ColorMeInn song short story contest: All I heard was nothing

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A short story competition?
Song: Nothing by the Script.

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



She’s only sixteen but they’ve already told her lie. Was she better off dead? Was she better off a quitter? They say she’s better off now, than if she was ever with him. Three months. Yes, that was right; she only had three months in counting, until her story discloses.

She walks down the street hiding her true self behind a phony smile. But there’s no one who can never understand her, this is where she stands now. Even he couldn’t even make her smile last for the remaining time of her life.

He sits and drinks, trying to regret what he’s done. Feared of losing her, and full of regret, he picks up a bottle drinking one too many. He had thought that a little hang over would at least help him forget her. They don’t see how it’s going to end, they think he’s crazy, but to him it makes perfect sense.

Drunk, he runs out shouting her name all over town. He couldn’t forget her, but he could only let her go. He picked up his phone, and dialed her number as he confessed to her as he was still in love with her. All he heard was nothing.

She’s in the hospital, undergoing another surgery. Her phone was turned off, as it rang and rang.

He takes a step to the hospital, grabbing the rails to steady him. He feels that if he’s face to face with her, she’ll come to her senses. Little did he know she wasn’t going to make it. Every drunken step he takes, thinking if he shows up beside her she’ll take him back.

Her eyes are still shut close. She will never open them. She will never ever know that he had always loved her. A tear drop fell down her face, as she is no longer breathing. The last thing she remembers was the time spent with him.

“I swear if I go there now, I can change your mind turn it all around.”

Although he’s drunk, he reaches her door, sits beside her, and says the words.

He held her hand as his hands are shaking knowing no one is waiting, she’s gone. I had confessed to her, and all I got was nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

“Am I better of dead? Am I better off a quitter? Cause I know I’m nothing without out her.”

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