Who? Why?

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Who are these people, and why are they deluding themselves?

Submitted: January 21, 2017

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Submitted: January 21, 2017



I know I've asked this before,

but I really, really can't watch anymore.


The media's ratings go through the roof

the more they show of the lop-sided head goof,


the embarrassment we now have as president.

The self-proclaimed genius has taken up residence


in the white house, and apparently in the hearts

of some, not all; his brand means money, but starts


me dry-gagging; they say he makes for riveting T. V,

riveting for whom, I ask? Because I'll be ralphing if I have to see


anymore of the slope-headed bullshit he spews from his face-hole,

drunk on the absolute ignorant slop he sucks from his pig-bowl.


Here's another evangelical defending his destructive, hateful ways,

you can't believe a single thing he claims, or he says.


They're just fooling themselves, and live a blissful delusion,

if they expect him to live up to his word; for a happy conclusion.


He's a chameleon, changing colors to please whomever he's with.

He'll smile to their faces, even as as he's planning to stiff


them; ride-em cowboy!


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