Never Enough For This

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Please read and comment if you like :)poem is actually called Never Enough, please excuse the length. Enjoy

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



If love is not enough

Then what is?

If I can not give,

My all then,

To what use am I?

I do not know

What is best for me

When it comes to you

I do not know if

I should stay or leave

What is this burning in my chest?

Why does it happen

When you mention him?

I am not attracted to you

I do not get butterflies

At the sight of your face

So why do I feel this way?

Maybe I am in denial

About wanting you


In more than a friend way

Oh this heart of mine is

Soo confused and my head

Is spinning round and round

I do not know what to do

If I sleep...

I sleep just to dream 

Dreams, that I do not want,

Of you

Of your face, of your voice in a crowded room,

Of the person I used to know

And in my dreams I am,

Always searching

For who or what

I do not know

But maybe I am searching for you

But I do not know

I just do not know

So you say, you think

I have bottled up feelings for you

Well I like to disagree

But then again maybe...

I am a liar

See I wrote this poem for you

I am just trying to explain myself

But this is one you will never read

It is safe here on my computer

If only I could stop these thoughts

If only I did not love you

Maybe then I could have peace of mind

I know, you are no good for me

And you will not change

But my heart argues with my head

Saying "You do not know them like I do!"

My head comes in with a reality check

And I start to feel the burn again

You say you know he will go back

To how he was before after it all

Settles down

So why are you wasting your time

You say that you stayed with him

Because it was all a misunderstanding

And because you care about him

Well sometimes caring is not enough

I care about you

But it is and never was


My heart tells me to give you a chance

My head tells me no

I can not say,

Why not try again at friendship

When I know you will never change

I will be thrown aside again

When you are intrigued by him

Or someone new

I may care for you

Love you

But it is and was

Never enough

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