warrior and ninja: Flamestar v.s Sari ( a gaara love story )

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flamestar ( smauri ) is now going to fight. >:D

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



are you surprised to see me smauri? sneered the ninja.

why are you back sari? said flamestar ( i'm gonna call her that while shes in clan territory ok? ), sari was matsuri's best friend and once matsuri told her to kill smauri/flamestar but was defeated by flamestar and gaara and exiled into the desert. but not matsuri since no one had any proof that it was her who was responsible and sari wouldn't give her away.

you exiled sari what the hell are you doing here?! snarled flamestar

i was wandering in the desert when i saw matsuri there so i guessed that the secret had come out so she gave me new orders to come here and do something.

what were the orders? said flamestar very quietly but loud enough for sari to here.

well the first orders was to kill gaara and i wanted to kill you as well since it was you who got me exiled but matsuri wants to kill you herself so my job was just to make you suffer so when you fought matsuri you would useall your streghth.said sari

and you think i'm gonna let you kill gaara while i'm still here? growled flamestar as she lunged at her. but sari was expecting this so she jumped out of the way at the last second.

do you really think i wasn't prepared? said sari

i learned some new justsus while i was away. said sari as she did some hand signs and blew into her hand and water started flowing out like a wolf. the water wolf attacked me and gaveher some wounds but flamestar dogded the others for anymore wounds.

its my turn now. said flamestar as she did some hand signs and slapped her hand on the ground as she did that flames started shooting out of the ground like fireworks hitting sari. sari blocked flamestars other attacks with her water wolf when she did that she jumped on top of her water wolf at started charging at flamestar. flamestar knew she couldn't win the battle without using her other justu she used this combing her chakra and energy. flamestar did some more hand signs and blew into her hand, when flamestar had finished there was a gaint fire tiger in front of her she also jumped on top of it and charged at sari who was still on her water wolf.

die smauri! sari said as her wolf opened its mouth and sprayed huge water balls at flamestar but sari wasn't done sari also did lightning style and mixed it with her water balls then she threw them at flamestar.

flamestar wasn't hit only her fire tiger was weaker from the hit so it would take 10 seconds for it to heal so flamestar jumped off her tiger and closed her eyes the two fire speares were in her hands.

FIRESPEAR JUTSU!!! yelled flamestar as she threw her spears at sari, the spears hit sari and the wolf so they fell to the ground, flamestar looked around the camp all her clanmates had fled to saftey for they wanted to help flamestar but they knew flamestar and in her last battle she had told them she didn't want them to interfear.


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