People are unprincipled but i'm broken

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slight rant/ depression/new and inspired by, once again, a person who I was naive enough to believe.

Submitted: May 25, 2013

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Submitted: May 25, 2013



People are shit 

They keep proving themselves time and again to be nothing more than shit

I shouldn't expect any different 

There's always going to be the kicker

Kick in the gut, knot in the throat, and pinch in the chest

I can't believe you when you say you care for me

Others have said the same thing

But they left and never cared at all

They eventually showed who they really were

And I didn't like what I had seen

People wonder why I'm quiet

Antisocial some could say

That's only because I don't like people

I can't trust them

Go get drunk or high

Forget the pain of another disappointment

play roulette

what's the point to this game Anyways

I'm still the depressed child I was in my yesterdays

I still hide behind fake smiles and jokes

Some nights I still contemplate life

I just want the truth

I want to be left alone

Please don't say things to me that you don't mean

Because I'm stupid enough to believe them

I hate to seem broken

But I can't hide what I am

I think I've given up

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