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Kinda old, but it still has a bit of a bite to it :x....actually raally a few years (2-3)

Submitted: September 23, 2010

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Submitted: September 23, 2010



Cannot say it directly but you are my knife
that is if i were going to end my life

If ever there is upon your face a frown
it shall turn my world upside down

When i joke and you smile
I know up till then has been worthwhile

When you're away and with him
my mood will always be somewhat grim

The one you love is my friend; my brother
in all things but father and mother

This is why i hold my voice
because really i do not have a choice

My feelings for you are completely true
and believe me, they're only for you

But alas i cannot try
because all in all it'd make you cry

And i promised that i would never do
anything that would sadden you

For it is you i work and strive
because when i see you i feel alive

But i know it would never be
for you love him and not me

So in the dark ill stay and die
for you were the only one i try

You laugh calms me so
to easy bliss from blackened woe

If i were to write this as a note
he would surely slit my throat

For as i said he is my closest friend
but to pursue you would mean the end

I guess i should end this here
and go rest and ponder in fear

Far to many hints ive said
so a discovery is soon; so i dread

With your discovery thus closes the door
because youll hate me forever more

To end this burning there is no way
so i shall let go and myself shall sway

Left alone ill be torn to shreds
by my thoughts that find me in my bed

But alas i guess im done
for my sanity is almost gone....

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