Orange Popsicles

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It was about 1:00am and I was eating an orange popsicle, when I thought: why do people never eat the orange popsicles? They're always the last ones left in the freezer. Why is that? and therefore...

Submitted: July 30, 2008

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Submitted: July 30, 2008



People never eat the orange popsicles.

The orange popsicles are just as good, if even better than the purple or redish- pink popsicles.

But why?

Are the orange popsicles somehow inferior to the others?

Or is there a sufficient difference in them that makes them less appealing?

People should eat more orange popsicles.

When you really think about it, orange popsicles are less dyed which means that the purple and red ones stain your mouth, teeth, and lips that colour; whereas the orange popsicles don't dye you nearly as bad!

So what is WITH this judgemental hatred of the poor orange popsicles!

They've done nothing but been good tasting, non dying, and less melting than the others(due to darker colours attracting more light, therefore melting faster), but they have always been there for you to quench your thirst and cool you down when you clearly need a popsicle break.

So here's to orange popsicles, you ROCK! :)

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