House of Horrors

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A short story about some young boys and a dare to sleep in a haunted house.

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



altThe House of Horrors

It was a fine, crisp morning as Tom left his house to meet his friends at the park, the wind was strong with the moist dew on the fine grass, and Tom mounted his flaming red bike and left his house down to the park. He soon arrived at the park and saw his friends chatting, obviously waiting for him, so he headed for the group and greeted them with a warm welcome. His friends replied back with a cheerful hello, and then let Tom join in with the conversation. “So, what are you guys talking about,” asked Tom?

“Were talking about that old abandoned house that’s by the river,” replied Jake “there are rumors that the place is haunted by the 3 people that lived there.”

“Haunted? There is no such thing as ghosts,” questioned Tom.

“I’m pretty sure there are, I heard that a man walked in to repair it, he never left the building,” said Luke.

“Well, that doesn’t mean ghosts got him, he could of got stuck,” replied Tom.

“They sent someone in there to find him, all they heard from him was a cry for help,” said Luke.

“Could have been another accident,” Tom answered again.

“Why don’t you believe in ghosts anyway’” asked Jake.

“I actually have an idea, Tom, since you don’t believe in ghosts, I dare you to spend the night in the house,” said Luke.

“You’re on!” answered Tom.


The time was now 7:00PM outside the creaky house by the river, Tom, Jake, and Luke were outside the house, all three with sleeping bags, and two tents.”We will be here to unlock the door at 8:30AM in the morning or to let you out when you decide to give up, got it,” asked Jake.

“Got it,” replied Tom.

Just as he said it, the door burst open with a powerful gust of air which stopped as fast as it happened. The door started to creak loudly while the broken wind chime played a broken up melody. Tom started to doubt his belief about ghost’s existence as he stepped into the eerie house, as he entered, the floorboards creaked, the bats watched him with red, beady eyes, and a breeze blowing through the house. Tom observed his temporary sleeping quarters, deciding whether to sleep upstairs, or downstairs, he then decided to search the entire house, room by room and then decide. He started with the living room; he checked the whole room; the old, broken down floorboards, the dusty roof, the eerie fireplace that shimmered a bright orange, the dark mirror so dusty you can’t see your own reflection, the torn chair and couch infested with bugs, and the tattered carpet with a strange symbol on it. He then moved on into the kitchen, he decided not that room due to the tile flooring with dried blood stains and the knife covered in old blood. Up next was the guest room, inside was a picture with another strange symbol, same one on the rug in the living room, an old red and orange mat, a partially torn bed with blood stains, an antique broken TV, and an old, termite infested desk. Tom noticed a door in the guest room; he thought it was a bathroom, so he went in to have a look. He tried to open the door, but the lock was rusted shut, so he then decided to start his exploration upstairs. As he exited the room, he noticed a door under the stair case, he tried opening it but the door was being blocked by something, so he figured he wouldn’t have to worry about it. He then started his way up the old, creaky stairs, as he was halfway up, the staircase broke and he fell into the closet under the stairs landing on a complete skeleton with a bullet hole through the skull dressed in cloths. Tom screamed at the top of his lungs at the sight of this and backed away from it, and ended up tripping on the barricade the man supposedly set up to prevent people from stopping him. The room was extremely dusty making the walls white except for the blood that was blasted out of the man’s head when he shot himself. He decided he should take a small break and look for some light before heading out anywhere else, that’s when he noticed an old lamp with enough oil to last for an hour, he decided to just accept what he currently had and spend the night in the guest room.

It was 12:00AM when he heard it. Tom woke up to the sound of a crash followed by a scream, it took a little bit of time for Tom to figure out where it was coming from and then he realized it was from outside. It was his friends screaming, but from what, he thought he should check on them. He lit the lantern and left the room only to realize that the front door was barricaded with the couch and chairs from the living room. He tried to move them out of the way, but they were too heavy to be pushed, Tom decided to look for another way out, and he knew he hadn’t searched upstairs. Tom thought he could look for another way out but he knew he had to look upstairs or he would be stuck here forever. He then started his way up the steps, being careful to avoid the hole he made earlier and not to make anymore. Right when he reached the top, he heard whispering coming down from the hallway, freaking Tom out as he tried to tell himself “You’re just imagining this,” but he kept hearing it until he finally decided to see what it was. He entered a room to what appeared to have been a child’s, the blue paint on the walls was chipping revealing the grey wall behind the paint, a worn out rug with a rocket on it, a broken desk with chipping and rusting toys, and a small, worn out bed that’s tattered and appeared to have something on it. Tom slowly crept up on it, creaking the floorboards with every step, and when Tom was right next to it, he spoke to it. “Hello, what’s your name?” asked Tom.

“I don’t know, I can’t remember anything, just call me kid,” replied Kid.

“What are you doing here, where is your family,” asked Tom.

“I believe I just told you, I can’t remember, they are probably dead, like me,” replied Kid.

“Don’t you want to leave, just accept the fact your dead, and enjoy the afterlife?” asked Tom.

“I just can’t, there are so many things I’ve always wanted to do, and now I can’t do them anymore,” replied Kid.

“I can do them for you if you want,” answered Tom.

“Really, you would do that for me,” Kid asked excitedly.

“Ya, as soon as I get out of here, I’ll do everything you wanted to do,” Tom replied.

“Wait, you can’t get out, why?” Kid asked.

“The door is barricaded, I can’t move it out of the way,” Tom replied.

“I know another way out, you can go out through the cellar, I told two other guys that, I bet they are out by now,” Kid replied, “You just need to use some force on the door in the guest room if it won’t open, you will also find my list of things I’ve always wanted to do on my desk.”



Then Tom grabbed Kid’s list and headed off downstairs towards the cellar, wondering if he just imagined that whole experience or if it was real, he knew that he would find out shortly. He slowly rushed down the stairs avoiding the hole, crashed into the guest room, and started banging onto the cellar door until it swung open leaving Tom at the tip of his toes. He regained his balance and checked the staircase to make sure he didn’t break it like the last one, the staircase walls were made of solid stone with a worn away roof, and stone steps with wooden tops. That’s when he descended into the eerie cellar with his trusty lamp at hand, slowly, step by step, until he reached the bottom. The cellar was full of shelves with small boxes making it a maze to get around everything. There were multiple flood lights just to light up the cellar, to bad there all burnt out, Tom thought. He then started to hear more whispers telling him to search the box in front of him. He searched the box and found a flash light with spare batteries, tested it first to see if it worked, then placed the lamp down and grabbed the flashlight with all the batteries. He then started to work his way through the maze of shelves, navigating his way through the cellar until he found the door to the outside. He opened the door and greeted with a gentle breeze he searched around and found the tents that his friends were sleeping in, hearing whimpering from inside of them, and found his friends in there scared to death. “You guys ok,” asked Tom.

Neither Luke nor Jake answered Tom, they were both still terrified from there unknown experience. “Come on guys, were going home,” Tom told them.

Jake and Luke then got up and gathered all their stuff and left faster than cheetahs, Tom then started to follow them, but not without a goodbye from Kid, asking to visit him another time. Tom already knew the answer to that, but didn’t say a thing, he never did forget his experience, but Jake and Luke tried to erase the memory of the night so they wouldn’t have nightmares.


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