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This is a childrens book I wrote in grade 6 that got destroyed but I had it saved on my computer. Here's the plot: Are you ready for adventure? Well… 5-year-old Elisabeth has never had cake or sugar in her life. For once in her life she is allowed to have it. Disaster strikes! What happens next? You’ll just have to read to find out!

Submitted: July 29, 2008

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Submitted: July 29, 2008




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This book is dedicated to---------------------(who I called the---------------). He taught me to be interested in writing and poetry.

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Copyright May 2004 Trademark of ---------------------------, The books we care about. If this book is to be re-produced in any other way, shape or form, it is not to be without the written consent of ---------------.

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Once upon a time there was a happy family. A happy mom, a happy dad, and a happy baby. They were all happy you see, until the baby’s 5th birthday. She never had a party because she was allergic to every kind of cake. So all she ever had was carrots. She never knew that she was allergic, and without ever trying cake her parents just said she was allergic. Then it happened…

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“It’s Elisabeth’s birthday again Charles” Andrea said. “Oh, great. More party invitations to waste ink on” Charles said. “Now Charles, don’t be so repulsive! It’s just ink, and we’re rich remember?” she said. “But Andrea, it’s just not fair! I like ink. It’s neat!!” He was pouting now. “Well then no party invitations on the big screen computer. We’ll just do them on DVD’s this year” Andrea said. “Fine, but don’t make them blue, make them pink. I like pink” said Charles.

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“Make what pink?” Elisabeth had just entered the room. “Just the invitation DVD’s, that’s all” said her mom. “Oh. Well don’t make them pink, make them blue. I like blue.” Her dad did not like that. “Oh yeah, I want a Jumping Jill bouncer, a clown, a birthday cake, and a white pony for my birthday. Thanks! Bye!” Elisabeth said. “Hold your horses kiddo–“ began Charles.

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But Elisabeth stopped him. “No, I said a pony, okay? P-o-n-y. Pony – get it? One more time then, p-o-n–“ Charles interrupted her. “I get it, I get it. It’s just an expression dear, anyway--” “Anyway what Daddy, anyway what?” She was saying this in a very annoying voice. “SHUT-UP” Charles yelled. “Okay Daddy, okay. You don’t have to make me cry and all.” She left the room mumbling to herself without turning back to see what he had to say.

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“Well Charles that was sure a great way to handle kids” Andrea said. “But--” “But nothing, Charles. You are so immature!” “But—“He was trying to explain it to her but she did not listen to him. “I can’t hear you! Lalalalalalala. Not listening!” And so, another woman in his household was again walking around mumbling to herself and not listening to him. (No one ever did.)

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The invitations were all out and the party guests were now arriving. There was a pile of presents the size of Mount Everest. You could see the glow in Elisabeth’s eyes when she was watching the pile get bigger and bigger and bigger. They of course had to do presents first. It took over two hours to finish and they were hardly able to drag her to the cake table.

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Once she realized that it was cake time, she ran all the way to the 5th floor in her home just to get a special fork to use! When she got downstairs her mom was just about to cut the cake. “Nooooooo!” she cried. “Not my cake! I want to cut it, I want to cut it!” Her mom said “Fine! You may cut the cake.” “Hooray!” screamed the guests. As soon as she cut the cake and tasted it (of course), she finished it in 5 seconds flat!

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As her mom was giving out the second piece, Elisabeth grabbed it, and ate it in 3 seconds, and pushed her mom to the ground. Once she had her down, she took the rest of the cake and ate it in 10 seconds. Then she proclaimed “This is the best thing in the world!” Once she noticed all the kids frowns and her mother lying there unconscious, she turned and tiptoed and said, “I think I’ll be going now.”

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As she was leaving, she grabbed her 30 billion dollar filled piggy bank, grabbed a limousine, and left without a trace. She of course was heading to (you guessed it!) the candy store. As she was driving along with the driver, she noticed the first candy store and told the driver to stop. “I will be fine from here” she said. The driver knew that she would be okay, because all of the candy stores were close together. She entered the first store. “I want everything!” she said. “Now, now, little missy. You don’t have the money for all that—“ “Oh yes I do” she answered. And then she showed him the money in her piggy bank.

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The storekeeper was stunned. He could not move. So Elisabeth just filled her belly with all the candy. As she was leaving she just left $3,000,000 on the counter and left. The same thing happened at all of the other candy stores. She just didn’t understand why they were stunned. She thought that all girls had this kind of money, but of course she was wrong. After she had finished all the stores in her city and state, she decided to go home. She then realized how fat she was. “I’m so piggish” she said. “I am so piggish.”

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She asked the limo driver who came back to fetch her pony. As soon as the pony came, she sat on it, which caused it to collapse and to be sent to a special care animal hospital. Then she began to cry. “It’s all my fault!” she screamed. “I’m so piggish, I killed my own pony!” So she decided to walk home. It took her quite a while, but she got home. By then she was so fat she couldn’t talk. So when her mom came in she could not say hello.

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She had tried to talk, but her mom could not hear her. Her mom said “Is that the Giant Jumping Jill I ordered? Good. The children are getting anxious outside because Elisabeth is not here. I’m glad I can keep them busy now.” Because Elisabeth couldn’t stop her, she got dragged outside.

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As soon as the kids saw her they all ran toward her and started jumping. Each time a kid landed on her while jumping, wrapped candy flew out of her mouth. So the kids jumped and jumped, and the candy came out and out. She realized that every time kids jumped and candy came out, that she got smaller and smaller until she returned to normal size. “Oh my!” said her mom, and then fainted. A few seconds later she awoke. “Oh Mom” Elisabeth said. “I am never eating candy again!” “Well that’s a relief” said her mom.

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“Why is candy so fattening?” demanded Elisabeth. “Well, honey, it isn’t fattening if you have the right amount of it. It’s a good thing that pink dress of yours is really stretchy!” “Ha, ha, ha!” So she never ate that much candy again.


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