Master Manipulator

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Back when, reporting was open to one's views. Since the 80s, reporters hounding to make big headlines, create the news. Look at Princess Diana's death. Bigger than just a picture as she drives away. Reporting creating the news from practically nothing. Media is now open to put their side on just about anything. What bothers me is, people fixate without caring to know the truth.

Today a broken nose
Yesterday stepped on toes

A fat lip or a loose tooth
Just for bending todays truth

Add another notch I will
Attack and run fits the bill

In your face media coverage
Giving a wee voice more leverage

If I didn't do it someone else will
Giving all my victims bitter ill

Reporting it all on one side
So nobody is free to deside

Submitted: September 24, 2020

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tom mcmullen

As someone said Sluggy; fake news!

Fri, September 25th, 2020 5:52am


Yep, and people run with it like it's now a reason to protest. They should be protesting the fake news, rather than making political war, and social chaos. So far BLM has not proven it's self worthy of fighting discrimination and violence. Sad that too many do not see that BLM is a hinderance to the cause. Pretty sad when Democrat tech money owns every segment of our lives. Democrats know money is power, along with owning the media and universities will trump all democracy. Harvard vs Oxford for example. Even though Oxford has a possible vaccine, they are against Harvard on its disaproval of Hydroxychloriquine. Yes it's still being talked about. Hydroxychloriquine is becoming a modern Jesus. Like it or not, removing information is worse than allowing lies to be said. Especially when your flinging lies to remove countering voices to be heard. Democrats my have education but education don't prove a thing, when bought to disprove with contrived proof.

Fri, September 25th, 2020 6:54am

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