Radio Star #1

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a romance of a smart girl and a guy with a great voice (note! every one in this story is pretty and handsome like you guys!! so why don't you think as the main characters as you!! girls like Lia Boys like Bin!) and if it is in (bracket with '*') it means its talking in mind

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012





(S high (highschool) roof top)

Jenny: Bin!... sorry i just called you I had somthing to tell you so i called you here.... so.... you know i've...i've alwayed liked you

Bin: (smile)

Jenny: (ah! he smiled!! yes!! so cute!!*)

Bin: what...

Jenny: ha?

Bin: what do you like about me there should be something about me that made you like me right?

Jenny: ummmm (of course he will like it when i say about his voice right?*) of course Bin because of your voice is too nic...

Bin: (walks away)

Jenny: e.... huh? hey where are you going?!

Bin: for the morning broadcast

Jenny: oh today is the morning borad.... you should 

Bin: (stops)

Jenny: answer me first...

Bin: answer?.... Fuck off! 

Bin: (morning broadcast) the shines in S high and...................................

Lia: (haaa.... the morning broadcast... my name is Lia 2nd year in S high and what i am lisenting to is my favorite voice' person's broadcast*)

Bin: (morning broadcast) thank you for lisenting and have a plasent day... 

Lia: (ah! it must be over now i should get back to class*)

Lina: (singing) sorry for party rockin

Lia: (ah this voice is!*)

Lina: Lia!!

Lia: hey big sis!! (Lina is my big sister she is also a part of the radio club like Bin she is 3rd year of S high*)

Lina: were you lisenting to the morning broadcast again?

Lia: ya.. like usual i though your were on the broadcast where are you coming from?

Lina: oww come on!! i'm just a writer i'm done with my work if i just give Bin what i wrote don't worry don't worry anyway...

Lia: what?

Lina: its very early in the morning and yet you still came to hear him...

Lia; ha? i think your getting the wrong idea sis

Lina: (hugs Lia tight) kyaaa!! even if your my sister your so!!! cute!!! fine! your big sis will give you prsent for enturing the S high! be prepare to meet Bin!! i set everything you just prepare your heart!!

Lia: what?! that is so out of blue!

Lina: (walking away) than i'll be going to the store you just go back to class and....................

Lia: ah.. she walked away.... haaaaa (right even if my sis don't say like that i was too shy to say a word to him i should be close to him! confessing is too much so being friend is okay for me even if i liked him for a year now oh! i should go back to class*) (opens the class room door) (the school starts at 9 o'clock now is 8:03 a.m. and there is few students*) (looks around) (and now for the seats...*) (looks around) (ah the second line near the door is the best!!*) (putting bag on the table) 

Amy: (puts the bag on the table beside her)

Lia: huh? (looks at Amy)

Amy: (looking at Lia) Lia... your Lia right?

Lia: ya... but who?

Amy: kyaaa!! i'm not only in same class with the famous Lia but even sitting next to her!! the start of the 2nd year is lucky! (looks at Lia) oh sorry i got carried away!! hi my name is Amy i'm so lucky that i'm sitting next to the smartest girl in our school i've always wanted to talk to you for my report

Lia: report?

Amy: yup! i'm the VP of the newpaper club!! anyway please take care of me i wannted to be close to you from the past but i wasn't brave enough i think your really nice like what i though

Lia: oo.... (blush;shy) thank you

Amy: (ahh! so cute!!*)

Lia: (looks at people enturing) ah! (blush;shy;startle)

Amy: huh? (looking at the people Lia is looking)

Bin: (am i late?*) (look around and meets the eye with Lia)



Lia: (ah! our eyes meet*) (blush;shy)

Amy: Lia..... (evil smile) i saw you your face blushed after seeing that guy

Lia: no! (covring Amy's mouth) shhhhhh!

Amy: hahaha don't worry even if i'm in newspaper club dosen't mean that i'm telling everything to others!

Lia: thank you...

Bin: (taking the sit at the last row near the window and stearing at thr window ) (Lia.............she was in my class...) 


chapter 1 end to be continue on Radio Star #2


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