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About leaving a place where you feel comfortable, and entering into the high school world of suckiness.

Submitted: January 14, 2007

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Submitted: January 14, 2007




The world was young
And so were we
Small and excited
What a sight we must be.

We were all giddy
Ready to be molded
Our young minds excited
And all our things folded.

We grab all our supplies
And head off to class
Our nerves are bursting
Our new fears collapse.

When we see those gentle faces
That this great place beholds
With all of our teams
And all of our colds.

These people have been there
For you and for me
Our teachers and helpers
And although we may be;

Leaving this place
Where our minds gained this knowledge
Our friendships and enemies
And our plans for college.

All depend on these years
Where we have become
Our true characters
And overcome;

All of the hardships
That have come our way
The big tests and breakups
And come what may;

We have been prepared
By teachers and peers
Of what might happen
In these next four years.

But we are all strong
And depend on each other
To stay who we are
And listen to one another.

So do not cry
As this comes to a close
We’ll all be together
And I propose;

That you all will know
To never give up
And when to stop
And when to step up.

So give yourselves
A “pat on the back”
Keep your hopes high
And do not slack.

Be all you can be
And even more
In these next years
Of which are four.

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