey my dear

It will be ok

You already knew that this relationship

Was an all or nothing game

There was never any inbetween

We were always on thin ice you see

Well hey there dear

Stop talking and complaining

Everything is just fine

I am no longer blind

I see you for who  you really are

Please stop crying

I do not need your feign tears

Seeing them fall is no longer my fear

Hey there dear t

The weather is perfect today

Just a little rain and a slight chill

Can you hsndle being out here in this dreary weather

Hey my daer 

I feel good today

I just can not deny

That losing you is the best thing to ever happen to me

Well hey there dear you will be ok

With or without me

You will be ok

With or without them

Hey my dear 

Soon you will learn

What it is like to be burned

Hey my dear you will be just fine

With your death wishes at night

With your empty chest

Hey there dear

It is not the end

No need to fear

This is just a dream


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