what he needed

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the last six years of my life.

Submitted: September 25, 2011

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Submitted: September 25, 2011



I have my up days and my down days

since my parents split up

I've been blamed by family,

they don't give a fuck.


They never saw the pain, or  felt my hurt,

they thought I was a lieing peice of dirt,

telling fables to get ''attention'' 

when really, living in my house was like cell block detention.


I was alone and scared and noone helped,

my mum ignored the truth,

I knew she just wanted to cope,

just wanted to hope...


No one understood his anger,

how he took it out,

threatening his daugter when nobody was about,

twisting her arms,

dragging her home,

kicking and screaming, he wouldn't let her go.


She lost her faith,

her trust, her love,

never beleived, and always judged.

when she forced a smile she was told she was wrong,

when she cried she was told to grow up,

her life just seemed to blow up.


now that little girl has grew stronger,

repressing memories, changing her life,

allowing no guy into her heart, they dont belong there.

her father was gone, she had suceeded,

overcome the abuse, he got what he needed...





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