Hurricane Irene

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A hurricane came into town one night so I decided to write a little about it :)

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012



The powers gone out and the night is full of sounds

The wind blowing the trees, the rain as it falls

Heavily on the ground and road, cars going

Down the road splashing the rain puddles,

And the clock as it chimes

This night is boring

There is not much to do except sleep, read, and

If I had a special friend indulge in my

Human needs, cure my frustration, put me at physical ease

This night brings back the past

It gives all who are within it a taste of what it was

Like before electricity was invented

Some shall embrace this night for the simplicity

It brings, others for the excuses it gives them for

Work not done or for dates to be broken

Then there are some like me who will not embrace

This night because, it does not give us ease of any kind,

No excesses for work or dates not attended to,

No enjoyment just boredom

This night is not my kind of night

It does not involve anything I like

It just gives me boredom

I can not sleep and I have read all the books I wanted to read

So instead, I sit here in bed with a battery run lantern

On my desk writing a poem about

The night Irene came and turned my lights off and

Gave me the inspiration for this poem

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