The Flicker Realm

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A story that i came up with a few months ago i was never able to complete it so here is how far i got, i am still looking for more inspiration. it proberly sucks.

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013



The flicker Realm

It’s been a long time down here... I don't know if my eyes will ever adjust back on the surface.  I am starting to get accustomed to the people I say people I mean I don't know what I mean but the word human is, is? Well it’s not right.  I don't like the noises down here they seem to resonate in my head I'm told the noises are a way of identity.  Perhaps that old man can make them stop again; this began because of that child and that creature with the one eye.

Perhaps I should question my morals after what I've done, anyway let's start from a point where I can remember even if it is patchy, I hate stories. Everybody has heard of the theory of other dimensions and space travel blah blah all neatly sown together in those bullshit sci-fi stories.  But this is far worse this is the flicker realm. What is the flicker realm I hear you say as you shut the door behind you in a bid to escape a mad man and his warbling. The flicker realm is quite simply our realm but with one difference it is a second behind and technically a second in front, this sounds idiotic as that would make it have a present time frame respective to ours, but it doesn't as its one or the other and a second is a long time if it’s in the future or the past.  But these are technicalities, larger problems are rife due to the fact it is an alternate reality and anything is possible as it is not governed by the laws of time and space like our planet.  Anything can influence a realm where the laws of space and time are not abided by, generating  an open existence meaning even the smallest creature that was locked up in your nightmares is now watching you and stalking you from the corner of the room, acting out each thought to order and mirroring your movements don't think to quick.

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The Flicker Realm

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