Freckle face

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A girl is covered in freckles and she is upset about people laughing at her

Freckle face


Sally had freckles. She had a lot all over her face

She had them on her arms she had them on her legs

She also had them all the way back down her legs

And when in the summer, she never liked to wear anything short

She didn’t like them at one little bit.

She didn’t like them because everyone teased

And called her “Freckle-face”

Even the man in the shop said” hello freckle-face” what can I get for you.

Even the lady at the school crossing always used to say “good morning freckle-face”.

The lady at the ice cream van would say “the sprinkles on your ice-cream had freckles just like you “

There was a boy the same age at thirteen in school he did not tease because he was the only other kid with freckles too

She knew just how the boy felt because he got teased too

“There he goes look, there he goes, That ugly boy

 with freckles, all over Is nose “.

Sally told her dad she didn’t like the names that were called and she didn’t like the freckles not at all

But her dad laughed and said” Don’t be so sad there not freckles their amazing beauty spots”

And then she rang her Nan and told her what people would always say about the freckles on her face.

Her Nan thought they were wonderful and she had a favourite freckle the big one that lay on her cheek and she would say “I hope your taking care of my favourite freckle the one on your face”.

Sally just said “Yes. But she was going to get rid of them she thought to herself. 

She tried all sort of thing rubbing fresh Lime, Lemons. And even an onion too she tries to scrub them away with a sponge and loads of mum’s spotty cream but the only thing it did was make her look very clean.

She started to wear a big pink hat that hid her face and a coat and jeans in the warmest summer days to hide the freckles view so no one could call her names.

Would the freckles ever go away?

One day she went to a party for her nan. She was nervous about people looking at the freckles on her face she wore that silly hat witch her mum told her not so she refused to go and started to cry I need to wear that hat please mum please. Her mum gave in and she wore it for most of the night

Family and friends at the party would ask why you wearing that silly hat.

But she did not speak.

She sat there at the table as everyone had a dance. She then was tapped on the shoulder by a boy he looked at her and asked “Why you wearing that silly hat”

She just looked at him blushed and turned away. He then grabbed the hat and threw on the chair

“That’s better I can see your beautiful freckle face. Why hide such beauty you’re a very pretty young woman please can I sit down beside you “?

She looked at him and thought in her mind why as he not taken the mick most boys do.

She pointed to the seat and he sat beside her “Why you being so nice most boys take the mick and say horrible things to me”. She said with a sad frown.

“Well first of all my name is Charlie and why would I say those things to you and as for the people that say them things to you need to look at them self’s first cause you’re really beautiful the freckles they look like constellations in the night sky I have always been obsessed with the stars and when I saw the constellations speckled across your face my heart skipped a beat as I sore the beauty so please don’t hide behind that silly hat again you have nothing to hide”

She did not know what to say she just looked at him and smiled.

“look the reason I am here is my mum is a friend of your nan and before you say anything your nan did not put me up to this I am over here because I think your cute look here is my number because I have to go please call me freckle face”. He left the number smiled and walked away. He had called her freckle face and for the first time it did not bother her witch made her smile.

Towards the end of the night she told all of this to her nan she smiled and said “Charlie he is a good glad and he sore what we have been trying to tell you for a long time that the freckles that you have are not to hide but a sign of your beauty just remember to give him a ring and give me that bloody hat I don’t think you need it more but please look after the one freckle that I love. You know that one on your cheek”.

And from that night she never wore that silly hat to hide her face and the boy called Charlie became a friend for life.



 By Simon Jones






Submitted: February 18, 2017

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A lovely story, Simon, and when I was a kid I kind of wanted freckles!

Wed, February 22nd, 2017 7:16pm


I have them and so does my daughter she looks so cute with them thanks for reading this

Fri, May 26th, 2017 11:32am

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