Radio Star #2

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Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012






Bin: (she was in my class…..Lia*)

Ms.Yun: hello nice to meet you I’m Yun He Ri u guys call me and I’m your form teacher I’ll teach Math so check the attendance list Jim?

Jim: yes

Lia: (aaa I can’t believe it Im in the same class listening to the same subjects it can’t be a dream right?*)

Ms.Yun: Bin

Bin: yes

Ms.Yun: Bin?

Bin: ? yes

Ms.Yun: wow your voice is so good

Students: Ms he is our announcer in our school

Ms.Yun: oh really? I’m sorry I did not know I’m new you know no wonder why your voice was too good I think I should call you two times every time I call for the attendance list ^O^  next Mia?

Mia: yes

Amy: wow he got everyone’s attention just by saying ‘yes’

Lia: (ah i can here him now every morning since we're in the same class*) (as Bin's voice is special our school's radio club is also special i heard that there only 4 students in the club if it was ither club the school will remove the club in our school there's only 2nd year which is Bin and 3 other 3rd years including my sister... ) 

(school bell rings)

Ms.Yun: oh the bell rang bye guys see you tomorrow ^^

students: bye ms 

Amy: (turns to Lia) hey Lia your going home right let's go home together ^^

Lia: sure!! (phone bell rings) ah sorry (reads the SMS) aaaa!!!!!!!!!

Amy: (surprised)

Lia: sorry did i made you surprise? oh i'm sorry i can't go home with you i have somthing to do ^^"

Amy: sure it looks important 

Lia: its not very important but i should...

Amy: is okay just go ^o^ 

Lia: bye Amy see you tomorrow

Amy: bye

Lia: (aaa what should i do?! 'i said to BIn that you wanted to see the radio club good luck ^o^ - big sis Lina' haaaaa what should i do i came here without thinking should i wait inside aaaaa!!! (panic) should i just leave? i can't go in even if there is Bin or not (shakes the head) no! i promissed myself to be close to him aaaaa!!!*)

Bin: what are you doing?

Lia: huh? (aaa! its Bin (blush)*) ah um ummmm (do i look weird because i stayed in front of the door) 

Bin: (stear) your weird... there is nothing to see in the radio club i heard that senior Lina had a sister but i did not know that it was you.................... Lia

Lia: (blush) ???????!!!!!!!!!!! (did i heard it wrong?)

(door opens)

Bin: the door is open let's go in (why did senior Lina asked me? inside there is no one --"*) there is nothing to look but this is the radio club

Lia: (looks around) wowwww (its cozy and nice) 

Bin: this is the control room its usualy for controling the volume and stuffs and the laptop over there is to read the students story and requested songs mostly its used by senior Lina because she is the writer 

Lia: wow i did not know there was a PC in the radio room i mean Laptop and the control room its really cool (smile)

BIn: i was explaned it like it was annoying but she seems to like it (smile)

Lia: hey bin?

Bin: huh? (shocked)

Lia: if the control room and laptop is here where do you record your voice?

BIn: oh this way (blush) (opens the door)

LIa: ooo there was other door (the door close) (aaaa??? the door is closed!!*)

Bin: the walls are sound prof i dunno why and i usualy stay here

LIa: (sound prof and the door is closed!!!*)

Bin: hey LIa

Lia: huh?!!




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