your that pig i LOVE

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donnu wat 2 say about it

Submitted: November 19, 2007

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Submitted: November 19, 2007



This world is way too small
For all of us to bounce a ball
But its way too big
For me to find that pig!!
Its soo crazy, it’s not funny
Why can’t we live together in harmony
You’re that pig that drive me up the wall
But I’ll always answer your call
When you ran away
I thought you die on a highway
I search everywhere
Just to get chase by a bear
The police didn’t give a damm
They said they were sick of ham
Those ten days without you
I feel like a was lost too
I said to myself
"When I find that pig his going to hell"
But I was soo worried inside
Wondering where you have hide
I cried myself to sleep at night
Hoping you’ll turn on the light
And we’ll have a midnight feast
We could have cooked a beast
But then you’re not here
Drinking the beers
I remember the times
You were obsess with dimes
You couldn’t take your eyes of the prize
But got drift off by the tides
Your obsession with playing
Got me running all over the place hiding
Am just here, hoping some day you’ll return
Our love needs the fire to burn
The reason I love you
Was that you were nobody else but you
You’re always a mess
Knowing am the best
So why hate
Just come home late

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