It's Love At The End

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Personifying the Earth as the beloved & Sun as the lover, I wanted to relate how a beloved & a lovers' day go on, how the two wait, meet, fight, reconcile and separate. The changing colour of the day, as the changing mood and the situation.
And whatever the case may be, its all love at the end.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



Since long she was resting for the darkness to fade
And the lovely warmth to shine on her
She wakes up to the songs of the birds
And stretches while she waits for her dear

While for the meet, he is still on his way
She tries to dress up to her best
But no she needs no makeup at all
With simplicity she has been blessed

With eager eyes she watches the horizon
For him to appear and smile
And slowly he shows up, red, round and bright
Appearing all in a style

The blend is an absolute beauty,
While one shines, the other radiates the glow
Like a shy beloved curling up in his arms
The warmth and love all over flows
And all must note, like a typical pair
They fight as they move along
The heated argument gets too high
Even when none of them were wrong

While walking along they stay quite
They have fallen into this trap
None of them know, who talks first
While everyone is taking a nap

It gets noisy again, and rest seem happy
It’s time to return back home
While she crumbles down with sadness now
For she will be all alone

Its tears this time that makes her red
She knows it’s now time to part
Would he speak before he goes,
Or do I need to make the start ?

Just then he lifts her face and wipes it all off
It’s only matter of couple of hours
For I shall see you soon again
And I’ll bring you a bunch of flowers

At the horizon there before he leaves
He holds her up in his arms
He embraces her with a lovely kiss
And all the worries suddenly calms

The birds around sing songs of love
The lovers have harmonized
Everyone now, can go back to sleep
And let her dream in paradise

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