Evil Angle

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What would you do for someone you love,would you die for them,would you kill for them.Do people honestly think that the one person they love is like an Angle to them.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011




I don't want to be cheese here ok and I sure don't want to be all soft and sympathetic,but what do you think of you love one.Is she or he the "best person" for you or are they using you.You may think I'm talking crap but its true this stuff really happens(not that it has happened to me).I wonder if you keep an close eye on them or just leave them and think that they will be completely loyal to you.I have saw this kinder thing happen to a very close friend of mine lets call him Mac.Now Mac was like any other boy in the world he was a good boy not too nasty not too good he was like a mix of everthing.There was this girl in his class,she was beautiful talented in dancing and has a great personality.She was also very popular Mac new that she was the one for him when he first looked at her.She was milk white and glowed every time he saw her.Mac was in the school from the time he was 2 years old but that girl only came to his school 3 years ago.She had this attraction that can't be ignored as soon as you meet her you fall in love with her.Mac loved her he and her became best friends and soon he asked her out.She said yes.Both of them were only 13 years old and they were nasty,mad,foolish and a little stupid just like any 13 year old.They went out to the most popular place in the area and they had a blast.Mac took her to the movies,bought her lunch and did all the right things.She soon was going to go and just before went Mac went for the kiss and she didn't move she just stood there waiting and waiting until Mac kissed her and soon she was kissing him back.Soon they left without saying a word.The next day the girl told Mac that they could never be together because she has a boyfriend.Mac was shocked he couldn't believe what he had just herd.He went home and on a chatting site he told her why didn't she tell him.She told him that she liked him but liked her boyfriend more so now she had made her mind up and was never going to change it she told him that they can still be friends but nothing more.Mac didn't want that he wanted to be more than just friends he wanted to be her lover and she be his but that was not possible.Soon he had met her boyfriend and he swore him and deleted him.She had broken his heart and he was now furious with her.He would soon never talk to her again he thought but because of her natural ability to attract people to her he had to become friends soon enough.....





Poeple this is a true story  and what a messed up one to.Tell me what you think about it.



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