Baby Girl, i was there

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To my dear little cousin, the road your traveling down is a tough one. that i know from experience. I Originally wrote this to be a song.

Submitted: March 17, 2009

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Submitted: March 17, 2009



Your driving me down the road of fear,

Cant you tell im here and i still care,

All i want is for you to see

That this affects both you and me

Cuz my dear,

Im still here

Ive walked among the lines beneathe your feet

and baby know the pain goes so deep

but you need to reach out and ask for help

Cause we cant always handle the cards were delt

Its one step at a time

stop pretending your fine

i see beneath the scars and skin

that on a scale this pain is a ten

Its not fair to tell yourself that nobody cares

when your gone

we try n' talk

the only thing that speaks is our tears

i wanna be here every step of the way

and make sure your okay

i hope this will make things clear

that i love you and i wanna help dear

so lets work together

Ill stay here by you with the flash light

so your not standing in the dark night

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