high school 2

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about high school as well

Submitted: January 14, 2007

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Submitted: January 14, 2007



High School 2

the high school world
is so much different
from all the years before

we all went different ways
some people not friends anymore

we learned from our mistakes
that we have made so far
we've carried thorugh in the clutch
when someone needed us

we expressed ourselves
in many ways
we learned to save
those precious days

when all the world
is good to you
those wonderful days
where you have no clue

why they are happening
especially to you
people are talking
and laughing with you

but then there were those days
when you felt like shit
when noone was there for you
life was a bitch

the work got harder
you couldnt handle
time was burning away
like a candle

you fail a class
get kicked in the ass
and nothing seems to be going your way

but the fun that you had with all of your friends
that will last you a lifetime
you'll treasure the moments that you spend

not caring about the consequences
just having fun
losing your self
shakin your buns

those cold winter nights
all crowded in a room
boys and girls
snuggling soon

hot chosolte and cider
the warmth that they bring
can not measure up to
the warmth in a fling

that you have in the summer
or in the spring
with that guy or girl
you think is your everything

but the flings do not last
the relationship ends
you feel like your heart is broken again

like the happiness you felt
was just taken away
not left for you to feel again
on a cold stormy day

but they do come back
and your life is full again
summertime comes back
alonmg with the spring

you live your life to the fullest
go on the scary rides
the coasters and 100 meter drops
that are life
and well,
you think it rocks

but once again those days will come back
when life isnt fair
you fell like you've been slapped

you dont know why
you feel this way
you think its because your lover left you today
but inside you know
that that isnt true
its the love in your heart that was killed
that did them away

it wasnt that person it was the loss
not their face
nor their ass

you now have a hole left to fill
inside it a blackness
your starting to feel ill

but you learn your mistakes
and you fall in love
you listen to your heart
and it rises above

as if planned by the gods
to happen only to you
to have this life
and a lover to screw

high school is about
the mistakes that you make
the lives that ou loose
the risks that you take

high school is about
the love that you have
of friends and enemies
and things that are sometimes bad

you learn to grow up
to get your life straight
to work hard and make your mistakes

to rise and fall with the punches
while amidst it you grow

high school is a risk
that teenagers take
a waterfall we go down in a barrel.

you will live
you will love
you will hurt
but rise above

magic in these years
is what we will find
as we start our journey
to our real life.

high school... is high school. <3

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