A Girls Day Off

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Submitted: August 02, 2008

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Submitted: August 02, 2008



On a girls day off we can really be us.

We can get up to an empty house at any given time we want.

Nothing to do, and it doesnt matter.

We can eat ice cream right from the tub.

Sit on the couch watching the crappy day time tv shows like Maury that we say are so stupid, but really love.

We can eat everything in our fridge and freezer and not give a rat's ass.

We can lick out the bowl from the cookie dough we made, that never quite made it to the oven...

And use our fingers to get all the dressing off the plate from the salad we ate, so that we wouldnt feelguilty when we woke up the next day.

We love to wear a big t-shirt and underwear, or even just sit around in a bra or something.

With no one there and the windows safely closed.

It doesn't matter.

The comfort that we never get.

Blasting the radio or ipod to a really good song and just... dancing like a lunatic, and singing at the top of your lungs.

Grabbing the good old hairbrush and using it as a microphone.

Putting on the absolute SLUTTIEST outfit you own that you would NEVER wear in public, throwing on a pair of heels and acting like someone you'll never be, and dont really want to.

Doing anything you really want to do, and nothing really mattering.

Wearing your glasses, instead of contacts.

No makeup.

Bare feet..

Getting to be as weird as you want.

Leaving the door open when you go to the bathroom.

Doing stupid impersonations that you're never going to show anyone.

Going on the computer and looking at things that you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about, cause they'd think that you were weird, or that you liked the guy who's facebook page and pictures that you were looking at.

Reading all the magazines you own and actually doing the stupid quizzes that you pretend are pointless.

Cozying up in a chair in your guys boxers and reading a really good book that you love.

Watching some little kids shows that you secretly LOVE but you can not tellanyone about.

Trying out some funky hairstyles that you'll never wear out.

Just laying down and thinking about everything.



You get a text message or phone call.

Then out comes the straightener and the make up.

The clothes scattered across your room, frantically texting someone, brushing your teeth while trying to put a skirt or pair of pants on.

Not having enough time to eat as you run out the door.

Almost forgetting your wallet, and changing your top and shoes at the last second, and then putting on a calm smile as you leave your house.

Because no one knows how your day has been, and no one knows you were rushing to get ready.

The world just thinks that you were just relaxing and that you always look like that.

Not a hair out of place, and you thinking about your day, and knowing that as great as it was,

The night out you're about to have, laughing so hard you almost pee your pants and flirting outrageously at some random person just to get a deal or get away with something, will be just as good, if better, than the day we get to ourselves every once and a while.

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