Might as well write it now, as I have it in mind.

Once there were twins in the sky
To be admired, awed and desired
Touched once, by those that fly
When brought down, a nation mired

Years gone by, some still cry
And some who are deeply angered
To compensate, impossible to try
Freedoms that so are endangered

We are free to forgive a lie
To accept the costs, unjustified
When the innocent are to die
Sacrificed to end war with inside

There is no peace in unrest
To empower a minority
A gratuitous appeasement
Giving those great authority

Demands that steer you wrong
From their own fractions
Hostility in their right to belong
A peaceful intent, in your reactions

Encouragement won't last long
War from within your retractions
Same tune, sung a different song
Facts are now contradictions

So it ends, as they say, many a time before
Beliefs last for so long, some may never end
Bitten twice before, by that what you ignore
A hallowed memorial, hollowed out by the eternal 

Submitted: September 03, 2021

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tom mcmullen

The Saudis did it and got off free Sluggy!

Sat, September 4th, 2021 12:27am


Yes, there is a lot burried by American history. Taliban only existed from a lack of understanding. We made Afghanistan a puppet while trying to control. The Afghani militants formed fraction based in Syria while modifying their beliefs. As long as you believe you have a war to die for, your beliefs will bring great rewards. Kind of like Vikings, as they are unafraid to die. From there fractions with greater beliefs working together for resources and training. Basically when America finger points, it usually a puppet country that is to blame. Noriega was a puppet, that we had to remove. Gadhafi ended up being the seeder of what we know as Taliban, ISIS and Al-Queda. While Gadhafi ruled Libya, all eyes were on Syria, yet the troubles were set on US enabled rule. We talk about not trusting Saudis, when the real problem is America's, lack of giving trust. Its enheirant in its policies. Just ask American natives. Trust is how much the government can take without paying the price. Everyone gets burnt by American Trust. This time Biden burnt a few hands running from Afghanistan. If it were not for America's crummy record with foriegn matters like Saudi Arabia, we would never have seen the likes of ISIS and Taliban. The only thing more troubling is Vietnam. All Kennedy had to do was arange talks with North Vietnam. Yet military forced him to ignore requests for any talks. Roosevelt would not assist in WWII, even when Churchill made a plea. It would have saved thousands and shortened the war by 2 years.

Fri, September 3rd, 2021 6:18pm

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