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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A woman is terrorized through the course of the night as she fights to stay alive and find out who is doing it and why?

"Help", she shouted. But there was nobody on that deserted highway to hear her screams. She heard her captors laughing as she struggled inside the trunk. Hands and feet bound she could do nothing more to help her case. So she shouted herself hoarse before thinking about plan B. Where were they going? What will happen to her? Will she find some help in the dead of the night on this deserted highway? All these questions wreaked havoc in her brain as the conniving captors sang along in drunk mirth. She decided to calm herself and bide her time. 


The car sped along for sometime before lurching to a halt. She suddenly turned more attentive to nearby noises trying to fathom where she was and how she could escape. But it literally was the dead of the night as nothing except the call of the creatures was to be heard. She gave a despairing sigh almost losing hope. But suddenly an image of her newborn crying and her husband waiting patiently with the meal he cooked spread neatly on the table flashed before her eyes. An image so vivid as if somebody had inserted a blu ray inside her brain drive. She collected herself and vowed to fight on. And crawled near the trunk door to hear what her captors were doing or saying. Maybe she'll get some clues in their drunken talk,she thought.


"Hey its time to do our work. Stop drinking and lets get on with it". "Wait for the man to get here. He may want to see this". "How much more we have to wait? Its fucking 1 already. And he told 12.30". Lets wait for 15 minutes more before we do it ourselves, ok? Now drink and let the bitch suffer more for her sins".


They both laughed and clanked their bottle together as she shook herself out of her thoughts of escape. WHAT is going on? Who are these people? And who was this person who had hired them? And more importantly what was her sin? Her thoughts of escape dimmed and a curious glint took over her eyes. She knew now that even if these scoundrels opened her free she couldn't walk away. She ABSOLUTELY had to know what the fuck was going on. And she pressed her ears harder as she heard a phone ring twice before one of the men  received it.


"Yes sir. She's inside. Well we didn't kill her. No we thought you'll like to see. Ok. I'll do it. Yeah slowly. I understand. Torture you mean. Ok. I'll call when she's dead".


She shuddered and her heartbeats turned violent. She started breathing heavily. Trying to calm herself proved futile as fear turned to hysteria as she started shouting again but only heard echoes which put her almost on the verge of a massive cardiac arrest. A thought which she welcomed. But death wasn't in any mood to play spoilsport as the trunk was opened and she was violently yanked out. She tried to struggle but one of them slapped her hard twice as blood flowed from her nose. Bleeding and angry and frightened she began to kick and scream like mad. Struggling with force, thrice her power she was successful in losing the grip of her drunk captors but she knew her bound hands and legs weren't going to take her far.


As she rolled on the ground struggling to untie the knots which stopped her from saving herself the drunk duo circled around their prey enjoying as it struggled to save herself. For the predator it was all fun and mirth. But for the prey it was utter helplessness. She tried but couldn't do it as the duo picked her up and proceeded into the jungle where they meant to torture and kill her. Her thoughts went back to her child and her husband. She knew he would have called everyone of her friends to know about her whereabouts. She hoped that he had gone to the police. 


She was pulled to the present as the duo put her down. One of them was carrying a backpack and quickly spread  out the tools of his trade. Nails, hammer, knife, Blades, screwdrivers and scissors. She looked at it and sighed before composing herself and looking smugly at the man. The man reciprocated and came near. "I wanna have sex one last time before dying. Please untie me",she whispered as the man was taken aback. But his drunkenness and her sexiness played their part well as he proceeded to untie her violently.His desire hitting peak as his mind stopped working.

"Hey  what you doing? " "Let me enjoy her body before i destroy it. You go have a drink i'll be calling you over soon". His friend wasn't very happy but walked away. As he reached the car after a considerable walk from the jungle he heard a gun shot. He ran towards the voice. Huffing and puffing he reached the place to find his friend dead. At once all his drunken attitude was over and now he looked around fearfully expecting an attack. At that time he heard the car starting. He cursed out loud and began to run towards the car. Fear gave him wings as he ran faster towards the car, which seemed to stop suddenly. But he didn't stop and ran faster as suddenly he slipped and fell hitting his head on the rocks. He got up again but was too dizzy to run and struggled to see the way ahead. He stumbled around before coming face to face with her. She smiled as he cowered and fell at her feet.


"Please don't kill me. I didn't want this but its your husband. He has HIV and he's certain you gave it to him. So he wanted to get you tortured and killed. As he's feeling right now. Please have mercy".


She was too stunned to react. HIV? Her husband? Why didn't he tell me anything? Is this person to be believed?


"I don't believe you. He says everything to me. He would have told me if there was anything wrong. Who sent you here?"


The man let out a laugh and looked at her with deep intense eyes. It shook her a little but she wasn't gonna show it now. 


"Did he ever tell you of his affair with his secretary? And how he hates the kid? And of his numerous visits to prostitutes? And of the cruelty which exists inside him. He almost raped my wife so that i could do his work. I had to. He hides that side from you and he's with you only for the money".


She laughed and replied,"Do you think i don't know my husband inside out? Do you think you can fool me? He's a great husband and a doting father. I simply can't....." her voice trailed off as a bullet pierced her legs  and she fell down. She grimaced in pain as the man stood up relieved. He smiled and applied pressure on her wounds with his feet. She let out a painful scream as the man who shot her came forward. She looked carefully at him though she was feeling disoriented. And thankfully she was true. It wasn't her husband. It was someone tall, with medium built and hair like him. 


"Did she believe the husband shit you told her?". "No". "But atleast it distracted her till i came here. Now lets torture and kill her." The man nodded and as he bent down to tie her she hit him with a stone. He was not at his agile best so was surprised as blood trickled from his head. The other one was fresh and caught her legs. She threw the rock at his head which made him back away with a scream and a curse. She struggled up and started to jog towards the interior where she knew lay the torture weapons. She was being pursued by two bleeding and dizzy men so knew she could make it. But unfortunately the new man caught up with her and slapped her hard and catching her hair banged her head into a nearby tree. As she stumbled he turned her around and kicked her hard in the stomach. She groaned and fell down. As the other man caught up she looked weakly at both. 




In response the new man dialled a number and put the call on speakerphone. A couple of rings later a man received the call.




"Sir,she wants to know why?"


"Darling. I am not in love with you. I am in love with someone else. And i want to marry her. With your money i have established a pretty good business now i can settle down. This time for real. Goodbye". A laugh and the call was cut.


"Do you believe us now?"


She closed her eyes and sighed as tears rolled down her eyes. The men bent down and tied her feet as she didn't resist. She didn't wince as they dragged her through the jungle towards the place where the weapons lay. Once they reached there, the men proceeded to tie her to the tree when suddenly the phone rang again. The new man again put it on speakerphone as her husband shouted,"Fight back. Those robbers have planned this well. Our child is in danger. Please fight...." The voice was interrupted by two gunshots. And then voice of a child crying. She tried to stand up but was kicked back. And to her horror she listened as the crying of her child was suddenly cut short as something snapped on the other side. She shouted in pain and anger as the man smiled and took up a nail and put it on her head. She struggled wildly as the other man tied her up. Then he took the hammer and said,"Your only sin was that you had more money than us. And God doesn't permit inequality. We do. But we also have the power to rectify it, don't we?"


He laughed. She was still crying. In anger and in pain. The vision of her child's neck being snapped tore her apart from the inside. She was like a wild animal caught in a net. Struggling to get out but to no avail. Both men enjoyed the scene for a moment before the drunk tightened his grip on the nail and the new man brought the hammer down with power. The nail went straight in her skull. As blood flowed freely and covered her face, the struggling ceased. Though her eyes were still wide open. The new man closed them shut said Amen and walked away with his friend.  

Submitted: November 18, 2013

© Copyright 2021 SMBabur. All rights reserved.

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