Assassins Creed- the Girl Assassin

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This is a short(ish) story about a young girl Assassin, who Altair likes. This is based on Assassins Creed.

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011




For many months after my father's death I had to survive alone,  not sheltered...  Steal..

and succeed. I did.

My name: Channelle Marie Curcup, first child female Assassin.




It was a busy day in the city of Acre, so I had to be careful. First, I checked to see If the coast was clear... it was.  Quickly, I took an apple off a fruit stall. As I did so, someone shouted,

"LOOK! There she is.. GET HER!" I tucked the apple safely in my pocket, and ran . I knew it was not stealing the apple that they were after me for. They would never do that to a child like me. Luckily, for me, I have good stamina, and I was quite fast.  The Templar Gaurds knocked tables and stalls over as they shouted and cursed as they ran to catch me.They were gaining closer every minute. They chased me untill I was chased into a alley way, which had a dead end. Drat! I thought. Oh Well.. only one way.  Death is due for the Templars.

They drew nearer, drawing out their swords. The handles had the Templar Cross on it-blood red,

“To save you torture, we shall kill you now and here, cane!” said their leader. I was offended! Calling me a cane, luckily my uncle is Italian,

“Hmm… Italian are you?” he nodded and smiled evilly, “ Tu mi uccidere. Lo tiuccieró, voi bastardo,  ? stronzo!” I shouted. This really made him angry. I crouched, ready to pounce.  But as the Templar leader was about to slice me, I noticed a man standing on a building, watching.  He was wearing a white and red robe, his eyes hidden by his cowl. The man looked no more than 25, but even though his eyes were hidden, he looked he knew Templars would never attack a child for taking an apple.  I was so struck by this man that I almost forgot a Templar was about to kill me so as he swung his sword, I grabbed its handle and plunged it into his

stomach. He gasped, fell…and died. This made the others angry, but weary. Another attacked, but I grabbed his sword arm, pinned it behind his back, and kicked him in the back. As he plunged to the ground, his head hit a rock and his breathing stopped when blood sprayed the rock the colour of the Templar Cross. I climbed up the wall behind me, and ran across, leaping over any spaces between buildings. Three Tempalars managed to struggle up the wall, and were still chasing me. The mysterious man followed, hidden behind walls.  I stopped.  This is it.  The Templars and I were on the top of what looked of a sword shop. I grabbed a sword, and held it high.  I blocked one of the blows from a Templar, sliced at his legs, and he fell, once he did so I quickly stabbed in the heart. But there were still two more Templars, but I could tell that they were scared at the stench of Death. I was just about to strike when both of them fell to the ground, blood running from them, both with a dagger through their chests.  Standing before me was that mysterious man. He looked down at me, but I still couldn't see his eye, but what I saw,  he  had stubble around his chin, a strong jaw, and a rather big nose.  I also noticed the scar on the right hand side of his lips,

"Follow me, child." he said, his voice hard.

“And why should I do so?” I asked fiercely, glaring at him

“Follow me, child.” he said again, but as sharp as knives, I could tell he was glaring at me back, though his eyes were covered.  I did so.  Something inside me told me not to kill him, but to do as he asks.



We free-ran across buildings until we got to a large some kind of Abbey. It seemed vaguely familiar. People in robes like the man's looked at us, but continued their businesses. We walked up a long flight of stone stairs, and got to a large wooden door. He opened it and I walked through.

In the capacious room was a big shelf of books, and a desk with an old man sitting behind it, wearing black and red robes, with a short, white beard,

"Altair? What is this?" he demanded, his voice wise, but curious. Altair? That means eagle.

"Master, this child was attacked by Templars," said the man named Altair, leaving the old man confused.

"And why was that?" he asked

"I do not know, but she killed three. Even I have minor trouble. She is a very good swords woman… better than some of the Order." Isn’t that a bit big-headed to say that he has minor trouble, like he’s boasting to say , ‘I am a great swordsman, no-one can ever defeat me.’

"Impossible. She is just a child." He turned to me, "What is your name, young one?"

"Channelle Marie Curcup,"

"And why, may I ask, were Templars attacking you?"

"I am an orphan. My Father was an Assassin.  His name was Jonah Guyesh Curcup.  He was Exicuted by Templars 6 months ago, I cannot remember much, but I know I was there with him. The Templars were going to kill me- I ran away. They chased me, and one hit me on the head with a mallet but I still ran. I climbed buildings to get away. Luckily I managed to hide away.I forgot most of it after 2 months."

"And what of your mother?"

"Her name was Michelle Pauline Curcup, she died at my birth.”

There was a long awkward pause. After a few moments, the old man looked at me,

"Your father was an Assassin here,” he said, “  Jonah was a good man, he was executed  because he killed a Templar Nobleman." he paused waiting for me to take it in. He shot a look at the man whose name was Altair. Then suddenly I remembered everything.

"Where do you live now?"

"I have no home; I sleep in a sheltered barn." I said

"And your age?"


There was a long pause.  Altair looked...hurt.  I shan't ask.

"You will live here, for now on. I shall get someone to show you your chambers. There you will find fresh clothing. You shall call me not Al-Maulim, but master.  You shall be trained to be an Assassin, like me, your father, and Altair, but you will be the only female Assassin here.  Am I understood?"

 I nodded once,

"Yes, Master."

"Also, because Altair said you are a trained swordswoman, he shall train you in duelling. Questions?"

"No master.”

"One more thing, where do you come from? You accent… it's-?"





"You are dismissed" He clapped once and another white-hooded man walked through, he, too, had stubble. Altair tensed.

"Yes, Master?" his voice was mocking, and something tells me Altair dislikes him

"Abbas, you and Altair will show Channelle here her chamber. She is now a part of the Brotherhood order. You will spread the word that Jonah's daughter has returned. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Master" Replied Abbas, smirking, he looked at me, "This way, Channelle" he gestured to the door.  I walked; he and Altair followed.

"So, Altair, did you bring her back, knowing who she is?" he mocked, " Because, if Jonah hadn't of died, you wouldn't of be oft his rank-"

"Quiet, Abbas!" snapped Altair, "She has skill-she killed some Templars. Templars do not just go after 11 year old children, let alone an 11 year old girl." I growled at the ‘girl’ part, and I hissed,

“ You arrogant, damn fool! Do not judge by gender!”

“Do not be so rude- especially to a teacher!” Altair said fiercely, raising his hand to hit me, but then Abbas said,

"Hmm... touchy.  I think it reminds you of YOUR past? Your father, Umar?" this did it for Altair. He twitched his little finger, and a blade shot out, and before now, I hadn't noticed his missing ring finger on his left hand. I winced silently to myself. He slammed Abbas into the nearest wall and held the Blade to his neck,

"I-Have - not-forgotten!" he snarled fiercely.

"Of course not ... It was his fault anyway, for killing a-" he stopped as Altair pressed the blade onto his skin, a drop of blood dropped from Abbas's neck. It was almost like they'd forgotten I was here, "Y-you would not have the s-strength! “His gasp of fear was still somewhat mocking,

"Oh, believe me, Abbas, I would.  Just like your father." Altair mocked this time.  Abbas growled, but Altair pressed harder on the blade as more blood dripped rapidly,

"Not-not in front of a child, Altair." reminded Abbas. He was smirking again, despite the lack of blood. Altair sighed and retracted his blade,

"You're right." he looked at me, “You should not have seen this.  Walk on." he said it a bit hurt. I did what I was told.He showed me to my chamber and he told me his was two down to the right.  I walked in. It was fairly spacious, a table and a small bed, a wardrobe and a set of draws. I sat down on the bed. He followed and sat next to me,

"I have to tell you something, child.” He said quietly,” My father did the same as yours. It was to be the Al-Maulim to be executed, but my father suggested his life for Al-Maulim's. My mother died in childbirth as well as yours.I became an orphan at 11 as well as you.  I thought you should know."  I nodded once.  There was a long moment of awkward silence.

Finally he said softly,

"I know how hard it is." and walked out.




I thought carefully about Altair's words as I fell asleep.  In the morning, I was due to do sword training lessons with Altair.  I woke up, washed and dressed.  My clothing was a long white, hooded cloak, with a simple white and red striped tunic and deep gray, close fitting trousers.

Porridge was breakfast-it was quite nice, actually.

 Altair was waiting for me in the field, armed with his long sword, sharp and pointed,

"Today, you will show me what YOU can do then I will teach you and show you how to improve it. Am I clear?"

"Yes." I replied

"Good.  Show me what you can do."

I picked up a sword and I struck his left shoulder.  He blocked it but the amount of force I had used made him off balanced. I used this opportunity to strike him in the chest but his feet stayed on the ground.  I slashed his right arm, but he deflected my blow. Next he attacked me to the right, but as I blocked, he jabbed my left arm, but my flailing sword hit his right hand, which made him step forwards, wobbling a little, and he jabbed my chest. This made me wobble.  He used this opportunity to kick me to the ground.

"You're dead" he said simply but he looked at me as if he were thinking, ‘ is she really that good?’, “You have talent, Channelle... especially for your age, size and gender” he added

"Urgh. Thank you." I said, partly moan, because the kick had hurt a lot, "But I have told you before, Altair- do not judge by gender!” 

"Fine!" he snapped, glaring, "Now, show me what you would do if it was life threatening incident, not just killing a guard."

I took that as a hidden insult, "Fine, but... Are you sure?" I smirked and he eyed me curiously. His eyes were not covered as much as last time I saw,

and I looked into his hazel brown. I was secretly shocked- they were just like mine apart from the blue ring...could it be...  I thought, No... It could not.  He was scanning me with his eyes, green and brown orbs directed at me,

"Just go ahead." he said simply. I struck his chest and he blocked. He looked at me as if to say, ‘you were saying?’ but that was my trick.  I then kicked him hard in the groin (harder than intended, because of his arrogance), and I heard him gasp as he fell. I pointed my sword at him and said,

"You are dead."

"Urgh! That was a dirty and uncanny move!" he complained, getting up, wincing a little.

"But it at least it works." I snapped, “I would usually stab them after that.”

"I underestimated you... You have better skill than most of the Order. It could just be beginners luck"

My reply was my smile. He smiled back,

"Um, Pardon me for asking, Altair, but… did you just smile?"

"Yes,” he frowned, “Why? You act if that is very rare."

"Looking at your face tells me that you do not smile often… so it is rare!"

he chuckled, I did the same,

"You... are unusual for a child. Unusually kind, strong, skilled...” he paused,” so why are Templars after you?"

“Oh, Altair! You already know why."

"Yes, but I sense there are other reasons. Tell me, please" he pleaded.  I am quite sure Altair is not like this usually this. Maybe he saw what I saw...

"Fine Then. But I do not like remembering it."  I sighed," Three months after my Father's death, the Templar leader, Robert de'Sable , was interested in my skill. He knew I had killed some of his best men, and was surprised when he heard of my gender.  He was even more surprised when he heard my age.  I let the Templars catch me, knowing that they wouldn't kill me on their Master's orders.  The brought me to him and he said he would give me a knighthood, favour me, like he does with my- I mean, with Maria eé Thorpé" I looked at Altair, hoping he did not sense my stammer.  Maria is my Aunt... betrayer of an Aunt. I shuddered at the thought of what she did, "She is a woman who is in the Templar Guard, and is very close to de'Sable.  Anyway, I said I'd rather die after what they did to my father, and although Robert can be kind, he has a temper too.  He said if that is what I wished, then so be it. I had to run, and kill my way out.  After that, Robert ordered his men to either kill me on the spot if they ever see me, or to bring me to them to torture me... " I paused, " That is why they're after me." Altair nodded thoughtfully,

"Thank you for telling me" he smiled again.  I smiled back.




Over the next few days, Abbas, the Master, and Altair have been training me.  So far, I have improved my sword duelling climbing, stamina, speed, fighting techniques and I have just learned how to throw darts and daggers and was quite good at it.  I was pleased at it. Al Maulim was firm but fair in training; he taught me how to have better speed and stamina. Abbas... mocked if I did something wrong... He was teaching me fighting techniques, though I beat him several times. I now see why Altair despises him. With Abbas, I mainly aimed for the groin... he knows I would use that but he has not found a way to block it yet.  I was brave enough to tell Altair this and he laughed for a moment or two and congratulated me.  It was ... odd... hearing him laugh.  It is not often.  He follows the Creeds carefully:

1. Stay your blade from the life of an innocent.

2. An Assassin must not show much emotion.

3. Never compromise in the Brotherhood.

I have to call everyone "brother" and they call me "sister"… but they mainly call me “child”.


Altair is on a mission today, with a man named Malik and his brother, Kadar (who’s a very young adult), so a man called Labib is teaching me today.  He was shocked when he heard that I am now an Assassin Trainee...but he has got used to it.

"Now,then, Channelle.  Show me what you can do to block" he said

I drew out my sword and as I did so, he lunged. Immediately, I held my sword in a block stance, and pushed his blow away. He fell backwards on the ground.  He got up quickly,

"Well, you have skill... for your age.  Great skill... Altair was right… I just thought it was his arrogance," he said.

"Thank you" I said politely. Had Altair been boasting...of my skill? Labib saw my puzzled face and added,

“He is usually boasting of his skill,” I nodded with an ‘ah’.

Over the next few hours, he taught me good feet positions and where to shuffle your weight if you block.  It was useful… very useful…


In the late afternoon, I saw Altair walk into the courtyard, his white robes dirty and grey with mud... with scratches on his face.

I was looking out of my Chamber window.  Where were the others?  Another assassin congratulated Altair, and Altair spoke to him,

"I need to speak to Al- Maulim". He walked past and I heard his footsteps up the stone steps to Al-Maulim's chambers-which was a corridor away from mine.  I heard the footsteps pause and Abbas' voice say,

"Well, well, look whose returned."

"Have you nothing better to do? “sighed Altair's voice

"Al-Maulim wants to speak to you...Where are the others? Rode ahead to get all the fame and glory?"

" Maybe I put my blade on your neck!" hissed Altair,

"Maybe another time... brother…" Abbas snickered

Altair's footsteps continued up the steps and I heard the creak of the wooden door.

"Well, Altair?!" I heard the Master's voice say... excitedly?

"I am sorry, Master, I have failed you." Altair's voice said

"What do you mean?"

"I have not got the treasure… de'Sable got away."

"And the others?"

"Dead." said Altair. There was a long pause.

"No-not dead" said...Malik?

"What happened... where is Kadar?"

"Dead" his voice was no more than a whisper, “Because of YOU," I guessed he meant Altair, "If you had not been so arrogant... then he still would be alive!"

"I-couldn't do anything-I was thrown out of the room!"

"You took an innocent man’s life away!"

"Altair… is this true?" Al-Maulim's voice asked. There was no reply,"No treasure... de'Sable got away..."

"Yes-I have got the treasure" said Malik…

I didn't hear anymore but the last I heard, we were being attacked by de'Sable's men.  I was instructed to stay in my chamber. 




After the attack was over, Altair knocked on my door,

"Come in" I said loudly, sitting at my desk.

"It is I," said Altair," I need to talk to you."

"Of course, Altair" He sat on my bed.

"I caused Malik’s brother to die because of my arrogance. He is unhappy with me."

I didn't know what to say.

"And every man we lost this evening was because of me-I am a disgrace"


"The Master is very disappointed with me. He wishes to see me soon."

"What happened on your mission?" I asked

"We -Malik, his brother and I-were due to go to the catacombs to take treasure of Robert de'Sable's possession. On arriving, I killed an old man, because he knew we were there.  Kadar said that faith favoured my blade, but Malik accused me, but because I was the Leader of this mission, I told him to be silent.  When Kadar praised me for faith, I boasted it was skill, and told them that they’d might learn something if they’d watch a while longer.  As we walked on, I killed a Templar, and a few other guards until we arrived in King Solomon's temple, where de'Sable stood. I was foolish enough to try and kill him with my blade," he flicked his hidden blade in and out," but he was too quick.  He held me by the neck with one hand and said that the only he'd let me live is to tell the Master that the Holy Land was lost.  He threw me out of the Temple and demanded for Malik and his brother to be killed. Malik got away with one arm, but his brother was murdered."

"I see." I said. I did not want to accuse Altair of anything-for he was my teacher.

"Al-Maulim wishes to see me now.  I will leave you in peace." and then he left. I knew where he was going-  Al-Maulim's chamber.  I listened carefully:

"Altair, all the good men we lost today was because of you and your arrogance" said Al-Maulim

"I know, and I am sorry" said Altair, "What is this?!" The Master must of got guards to hold Altair back

"Malik says you killed an innocent priest.  That is against the Creed. Do not -"

"’Do not take the life of an innocent’ I know” interrupted Altair.

*Smack* Did he just hit Altair?

"Do not inturrupt!" said Al-Maulims angry voice, "You are a traitor to your Creed, Altair."

I heard a dagger being unsheathed. No! I thought,

"What are you doing?" asked Altair,

"A traitor must be killed. You are against the Creed. I am sorry.  Rest in Peace, Altair!"

It was then I heard the tearing of flesh from the stab. No!




No…he didn't...please say he didn't! I was so worried because Altair is a great teacher... WAS a great teacher I should say, despite his arrogant personality. I listened carefully:

"Move the body! Such a waste... If only he'd listen."

"Wait! His wound is healing! And he is not dead!" A guards voice

"T-t-the blood.. it-it is fading! How- how can this be?" Al Maulim stammered. What? I do not understand! alive?

"I'm Alive? How ... I saw you stab me." said Altair a minute later.

"You saw what I wanted you to see. The womb- you are, in a way, reborn"

No, that is a lie! There is something about the Master which I don't like...He is suspicious. I cannot tell anyone this...not even Altair.

Al Maulim gave Altair his mission and he was off to kill 9 Templars.


I was trained and trained and trained, untill I could beat almost anyone in a sword duel (grown-ups, yes) and until I almost had the skill of Altair, who was the Master Assassin, but his ranks were taken down for the last mission he did. (I can do one thing that Altair cannot-swim.) I can jump from great heights, get someone down on the floor in three seconds,(some of the Assassins challenge me… and I accept)  throw darts and daggers, kick and punch hard...The Last I heard, Altair killed 5 out of the nine, and his ranks are back to Master Assassin.  I am secretly pleased every time he walks across the courtyard from a mission. I am either in my chambers or doing some kind of training.  He either greets me or just nods.  Sometimes he smiles... which is (like I said) odd. I think it is because of his past- my past is like his past, so he would only want the best for himself. Only in his spare time he trains me, he tells me I have improved greatly in sword techniques.  I told him I still use the "life incident" one and he chuckled,

"I am not surprised-Like you said, ‘It works.’" I would not laugh, but smile kindly in his respect.  Altair is away now, onto his 6th target.  He sometimes seems confused when he returns, deep in thought.  I no longer pester him and ask what it is. I once did ask, and he snapped at me saying it was no concern of me. It seems just his and Al-Maulim's business, although I do hear him mutter words like: 'it doesn’t make any sense.' 'what does it mean...?' 'No, that cannot be right… if it'

I am getting a bit confused myself-though I should not be. What is wrong with Altair? I might eaves drop on Al-Maulim and Altair once more, when he returns from the 6th kill.




Finally Altair has returned from the 6th kill, but has been acting…how I put it-in the clouds. He has been quiet-unusually quiet.

Even when Abbas bothered him again, he just stayed quiet...

It was that day when I was sitting on my bed, and Altair knocked again,

"It is I" he said.

"Yes? Why have you come to me, Altair?"

"On my mission, I thought I came across de'Sable...and-?" he stopped

"Yes?" I asked

"It was a false de'Sable, A woman.  An English woman in fact."

"Her name is Maria"

"How do you know that?"

"I have already told you," and he nodded, remembering what I said," Also, she is my Aunt"

"Your Aunt? But-her name-"

"Is my Mother's maiden name"

"I...saw- the eyes...just like yours…almost...with..."

"Go on."

"Hope and determination.  You have that in your eyes. I did not kill her-but spared her"

I sighed.  Altair did not know she was my aunt, I have no idea why he spared her... he might...of felt something for her…but I dare ask.

"I have time to train you again, meet me in the courtyard." he said after a long pause.

"Altair, wait.  Why are you-"

"Why am I, what?" he snapped. His expression was frightening

"Never mind. It does not matter." he walked out and down the stairs.

After about 5 minutes (Altair does not like to be kept waiting) I made my way down to the courtyard, when I came across Abbas,

"So.. Is Altair training you again?" he asked

"Yes." was my reply

"He only trains the best"


"So, he thinks you are the best, apart from himself and Al-Maulim... In fact, he only Trains YOU."

"Oh, come now, Abbas, he is not pig -headed."

"Oh really? Okay, fine, then. My father DIED for him! Did he tell you that?"

"What? No-why would he-"

"Exactly.  My father got ill after he sent a message saying Al Maulim should die, but Umar went up

to die instead. Altair cursed my father. My father felt bad about what he did, so he went into the young Altair's chambers,

and killed himself in front of the boy.  I was not supposed to be told, but Altair told me one night."

"Oh" I said

"Exactly" said Abbas again

 I gave him a hurt look and walked down the rest if the steps to meet Altair.

"You are late, child" he complained, glaring at me, his eyes hard. 

"Abbas…held me up...he told me something" I replied

"Really? And what was it that he told you?" Altair has never sounded so…Angry and frustrated with me before,

"About his father's death"

Altair stopped accusing me as soon as I said those words.

"I…See…" he said. There was a moment of silence until he said,

"Today, we will be renewing of how much you've learnt.  Am I clear?"


"Pick up a sword and we shall begin. This is a test to see if you are better than me… but I doubt it"

Arrogant man, I thought, as I picked up a sword and he lunged at my shoulder, I blocked and pushed his sword away, he attacked my legs, but I jumped and struck his chest. He wobbled and I kicked him in the groin to make him fall over with a grunt. I pointed my sword at his neck,

“You’re de-argh!“ he tripped me up and pointed his sword at me. HE was just about to say the words ,’you’re dead’  but I rolled over and got to my feet. I struck his hidden-blade arm, his weak point, and he grunted again. His blade shot out and he started trying to skewer me on it, but I hit it with my sword,  it went back in, and kicked him unexpectedly in the groin, as hard as possible, (so hard that he might not be able to have siblings), making him fall over hard and I said

"You are dead!" triumphantly

"I underestimated you again, Channelle,” he said with a bit of a groan,” Was it really necessary to kick me in the-" he said with a bit of a groan,

"Yes.” I said firmly

"You, Indeed, Have great skill."

"I have been told more than once, Altair."

"I know, but it is just so surprising… your age! A child your age should have great trouble trying to beat an adult…let alone a skilled Assassin. Although..."


"Your father had great skill. He was.. more skilled than me…" he paused, looked down, and smiled, "almost"

I chuckled as he did at his own joke… hold on…I know Altair is not usually like this. He is acting differently around me than the other assassins. I have to find out why.





Altair is out to kill his 7th Target at the moment.  I feel safe around him, knowing that he will not hurt me purposely...he is the teacher and I am the student.  Now I know that he would of liked it if when he was 11 for it  to be this way.. I suppose he did have Al-Maulim..but It is not exactly the same. Today I have got Abbas again. I sighed when Al Maulim told me this. The old man seems… restless. There really is no other word for it.

"Today, Channelle, we will be going through what we have been dooing the last few days and

act if it is really happening.  Am I understood?" Abbas said in his snickering voice.

"Yes, Abbas" I thought it was cruel and unfair making a child fight an adult.  Oh well, I thought.

"Begin" He stepped forward and grabbed my wrist. I knew what he was going to do. So I grabbed HIS wrist and pinned it on his back, then kicked his spine making him fall.  He got up immediately and tried to punch me in the stomach, but I blocked and pushed him away making him wobble and off-balanced.  Then I stepped forth and kicked him HARD in the groin, harder than I did with Altair,

"ARGH!" He shouted as he fell. That always works, I thought in Altair’s voice. Assassins training nearby stopped in their tracks to watch us. I heard a silent laugh which I knew only I could hear.  Altair. Shouldn't he be on a mission?  I rolled my eyes as Abbas got up

"That was... cheating!" complained Abbas

"Well,  it works! I would have thought that you would know what you had coming by now." I said.

Altair's laugh became more hear able...but still just to me. It is just so unusual.

Then, the laughing faded after a trot then a gallop of a horse.

"Again," said Abbas, "But-do- not- kick-in-that- place." I chuckled.

He grabbed my arm this time but I grabbed his and pinned it behind his back, kicked him over, this time, he tripped me on the floor  but I got up by almost kicking him in the face, he dodged but fell over, face-first.  Then I pinned his arm behind his back so he was pinned to the floor,

"Very good" he said,still mocking "Especially for your age.  Now I see why Altair" he spat his name in vain, “favours you so,"

"Thank-you" I muttered.

I was dismissed from the training for a short break before Al-Maulim and I practised Dart throwing. He does not favour me as much as Altair, but only a bit less. 

"Now, Channelle, today , we shall practise on these Dummies, do I make myself clear?" said Al-Maulim

"Yes, Master" was my reply.

"Good.  Now pick up these darts and we shall begin"

I did what I was asked. I Looked at a target dummy carefully, and aimed one directly at its head.  It was exactly on target,

"Very good. Let us see if you can aim for the heart. Begin."

I aimed at the direct point of the heart, paused for a short while, just to see which way the wind was going, and then I threw the dart exactly where the centre of the heart would be.

"Excellent!" said Al-Maulim, clapping, “You will be a great Assassin, Channelle…which is so surprising..." he went off into his own world for a few moments.  When he was aware he was on earth, he looked at me,

"Hmm..I wonder..?"

"Yes, Master?"

"Well, you seem to have better skill than most of the Order, and Altair tells me you won a duel against him…  he is my best student.." he then muttered something horrible that sounded like, "WAS my best student" which I knew I was not supposed to hear, "Anyway.. How would you feel to be not an Assassin Novice, but an Official Assassin?  Altair became one at 15, but you have great skill, yet improved greatly."

I nodded,

"Thank-you Master" I said, a little flatly.

"Yes, you will be a great Assassin!"

So I have heard, I thought, everyone says that.

"I shall announce to everyone when Altair returns from his 7th target. You are dismissed early."

"Thank you, Master"

I made my way up to my chambers, where I met Abbas yet again,

“There was also one more thing I wanted to tell you" he said

"What is it?"

"Your chamber is the same one Altair had when he was your age.  It was his father's,Umar Ibn'La-Ahad, before he died."

I nodded once and continued my way to my Chamber. The meaning of Altair’s name is:

‘Eagle, Son of No-one.’




It seems that everyone has gotten over the fact that I am female. But not the fact that I am 11, it is pestering me a little, but I get used to it.  Altair has returned, and as ever, I am pleased.  He seemed to be in a fairly normal mood...for an Assassin. He looked tired... just tired.  I felt that I should not bother him... but Abbas had already started,

"Finally, the great Assassin has returned!" he said with great sarcasm,

"Do you have to rub it in?"

"Well, you seem to have to compete with Channelle, lots of the Order are starting to favour her more than yourself."  I growled a little. How I wish to punch his face in…

Altair sighed.

"She has skill." he said.

"Yes... almost better than yours, so I've heard ...from Al-Maulim"

Yet again, this bugged Altair more than anything. He lifted Abbas from the ground by his robe, with one hand,

"What exactly are you trying to tell me?" he growled, glaring daggers at Abbas

"That in a few years, or months, or weeks, Channelle will be a better Assassin that you are-than you'll ever be!"

 "She gets her skill from her father! She knows as much as I did when I was her age-"

"Yes, but she knows as much as you now NOW" this made Altair's blade flick out with a snick,

"I do not care if she is or would be better than me, all I care is to shut your mouth, for GOOD!" He pressed the blade onto Abbas ' neck, this time, blood dripped more rapidly with Abbas gasping. He was making it slow, but painful! This made me run down the steps, and into the courtyard,

"ALTAIR! Do not kill him!" I shouted as I ran.  Both men looked at me, Abbas with relief, and Altair with annoyance and confusion,

"Keep out of this, child! Why should I do as YOU say?" he snapped. I had never seen Altair with this much fury.

  Abbas looked triumphant,

"Remind of you childhood memories of when I tried to kill you, Altair?" Abbas mocked, still gasping though.  His neck was dripping with scarlet blood, and his face nearly as pale as death, he smelled like it, a bit.  I walked over to Altair, and he glared at me, but with caution,

"But Altair, you do not want to be accused as a traitor again, do you?" I asked softly and kindly.

"How do you know?" he wondered, his voice still sharp and threatening,

"I can hear everything that is going on in Al-Maulim's chambers... from your father's chamber. And yes, I did hear Al-Maulim stab you."

"So he did stab me" he muttered.  He was unaware that he was still holding Abbas and with his blade still out.

"Altair. Put him down, stay your blade...please." I said softly.  Altair sighed and retracted his blade, then dropped Abbas, a little fiercely.

"But next time... I swear I WILL-" he started.

"NO." I said.

"Thank you, Channelle" gasped Abbas with relief, though his tone was not mocking. Before anything else could be said, Al Maulim had set the bell off for all the Assassins to meet in the courtyard.  When they did so, Al-Maulim was standing out on his Balcony,

"Assassins!  You all know Channelle Curcup, daughter of Jonhah Guyesh Curcup, has returned, and has great skill.  That is why I am making her an Official Assassin.  Yes, she is young, but she is capable of killing best trained Templars…and taking down Altair." He added the last sentence with a smirk.  I heard some of the other Assassins gawp with silent laughter.

I Heard Altair growl in embarrassment, and he blushed a little...

"Dismissed." said Al-Maulim asssssssnd everyone went back to what they were doing before.

"Channelle, I need to talk to you" said Altair, as I was heading back to my chambers

"Yes?" I asked

"As you know , I was about to kill Abbas." I shuddered at the thought, " I angry that I would of killed anyone in my way. I could of killed you, but if I did so, then I would deeply regret it."

"I understand" I said, quietly,

"No, you do not!" he snapped.

"Believe me, Altair, I think do."

"If that is what you think..." He paused, thinking carefully, "Have you ever killed anyone you loved?" he thought, thinking if that was the right word,

"Yes" I whispered, "I killed my own cousin, Mary, just after my father's death.  She said it was his own fault so I broke her neck..." I paused at the thought, I was blinking away coming tears.

"I do not want you to be killed, or I to kill you. In some ways, you are like my family, like the other Assassins, but more. You remind me of me when I was your age." I smiled, but he look down disappointedly

"What is the matter?" I asked

"I just wish it were that…" and he walked off silently without a second look.  I was touched, what Altair said.  I just could not believe it.



Three weeks had passed since I was made an official Assassin, and Altair was away on his final target – Robert de Sable.  I was happy enough about this, but not so sure about Garnier Neplosse, for he was an old friend of my father’s, he had fixed his broken arm.  I told Altair this and he said,

“I see,” and walked off, deep in thought.  Sometimes I hear Altair mutter,

“All these targets, they have something in common! Their last words… a riddle, perhaps?”  I am confused what he means.  He once caught me staring and snapped,

“Don’t you have any training to do, child?”  and stalked off.  I found out ,  by the other Assassins, mainly Malik, that Altair’s normal self was arrogant, or, that is, use to be.  Poor Malik, he had to have his arm amputated after the Solomon’s Temple situation. He used to be Altair’s best friend, but I do not think he has forgiven him yet- he is still mourning his brother.


It is now evening and the last of my training of the day has finished.  I was just walking back to my chambers when Al-Maulim held up a strange,  golden ball, from his balcony,  it was glowing!  Suddenly, the glow shone brighter and Al-Maulim shouted,

“Assassins!  Feel the power of the Piece of Eden!  Do as I command!” I felt something strange, like something inside of me was telling me to do something,

Kill Altair when you see him…he is the betrayer!” NO, I thought, I will not kill him!

Do it now, Channelle, or you will die!” NO! I thought again, I reject! I reject!

So be it…shame, you were my second best student .You will die when Altair returns. AFTER YOU KILL HIM.”  Suddenly a glow lifted me off of my feet and into the air, it tied me with golden ropes, and made be float towards Al-Maulim’s balcony,

“I KNEW IT. I KNEW that you had something planned.  From the moment I met you , I knew you were up to something!” I shouted,

“I was hypnotised by its power... stunning, isn’t it, Channelle? Join me, or die.”


“ I sent Altair to kill the  nine Templar  rivals- you see, I am a Templar.  Garnier Neplosse was the only innocent soul, but he was still a rival.” explained Al-Maulim, still holding the “Piece of Eden”.

“NO.  I SHALL NOT!” I shouted.  I then realised that there was a distant trotting noise… Altair and his horse!

“I WILL NOT JOIN YOU! I’D RATHER DIE!” I screamed, hoping Altair would hear me.  I floated over into Al-Maulim’s  chamber, and a golden cloth covered my mouth.  I did not bother screaming, I knew it was no use.

“AL-MAULIM!” shouted Altair.  Suddenly, I heard a warbing noise when the Piece of Eden made Altair float  into the air,

“What are you doing!” I heard his outraged voice say

“You see , Altair, All my life, I have searching for the Piece of Eden, and you and Malik brought it to me without any questionings.  Those nine people were just rivals; I had to get rid of them.”

“But why, Master?”

“I needed its power, Altair.  GAURDS! KILL THE BETRAYER!”

Altair was released from the golden glow, and so was I!  Al-Maulim had mis- judged it’s power, so I was free. Altair killed all the Brotherhood guards, including Hamid, who I liked, and he was lifted again by the glow, but I remain freee.

“ALTAIR!” I shouted. Altair looked up and he looked scared,

“CHANNELLE!” he shouted back.  Al-Maulim wasn’t paying attention to me, but the guards trying to kill Altair, but they were not succeeding.  Altair killed all of them,

“Release Channelle! Do not harm her!” demanded Altair

“And why would I do that?”

“She is only a child.”

“Yes, but she has great skill. She could kill me, if given that chance.”

“I WILL KILL YOU, YOU TWO-FACED LIAR!” I screamed. Suddenly, I felt the glow on me once more, and I floated towards Altair, “Channelle, if you do not join me, then I shall make you want to kill Altair!”

“I shall not!” I protested,

“Then you shall kill him. “  I was released and drew out a sword from thin air,

“I’m sorry, Altair!” I moaned, then I swiped his chest  with the sword, and blood burst out from it.  He grunted in pain, then he tripped me over,I floated into the air, my sword pointing directly at his head, and charged down at it, NO! I thought, THIS IS ENOUGH! Suddenly, I felt the power drain out of me- I was free!  I made the sword drop to the ground,


“STOP ALTAIR!” I shouted as he was about to swing his sword to my neck,

“WHAT? How can this be?” I heard Al-Mualim screech.

“Stay you blade from the life of an innocent. I am innocent-I have not killed anyone wanting to kill them.” I reminded. I saw Altair smirk in relief.

“Then I shall make Altair kill YOU!”

“Altair” I whispered, quiet enough for Al-Maulim to not hear, “Think that you’re innocent.  Just do it!” He nodded and closed his eyes.  In a matter of seconds, the glow faded from him and Al-Maulim grabbed his stomach and gasped, eyes wide with fear, and anger,

“Impossible!” he hissed, “No-one can ever over power the Apple!  Not even a silly, interfering  child!”

“But she is no ordinary child, Al-Maulim,” said Altair, “She is extraordinary.”

Al- Maulim screeched with fury,

“Come now, Altair, let us end this for good!” He floated down from his balcony, and drew out his sword, as he did so, about sixteen Al-Maulim clones did the same.  Then, another sixteen clones. Thirty Al-Maulims wanting blood.

“Can you defeat thirty against one? Surely, the greatest Assassin can do-” jeered Al-Maulim,

“No-not one! I will help you, Altair.” I said, picking up a sword.  Altair looked at me,

“No, it is too dangerous!” he warned, “I forbid you to.  You are just a child!”
“Yes-an extraordinary one,” I reminded.  Altair scowled,

“No.” he said, still scowling at me.

“Yes!” I said, glaring at him.

“Look at the pair of you!” said all thirty Al-Maulims, “Just like Father and Daughter” Altair glared knives at Al-Maulim for those words, ”Shame-you both have great skill, and if Altair had been a few moments longer, I would of given you your hidden blade…”I hissed at these words.  Six Al-Maulims lunged for every limb on my body, I blocked them all, be-headed two, and heard my sword go through the other four’s chests, one by one.

“I warned you!” I hissed.  This made seven other old men all lunge at my heart, but I kicked them all at once (I do not know how) as hard as my strong leg muscles could in the groin. I heard Altair cough a laugh.  When they doubled-up, I stabbed them in the back, yet again, one by one.  Altair looked just as bewildered as the real Al-Maulim.  I knew his plan.  He was sending lots of himself to try and kill me in front of Altair, who acted like I was his sibling… this was torture to him.  Thirteen were dead, and another… nine came at me, but this time Altair killed three of them with his hidden blade, and I killed four of them by stabbing their necks, and two of them in the stomach.  Blood was everywhere, and my robe was turning scarlet, but I could not see very well- It was dark.  Twenty two dead men. 

Now it was my turn to suffer watching Altair.

The place had become a neck-deep water pool.  I saw Altair’s face. Petrified He is terrified of water!

“NO! STOP IT!” I shouted, but it was no use.  I swam to an Al-Maulim, and pushed his head as hard as I could under water, and did not stop when he gurgled and gasped, until he drowned. The seven Al-Maulims pointed daggers at me, but then I dunked their heads under water, three at a time, followed by one. They did not put up much of a fight,

“Altair,” I said softly, while the real Al-Maulim snorted with harsh laughter, “Altair, imagine it is a stream, an nice, peaceful stream, not an ocean, nor river or lake.  Please, Altair, just do it.” I saw Altair’s face. Frozen with sheer fear.

“I-I cannot!” he whispered, “I’m sorry… I-I just do not like water…” he said. 

“Altair.  Just do it,” I said again, kindly. Altair closed his eyes, and as he did so, the water was draining and the scene returned to the warm night of Masyaf, he opened his eyes to see no water.

“I see you can beat the Apple,” said Al-Maulim thoughtfully, “Come, Altair, let us see if you can beat me. “Suddenly, he threw an un-expected dagger at Altair, who was still looking wearily out for a pool of deep water, un-aware of the flying dagger directly at him,

“NO!” I shouted and I stood in front of Altair, but as I did so, the dagger plunged between my shoulder and my neck, a deadly spot to aim.  I felt pain, and my vision started to fade…

“Channelle!” shouted Altair, rushing to me, cradling me in his arms, “No…no…”

“Kill…him, Altair,” I whispered hoarsely,

“I will…” he said, quietly, “Don’t leave me…” It was then I faded completely, but I knew I was not dead.  I think Altair thought I was, because the last thing I heard was Altair muttering,

“First Adha, now Channelle…” then a terrifying roar, followed by a sneering laughter….



I opened my eyes.  I was in my in my bed , in my chambers, with a bandage on my collar bone. It throbbed, but it was not much pain, Altair was looking at me, hood down, eagerly, as I sat up.  I saw all his features : His brown and green orbs for eyes, his big , chunky-sort nose, his stubble around his chin and under his nose, and his scar on the right hand side of his lips.  I also saw his short, dark- brown hair.

“How did this get on me?” I asked, after a few minutes.  My voice is a little hoarse. I was curious about the bandage because I was developing women’s parts early. I swore to kill any Assassin if they did it,

“…”  Altair blushed a little.  I widened my eyes, before glaring,

“Evil pervert. “ I growled, and he chuckled, and after a few moments of silence, I asked, “What happened to Al-Maulim?” I asked curiously

“It’s alright, I killed him.” Said Altair, soothingly, he stroked my long, golden hair, which was out of its regular ponytail … strangely, it felt cleaner, I felt cleaner.  I glared at him, and he smiled, knowing I had discovered that he must have washed me,

“I am the Grandmaster now.” He said, and I smiled respectfully, despite the bandage and washing situation.

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