Again another that will male some disagreeable, as if I am attacking their beliefs. Its not intended so, and popped up as of recent, from a family member who has not fully developed in mind. I blame Corona, social media and news outlets. Many have become bi-polar and also lost into the socially connected internet. Views have become twisted in every direction and amplified. This poem is about our own conscious and what we deeply want in acceptance. Too many go by sight alone, always comparing to the degree and never satisfied. Some believe they need to change body to be who they are. Believe me, acceptance goes beyond body. Its all in the mind.

Learning whether wrong or right
Greed and jealousy, a constant fight

Feeling and feelings brought confusion
From the results of body's function

To know what things are like
Was never an internal fight

Knowlege is a part of growing
A battle between told and knowing

Most explore on their own
Or experience by being shown

Trust between shared familiarity
Or an early pairing of mixed rarity

To know who they are and why
It was more than seen by eye

Grown to understand, now grown
Feelings and desires now honed

Lost to time, the ritual gone
Social media has made it wrong

Too many learn too fast without growing
Believing too much without really knowing

Socially accepted by voluntary cohesion
Allowing too much of this or that, a perversion

Lost is a true feeling of belonging
Hidden away a deep longing

Who are you, what have you become
Only to cut and rearrange the outcome

You are still you, so who are you fooling
Your own acceptance a constant pulling

Unable to see shape and form
You can't escape from the norm

Submitted: October 29, 2021

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