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A poetic profile of myself that I had to do for my college comp 1 English class. Read and comment?

Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013




“My ability to see another view

Make this uncanny connection to that individuals problem

Makes me special.”

Poetry is the art of looking within, seeing into the soul of the writer, seeing into their world

The connection you make by getting the outside view

I make by being inspired from a hug that’s strong and tight, an emotion, a set of three words,

Seeing the news, and hearing people go off on political rants.

Talking about things they know little about because they only care to scratch the surface

Where you find the solution, the right words to say

I find a new line, a new poem, a new look into the human beauty that is the world, that is the problem itself.

Where there is despair, anger, confusion, and many other conflicting emotions there is beauty as well.

“There is beauty in the breakdown.” (FROU FROU)

You make the connection to the individual problem

And I

Make the connection to the individual’s feelings

Where your words are used for advice

Used to smooth over an issue

Mine are used to pierce the heart

Used to leave you breathless if only for a moment

See we poets listen and listen closely to what’s said in between the lines of your words

We listen for the hidden message the one that says, silently, “ I still care.”

I still care

When all words fail and the argument, no matter how frivolous, just can't be solved or put to rest

Remember this, I still care

Maybe we need a mediator

A person who has the ability to see both sides and can come to a solution

That we are apparently too blind to see

And when we go our separate ways

I'll still paint you a thousand pictures made only of words

And I’ll hang them up on your walls and tie them to your tree limbs

I'll make your body my canvas

These words will pierce your heart

Those pictures I made for you will leave you breathless

If only for a moment or two

You may have the right words

A way to see the solution

The ability to connect to an individuals problem

But I... Have a talent with words.

I can connect with emotions

Pierce hearts and leave people breathless

What makes me special is that my talent is a dying breed, that I am a poet  

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