warrior and ninja: Flamestar v.s Sari part 2 ( a gaara love story )

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i would like to give some credits to my friend snowystorm123 or as i know her in real life ashuwelle because she gave me some ideas for this story ( mostly the funny parts) and i came up with the rest. so b sure to giv thanks to her thank u! ;D

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



when flamestar was done thinking about her clan she jumped back on her fire tiger and waited for sari and her water wolf to get up, flamestar knew what her next attack would be when she got up. flamestar was expecting sari to jump back on her  water wolf and come charging at flamestar again but instead when she got back on her wolf she did some hand signs and slapped her hand on her wolf. sari then jumped off it and stood as if she was waiting for something to happen. then very quickly the wolf plopped into water and the water went into the ground. then sari stared at flamestar with a evil smile on her face.

what are you smiling at fox dung. growled flamestar

what do u think furball i'm preparing to kill you! she said and started running around the trees then when she went behind on tree she was no longer visible then out of nowhere she jumped out of the tree and ran at flamestarwith a kunai nife in her hands. idiot thought flamestar sari was going to get herself killed if she really tried that. but then sari stopped running for some reason and flamestar then knew it was all a distraction! then water wolf popped back out from the ground and was going to aim a fatal blow at flamestar and flamestar was too late to even react! then just as she thought a blow was hit and flamestar ( you thought that by some miracle she was going to dodge it didn't you huh? tricked you! ) fell to the ground luckly her fire tiger attacked the wolf and was busy fighting it for a while so flamestar thought she would have time to get her breath back since the wind was jnocked out of her but she was wrong. sari came up walking to flamestar with the same kunai kfe but flamestar could now see it was no ordenariy kunai nife it was covered with poisen! sari was about to stab the poisenes kunai nife into her body when some sand hit sari throwing her into the air.

are you ok smauri?! exclained gaara as he ran to flamestar then flamestar could see that snowy ( snowstorm ) was standing right there next to gaara.

leave her alone you fleabag! she has to catch her breath! growled snowy as she kicked him away.

shut up you stupid cat you have been non stop nagging me since you came and got me! do not read i will finish it!

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