When I go to war

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A poem about war, to show we know people are suffering, and we do care for the families who have lost loved ones, at any point.

Submitted: March 18, 2011

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Submitted: March 18, 2011



When I go to war,

I want to come back with stories of brave and bold.

That’s what you do, or so I’ve been told...

But I know I will change,

Like many before me

Because what they see, what they do, how they act,

The playing of God, to choose life or death,

To kill someone’s mum,

To kill someone’s dad,

To kill a best friend, or have your own stabbed in the back.

The tales of sadness, the lies, the fear

Will kill the innocence of me, my dear

You hear of gun point, the screams of death,

You hear of bombshells blowing over head,

But what you don’t hear is the tears hitting the ground,

From the families of lost ones, from all around

The sound of their hearts cracking like a whip,

Broken in two, ‘they’ve just been hit’

Killed in action, the anger is hot,

There may be sadness, but hatred is not,

Because of the proudness, the love, the glory...

It all came

from that one little story.

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