high school 1

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talks about high school

Submitted: January 14, 2007

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Submitted: January 14, 2007



High School 1

high school is staring
and now we're departing
on the paths of our chosen careers

going to parties
with your best mates
drinking beer
drunken mistakes

suicides,family dies,
missing people
sobs and cries

makeup in the bathroom
phone numbers on hands
going to concerts
awesome bands

a+'s and f's
exams and tests

passing notes
skipping class
playing sports
falling on your ass

losing hope
trying things
spend days in mope
promise rings

football teams
new careers

cliques and friends
fights at night
love mends
love bites

misuse, abuse,
running away
hopeless ways
to spend the day

best friends
not friends
things waiting
around the next bends

together forever
until the end
cuz we'll be the class of 2010!
(cliche i know but i can never do endings)

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