Terra Stones:Chapter one

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story im thinking of writing heavily on. Basically a mix of fantasy and Sci-Fi. Please let me know what you think of it!

Submitted: January 04, 2009

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Submitted: January 04, 2009



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The Terra Stones

“Well it sure has been a while huh?”

The forest’s edge beckoned him. He happily obliged and settled into a slow jaunt on an old game trail. The high noon sun bothered him little under the lush evergreen canopy. It even seemed asif the birds were happy to see him return and their lilting songs wafted through the branches. A couple deer peered from the brush for a moment to watch him pass. The lack of fear in the animals bothered him little. Not once had any creature shied away from his presence. Some called it weird and even scary but he would just joke and say it was his animal magnetism.

“Hasn’t changed a bit in all these years”. The forest didn’t disagree.

Vincent used to come and fish with his father all the time in these woods. He may as well lived in them as a boy of no more than six. Bird watching, plant collecting, and just enjoying what nature had to offer.All these pursuits, started by his late father, helped jump start his career and look on life.His father was a kind man and an out spoken advocate for protecting the forest and all its creatures. He had worked on the side as a veterinarian for the locals when he wasn’t busy fighting oil companies or some other environmental destroyer.

“What did you call those companies again?” Remembering he said quietly to himself.”They were the super villains of business. Picking on the weak and helping the rich… And you were the underdog with no money but enough spunk to annoy just about anyone.” A light chuckle escaped his lips.“You really made a difference with me at least”

Sighting a nice vista Vincent decided to rest. He grudgingly remembered the last time he had seen his father. In this forest twenty seven years ago today. Getting angry at himself for bringing back bad memories he couldn’t help it as phantoms of his past flitted in and out of his vision.

“I can’t believe I let mom talk me into this coming here. I mean I haven’t avoided this place my whole life for nothing.” A deep frown spread across his face as he let the memories battle forth once again.

It had been like any other trip to their favorite hiding place. No one else came out here and his father knew the place like a map. They had all kinds of camping trips and dad would show me different plants and animals. What could heal you, harm you, or could care less about your presence Vincent learned it all.

While fishing for bass that loved the local streams he and his father quickly fell asleep in the hot summer sun. Not an unusual thing for them to do but they dozed off for longer than expected. Upon waking the sun was just dipping past the tree line. Lighting up in golden glory so bright their attention was held fast. Shades of pink purple and orange danced before their eyes.

“Have i thanked you recently for taking me out here dad?” With one arm draped over his father Vincent had enjoyed that glorious sunset with the whole hearted enthusiasm only a child can muster.

“No you haven’t this past minute” With light chuckles from both father and son the sun bathed the pair in the last warm embrace they would share. “Alright we’ve been stalling long enough kiddo time to get moving.”

In no hurry, they knew every nook and cranny of the trail, the walk back to the car was slow and the cool air mixed with sounds of the animals bedding down calmed them. Thinking back he couldn’t point out anything out of the ordinary on the way back to the car but a strange feeling had began to seep into him. He would never forget that strange calm that came over him. Like he knew he was being watched but at the same time the owner of the gaze meant no harm.

A resounding crash and boom woke him. The forest came alive as a family of mice that had bedded down next to him screeched to life. Birds of all sizes alighted into the smoky air. The thing that finally brought him fully awake was the high shrieking sounds of animals in panic.

“What in the hell was that?” Dazed and confused with dirt obscuring his vision he ran for a nearby rocky outcrop. On his way to the top he noticed bright flashes out of the corners of his eyes. At one point a flash became so bright he was temporarily blinded and fell flat on his face in a bunch of thorns. Blinding pain shoot through his chest as his light T-shirt was ripped up on the unyielding greenery. As he struggled to stand and wipe the dirt from his front he couldn’t help but notice the streaks of blood on his hand.

“Well that’s probably going to hurt really bad here in a moment.” Taking a moment to ponder the odd tendency of pain to sometimes not appear until its source was noticed he was startled once again to attention by another flash. This one accompanied by a thunder like sound that shoot shivers through his spine. His ears ringing he pushed on toward the top of the rise.

Laid out before him was the strangest scene Vincent could ever remember seeing. Hollywood’s best paled in comparison to the light show unfolding in the air at speeds nothing he knew of could reach. Two ships were dodging and fighting in what could only be described as something impossible to today’s planes. The sharp turns and instant stops defied the laws of physics. Smoke had already begun to rise from one of the crafts and the other showed no signs of slowing its deadly barrage. Beams of light that had to be some sort of weapon flew out of small holes in either ship. An invisible barrier always stopped the beams before contact was made. The damaged ship seemed to be having problems with its barrier because it sagged just a little more each time it was hit.

“You have got to be kidding. I’m dreaming right!” A pinch test and a smarting cheek told him otherwise.

Any other person would be running for their lives at that moment. Stray lasers were turning entire sections of the dense forest to ash. But Vincent, as always, was too busy studying the battle to even notice the immediate danger to him. A professor at the local college, he was a notorious thinker and somewhat of an air head. Even his students had trouble getting his attention once his mind was set to a task. He had the most annoying habit of conversing with himself when pondering something. Since there was hardly a time he wasn’t thinking about something or other this made him look a little crazy to those who didn’t know his quirk.

“How are they moving? I can’t see any sort of thrusters or propellers.” He began looking for some sort of symbol on the hulls of the ships but both were as smooth as slate. “Maybe this is some new weapon testing between governments. Huff… not like it could be UFOs or anything like that. Even if it was who would believe me.”

Finally noticing the danger around as a shower of debris hailed from the nearby remains of a fifty foot tree, he ran toward them for a better look. Instantly regretting that plan pain ripped through his shoulder as one piece of tree, now no more than a burning coal, made its way through his tattered shirt and started in on his bare skin.“Aheeeee! Damn, that stings!”

Too busy with his melting flesh, he didn’t notice the fight still raging above. The smaller, smoking , and now almost barrier-less ship was coming in for a crash landing in a clearing thirty yards away from Vincent. The larger ship, after a few more cheap shots at its desiccated opponent, began looking for another place to land. Not seeing any available spaces, it simply razed a nearby section of the forest.

A resounding crash and knocked Vincent down and sent him tumbling for twenty feet before a moss bed fortunately stopped him. A red dizzy haze overwhelmed him as blackness and consciousness fought over his body. After a few seconds his thinking returned and a painful effort of standing and checking anything broken began.

“At least I am alive. But what the hell happened now? And look what they’ve done to the forest!” A few tears welled at the sight of his childhood paradise burning around him. But even this horrible sight didn’t hold his attention for long and his mind drifted back to the battle above. “What was that crash anyway?”

Glancing up the lack of ships gave him the answer. “I wonder if there were any survivors. As a matter of fact I wonder if they were remote controlled in the first place.” Knowing that this probably wasn’t a government related incident he wanted to find out for sure. This just didn’t seem like something anyone was aware of.

Following the billowing dust cloud to the crash site he realized just how big the vessel was. “That has to be at least the length of a football field! How were they moving so fast and at those angles?”

Climbing his way down the steep twenty foot drop around the crater he worked his way to the front of the ship. Nothing that could be described as an entryway was to be seen. In fact except for the beam holes the surface was smooth and almost looked like “Wood? That’s not possible”

He immediately shuffled back as the whole thing began to bubble and warp inward and outward. “What? Why those are vines and bark and… Is that a flower? He gasped.

The entire ship was made of some organic material. From the walkways to structures to doors all was non-artificial.All the parts were interlocking like any good machine but there were no wires, metallic surfaces, or plastics that he could discern. Even parts that would need huge amount strength to stay together at those speeds were made of simple plants. Everything from grass to fungi to parts of trees that as of a few minutes ago coexisted to make a supersonic ship were disappearing in clouds of noxious gas.

“I can’t even name half those plants and I studied horticulture for six years! Maybe this is some new wave of genetic super weapons or some long lost tech unearthed recently!”

So lost was Vincent in his excited musings over the strangeness of the ship he didn’t notice a small gap near the ground open on the side of the ship. He didn’t notice a being obviously not human stagger in his direction. His attention was finally wrenched from the disappearing ship when a creature grabbed him by the shoulders and looked him square in the face. A stunned silence filled the air as he took in every detail of the stunning animal, no, women before him. So stunned in fact that for the first time in his life his external monologue ceased.

The eyes were slightly larger than normal with catlike pupils that glared with enough intensity to make him cringe. The face was human shaped until the mouth which protruded not unlike a “Muzzle?” The stare only grew sterner at his words and he fell back into an awkward silence. Her entire face was covered a light brown fur and overall she looked like a gentler version of a werewolf without claws. The rest of her body was covered in a rather tight fitting suit.Despite the long tail, limp at her side and obviously broken in many places, he thought she was beautiful in an exotic way. Only then did he notice the rents in the suit and skin and a horrible burn all the way down her right arm.

“Your hurt let me…” A surge of energy suddenly passed through him starting at her hands. Light started to come from the very air until he couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer. It felt as if a hole was opening to his mind and there was nothing he could do to stop it. An empty part of his being was being opened and filled to the brim. His thoughts clashed for a moment with those of another and in that second he learned one thing.

“You are not from earth.” He whispered. The pressure on his shoulders ceased and he gave his head a second to stop throbbing before opening his eyes. He was alone. The only sound was that of the last pieces of living ship turning into a dark gas that turned the sun an angry crimson.

© Copyright 2020 Slylen. All rights reserved.

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