The Times of Hate (A Romance)

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Just a short story.

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Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



I was packing faster then I had before. I hated them, they betrayed me. They were telling me how to live my life and when to make the right choices when they were getting divorced. They had made the wrong choices, not me. I was, to them, a little rebel. I don't care what I am to them anymore. I don't need them. I've never needed them. What makes it different from then? I don't know why I deserve this, I don't deserve it.

I continued to pack. My grandparents were worried about me being on my own. I've done it before, and I can do it again. I've been running my whole life. Running from what my life was, and I don't care what the past was. I've made my choices, and now I am making another one.

I was a doctor that traveled to Afghanistan, Iraq, Nepal, and a lot more places. I had my own penthouse apartment in New York and my parents lived in Texas. I was born in Chicago and left right to college in Colorado. I have four degrees in Biology, Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, and Physics. It took me eight years to get all of these degrees and my parents treated me like dirt. I told them I was going to Russia for a couple of years and they had flipped out on me. I didn't know what to do, I really need the job, so I can't just back down. My husband had agreed with me on that note, and he said that he had to go back to the navy soon. This was my last chance to see my family, my husband for years. I didn't know how long I was going to be gone, but even if I got back, my husband might still be gone. I know it seems difficult, but I have no other choice. I looked up at my parents almost all the time, and now, I had no choice.

Russia doesn't seem very inviting. But honestly, I couldn't get out of there quicker. I was walking on their driveway when my husband grabbed my arm.

"Stop," He said.

"Let go of me! This is my only opportunity to get us the money we need. I don't know why everytime I say I am going to travel that you and my parents need to ruin my plans."

"I was sticking up for you in there!" He yelled.

"But now you aren't." I tugged away from his arm and walked towards the car.

"What am I supposed to drive?"

"You're flying to Rhode Island. I bet my parents will give you a ride to the airport." I said.

"Don't forget your passport," He said and handed it to me. I looked at it and grabbed it.

"Thank you. I'm sorry." I said. We kissed and hugged.

"I'll see you in a few years." I said and I began to tear up. I got into the car and began to drive off. My parents came running out waving at me. I knew they wanted me to stay but I couldn't. I was a doctor that needed to see the world in order to be brave enough for it. When I arrived at the aiport, I grabbed my bags as quickly as I could so I wouldn't miss my flight. When I walked up to the sliding doors, I saw a black van pull up into the drop off section and some men walked out. The van drove towards parking. I ran into the airport and went to the front desk. The man or woman that was usually there wasn't there. I looked behind a desk and saw a key. I grabbed it and it had a tag that said 'Cameras'. I grabbed it and ran into the back behind the desk and into a room. When I got there, I heard gun shots outside.

"Oh no." I looked out the door and heard a man say to check on the cameras and disable them.

I ran faster and faster until I got to a long corridor. I ran down the corridor and heard a door slam. They were on their way. I ran faster then before and saw a room with the label 'Cameras' and I unlocked it. I quietly shut the door and locked it. I looked at the cameras and saw a red button that said 'Silent Alarm'. I clicked it and a speaker went off in the gates, cafes, and the lobby that said:

"Silent Alarm activated." I heard the man rattle the door and say, "Well this is what lockpicks are for." I looked for a hiding spot and saw a vent that was big enough for me to fit in. I opened it and slid in there and sat quietly. I saw the man walk in and look around. I covered my mouth with my hand to quiet my breathing. He opened his bag and pulled out a canaster.

"The boss was right about the anthrax." He shook the canister and looked over at the vent. I shook my head and when he began to open the vent, I kicked him and he fell to the ground. The canister shook around and I covered my nose and mouth.

It didn't break. I uncovered my mouth and the man stood up. He ran to me and I ducked. I grabbed his neck and wrapped my arm around it. With my other arm I plugged his nose. He slowly began to fall. I grabbed the canister.

"Oh Christ. This stuff, oh God."

"Dave what are you doing in there?" A man said and knocked on the door.

"Just trying to get the anthrax in the right place. I slaughtered a damn doctor in this place." I said in his voice.

"Ah well hurry up. We started shooting the people."

"Well it is going to take a bit. Maybe thirty minutes."

"Well okay. The police are on their way so hurry it up in there!"

I paged my husband saying that there were terrorists in the airport and to not come in. I also told him I was hiding in the Camera Room and I took down one of the terrorists. I said that they had a canister of anthrax and they were planning on opening it into the vents. I waited a few moments and then I heard more gunshots out in the lobby of the airport. I was beginning to sweat in fear. I saw something in the corner of the Camera room, near the west wing camera.

A bomb. I grabbed my belt and untied it. I strapped the bomb to my belt and grabbed the canister. I opened the door and walked down the corridor towards the lobby. I opened the door and the men stared at me.

"If you shoot then we all go sky-high." I said.

"Ha! Kid just give up the bomb. It'll make your life much easier."

"No, just let these people go. I activated the Silent Alarm, the police will be here anytime now. You don't have a chance."

He pointed his gun at me.

"I have a bomb strapped to my chest. I have a switch right here." I held up a big metal box-like item with a switch on it. At the moment I held it up the police came in and pointed guns at the terrorists and me.

"No, I was a hostage!" I yelled.

"Yeah he was a hostage! Don't shoot him!" One of the hostages yelled. Others agreed with her and I saw  my husband walk in. We hugged and then there was an explosion in the cafe area. There were more explosions leading towards the lobby and finally an explosion above us. I pushed him away from the falling chunk of metal and he was hit by the metal plate. I fell down near the bomb I had taken off of my belt. I waited a few seconds to see if he would get up but no luck.

So as I am writing this now, I am admitting that I had made the bad choice. Four days before I flew to Texas, my husband was out in the market. I had called over a "friend" and I had an affair. I am going to print this story for my husband, wherever he is. I am placing it on the soil of the grave. I will make a second copy to send out somewhere. And when that person finds it, they will understand what happened.

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