An Untimely Death

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This is a poem which came from the title and i just stated to build on the it from their i hope u like it :)

Submitted: May 27, 2008

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Submitted: May 27, 2008



At 15:20 this afternoon a patient arrived at my door
He spoke of things which seemed to plague him more and more
He sat everso politely down
I sat and wore a heavy frown

At 17:08 he walked out this door
He told me he had fought in the war
I asked if he had killed someone
He told me he did not have a gun

At 19:30 he crossed the street and began to sigh
He said to himself 'Old Friend Goodbye'
I watched the news when he was found
His body lay in a shallow mound

At 20:38 he lay to rest
I sat and wept my very best
He spoke nothing of this suicide
How could it be that he had just died

Today Ispeak on his behalf
Although it would make him laugh
And eventhough he was a troubled soul
His lifewas stole

His wife and children did not know
Of the trouble that had caused him woe
He tourtured men he should have not
He believed he desrved what he got

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