I just need...

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A on the spot poem, inspired from feeling like a fool over someone :) please read and comment

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



I just need an escape

Some place different, some place new

Some new faces, some new spaces

I just need one last shot

Of what could be love

Of what could be denial

I just need some hope

Hope that you all are not the same

Hope that I am not just your distraction

Until who you really love shows up

I just need some honesty

Because I have not found it

I have not heard it

I have not received it in return

I just need some faith

That what I feel for you

Will be felt back in return

That what I give 

Will be, one day, given in return to me

That I will be more than a  face to you

That you will like flirting with me

Because of me

Not the physical me

But for ME

Me on the inside

The one that will never fade

When these supposed looks I have will

I just need you

You, the only person who gets me

You, the only person who makes me smile

You, the only person who likes me beyound my face

You, the only person who is honest

When others are not

You, the only person who restores my faith and hope

In society, in a higher being

You, my shot at love and denial

You, the person I wait for patiently

Night and day

You, the one that completes me

I swear they say no one is perfect

But, you are perfect for me

When all is said and done

All I need is




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