I want to know, despite age and distance, that there is an us

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I want to know that I am not investing my time in a illusion. That despite age and distance...There is an us.
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Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



I want to know

If you see the fear in my eyes

From past hurt and past disappointments

From one too many leaving

I want to know

If you ever dream of my voice

If you ever wonder

What my voices vibration

Would feel like

If you were to place your head

On my chest

I want to know

That when you say

I love you

If you mean it


Are you just saying it to fill a void

To fill a false perception on what love is

To fill a need that you have

For someone to be by your side

Because you can not live with JUST yourself

I want to know

Allot of things

I want to know


Beyond the basics

"What's your favorite color?"

"What's your favorite food?"

Yes, I want to know the little things to

But what I really want to know

Is what is on the inside

Of your soul, heart, and mind

I want to know 

That despite age and distance

That there is an us

That this is not fiction

Some words on a screen

Some Skype chats

That will never turn into a visit

A real face to face conversation

A real hug, a real kiss

I want to know

That I am not investing my time

In a illusion

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