The Lonely Woods Killer

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Two girls. A night of revenge and passion. And a deranged killer's thirst for blood...........

Submitted: March 22, 2015

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Submitted: March 22, 2015



Two girls, early 20's, entered the house. They seemed inebriated. The blonde tall one was Angela and the other was cute, petite and brunette. She was Merkel. Angela threw the keys, removed her heels and proceeded towards the refrigerator. Merkel followed in her heels. She felt a little more exhausted as she slumped on the sofa. Angela arrived with a couple of beers and set one infront of Merkel.

\"Cmon now. You seem totally down and out. It wasn't such a bad day.\" remarked Angela planting herself beside her. As she took a sip of her beer, Merkel looked towards her with disdain.


\"It wasn't such a bad day? Are you fuckin serious? You killed two people. How much bad can a day get?\"

\"I am sorry I should have told you earlier. But then you may have tapped out of the situation. And i couldn't do it alone.\"

\"You said just questioning them would be enough. You just needed some fuckin answers. They were ready to bark. You got what you wanted. Then came the piss poor decision.\"

Frustrated and angry Merkel roughly touched beer to her lips. Angela stared in vacancy.

Self doubt was a big part of her personality and right now a full blown war was being waged inside her head. She shook her head suddenly and threw the beer violently against the wall.

\"Wtf. Are you bloody insane? Why can't you accept your decision was wrong?\" lambasted Merkel frowning.

\"Cos it was not\".

Angela stood up and ran towards a cabinet. She opened one of drawer and rummaged through the belongings. Items were thrown about as Merkel looked on stunned. Suddenly Angela stopped. Her hands held an envelope. She ran with it towards Merkel. She tore it violently and splashed it's contents across the table. It were photos of girls in various states of undress and all dead. Nasty injury marks over their body. Some had their head almost cut off. Some had no eyes. And some had acid on their faces.

Atleast 20-25 photos. Merkel looked on incredulously unable to comprehend the meaning of her actions.

\"More than 60 missing girls were found dead in the woods. Two of them were my sisters. Brutally murdered. My dad being a journalist got first hand report of everything. He took a vow to find the culprit police help or not. And the story reached its logical conclusion.\"

\"Your dad found the killers?\"

\"No. They found him, tortured him and murdered him and sent us this photo.\" Angela explained emotional and angry all at the same time. Each emotion negating the effect of the other. She threw out the last photo from the envelope. It showed a nude man hanging from a tree. Nasty injury marks lined up the body and intestines hung about from a huge cut in the stomach.

Merkel could hardly breathe. It was all too much. The brutality of it all. The wrongness of it all. While she was no fairytale believing pumpkin she kept herself away from most negativity. This was a sea of sadness which she didn't how to digest. And digest she couldn't almost puking in the process.

\"You allright?\"

\"Yeah I am fine thank you. This is stomach churning. You are pretty brave. You've taken it all in and still fighting it out.\" observed a nervous Merkel. All her energy was now on making herself and Angela feel better but to her dismay only one of those things was possible to do at a time.

\"You now know why I did what I did. They knew about the murderer but they kept quiet cos he gave them money. They also helped him in some kidnappings. Do you think such persons deserve to live?\"she sobbed. Tears weren't as forthcoming but her sighs cleared the air about her true feelings.

It felt as if a weight had lifted off her shoulders. But only Angela knew that something still remained to be done. She wanted revenge and she was ready to chase down the killer around the world if that's what it came down to. Merkel hugged her.

\"I am sorry. I didn't know what you've been through. As your girlfriend I am a little pissed off that I got to know all this after almost six months together. Better late than never I guess.\"

Angela nodded. Merkel laughed. The atmosphere was joyous again. Both forgot the shocking and ardous day that they had. They looked into each other's eyes lovingly, lustfully.

Merkel made the first move. She kissed Angela as she kissed back. Beer bottle crashed to the floor. Both stood up, still canoodling. Merkel was pinned on the wall as Angela kissed her partner even more passionately. Her hands were all over Merkel's breasts. Merkel's finger were sliding towards her girlfriend's ladyhood. From over her hot pants she started rubbing the pleasure centre. Angela sighed her kissing tempo going down a notch as she took in the waves of pleasure that her lover's fingers were generating.

After some minutes Merkel stopped. Angela stopped. They both stood still for some seconds looking at each other. They had the hots and the passion. An animalistic desire to devour each other was slowly overtaking them. Again Merkel made the first move. She took off her shirt,jeans, bra and threw them aside. Angela's sighing was increasing by the minute. Her bosom heaved ever so strongly. All the day's depression and anxiety was turning into sexual energy at the rate of knots. Everything seemed normal and forgotten. In the end came out the panty. Merkel slid it down her slim pretty legs and over her feet which looked much more edible in those heels. She knew the effect she was having on her partner and she was loving it. She stared at Angela. Angela started unbuttoning her clothes and threw everything away. Both stood nude acknowledging each other's gorgeous bodies. Then very suddenly Angela leapt on Merkel's lips smooching her as passionately as she could. Merkel held her lover's head as their legs and bodies began to touch each other sensually. They were kissing and moving together up the stairs. Hands all over each other's body as they reached their bedroom. They stopped and smiled. Then entered the bedroom. Closing the door behind them.

At this very time a man in a hood was looking at his watch sitting in a car outside Angela's apartment building. He gazed around. It was a fairly quiet and lonely area surrounded by woods. He switched on his Ipad and it showed Angela's face buried between Merkel's legs as Merkel was arched up in pleasure. The man laughed. He unzipped his pants and began pleasuring himself. As Merkel's moans increased in tempo so did the man's. His hands began to go faster as he saw Angela rolling her tongue all over her partner's body. From her breast to her feet. She worshipped her body as Merkel smiled, her back returning back to normal shape. At the same time the man gave a loud moan signalling that he had reached climax. He took in the torrent of pleasure that hit him for some seconds. Enjoying the absolute peace of mind that one could achieve. The clearity of vision was tremendous. Seconds later he zipped his pants and looked at the clock. It was 12.50am. He came out of his car and opened the back door. There was a bag. He took it and entered the building.

Angela was fucking her girlfriend hard with a dildo tied across her waist.

\"Oooh yes. Fuck me harder....Make me cum\"

Moans and groans as Angela reached her climax. Merkel unmounted her and started removing the dildo. Angela took up her cellphone and pointed her camera at her.


\"Hey no. I don't look any good in this after sex avatar.\"

But to no avail. She already took a couple of her photos. She smiled.

\"What if I was the killer? Taking photos and killing people?\"

\"What?\" asked a wide eyed Merkel.

At that moment the door was forced open. In walked the hooded tall man. He had shotgun in his hand. He took aim and quickly smashed three bullets through Angela's forehead. Blood everywhere. A little on him and a lot on a nude Merkel. Merkel couldnt grasp what had just happened. She took it in and shouted as the man put his hand on her mouth.

\"I won't hurt you. She was going to. She was going to kill you as she did to my daughter who was her ex.\"

\"What rubbish. I knew her she was my girlfriend of six months.\" she blurted still shocked by the recent happenings. Nothing was making sense and she wasn't even sure if all this was real or a filthy dream. Though her friend's disfigured and bloodied face was real enough.

\"I knew you wouldn't believe me. I have proof. Here.\" He showed her the camera on the ceiling. She realised what it meant.

\"She meant to record everything. She was a pervert in that way. Would have loved to watch your killing over and over again.\"

Merkel slumped still nude. The hooded man stood up opened his bag and gave her clothes which he had collected from downstairs.

\"Dress up and come down. I'll show you some more proof. \"

Merkel was quickly down. She wanted away from the dead girl which used be her girlfriend. She was now deathly frightened of her.

\"Have you been through her laptop yet?\"

\"No. I was never allowed to touch it.\"

\"I realised that. Cos you could have read her confessions. Here.\"

He turned the laptop towards her. It was a Word Document and it read-:

\"My father beats up my mother savagely and rapes me. He's turning more delusional and violent since he lost his job. With the kind of contacts he has we can't even complain against him. He's a respected journalist but to me he's a heartless killer. I've seen him do things which I could never shake off from my mind. I want to kill him and I am slowly getting obsessed about it. I also fear turning into another human devil like my father. Will I? The self doubt is killing me? Please help.\"

PS: he ran away today. I don't know where. I hope he's dead. I hope you fuckin rot in hell. Fuck you dad!

Underneath was a photo of her Dad hung from a tree, intestines hanging just as she had seen earlier.

The caption read-: My wish he's found dead like this.

Underneath that photo was the photo of her father. All smiling with a camera in hand. It felt creepy. She shuddered and looked up. To her horror the same face stared back at her. It was Angela's father. Screwdriver in hand. Merkel gave a huge shout and tried to run. But the man caught her easily by her hair. She struggled but she was no match for the brute which was unfortunately her dead friend's dad. He held her tightly with her hair.

\"You sicko. If only she had shared her story with me I wouldve personally killed you.\"

\"That's the beauty of this world. Wrong things get shared but necessary things don't. Time to say your prayers darling.\"

His hand moved back as Merkel closed her eyes. But nothing happened for some seconds as his hand stood in the same spot. Unsure Merkel opened her eyes and whoosh. Super quickly the screwdriver rammed through her right eye and came out through the back of her head. Blood poured down her cheeks as she fell down dead. He took out a camera and took her photo. He then put it inside his bag and moved out.

He walked down the stairs and into the lobby. There was the guard lying dead with his neck slashed. Blood everywhere on the white floor. He stamped on the body before stepping out of the building. He stepped inside his car and threw his bag on the backseat. He took off his gloves and put them in the compartment. He then took out a small notebook from the same compartment and scribbled:

61- Angela


He threw the book away, smiled and switched on the car radio. \"Highway to hell\" was the song. He chirped along with it and drove off on the deserted lonely road looking for his next prey.


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