My Kacey Musgraves Story

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Everyone should have an idol, or atleast someone to look up to. Someone, to support & love no matter what. June 8, 2013 was the day I met mine. But my story's a little different.. You may hate it, you may think it's okay, you may cry, but I hope you smile :)

Submitted: October 07, 2013

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Submitted: October 07, 2013





October 8, 2012 is when it all started. At least that’s what I set the alert to look up Kacey Musgraves as. Discovering her was actually kinda funny. Well, I shouldn’t say discovering her considering I later found out she’d been songwriting since the age of nine, but I guess maybe just listening to her for the first time. I give all the credit to my friend Kacey. Without her I might not even know who Kacey Musgraves is right now. Well October 8th must have been a weekend because I was at home on my couch watching CMT channel, and what do you know? A girl with the same name as my best friend comes on, and she has a long last name that starts with M just like my best friend too.  I thought to myself “Okay, that’s kinda weird, but hey why don’t I check her out.” So I stopped what I was doing, which was probably being on the computer, and listened. The song was called Merry Go ‘Round. And something about it just caught me. Maybe it was the intriguing lyrics, the old style video clips, the simplicity of the video, the merry go round noises captured by the instruments, or maybe even all of this, but there was just something about this song that I had never heard of before. I decided I’m gonna look this girl up, you know follow her on twitter, like her on Facebook, all that jazz. I set the alert for later that night when I would have more time. Shortly after, I bought the song on iTunes and was listening to it nonstop. I just couldn’t get enough of this amazing song. And that’s how it all started: what some might call my obsession over Kacey Musgraves, I call my love for her.


Part 1


The brilliant idea came to me right before I was about to go to sleep. You know that time, when you think about your whole day, what you could or should have done, or just think about random things floating around in your head? Well that’s what I was doing. I don’t exactly know the date but it was close to the end of the school year. Of course Kacey Musgraves was a big part of my life by then. I had been tweeting and getting tweets back from Kacey since about the end of October. Her tweets would always make my day, and I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. Also by this time I had sent Kacey fan mail twice. Once of which she took a picture of herself holding my fan mail. Yes MY fan mail! I would end up calling this the best day of my life for months having no clue it could get better. When I asked my dad, “What’s cooler, Kacey’s picture that she tweeted me or if I met her?”. And my dad plainly said “I definitely think that picture she sent you was as personal as it could get.” With all the tweeting we had done, there was also my eighth grade project, which I had designed and made all about Kacey. The project took a long time and it was the last bit of art that would define us at my school. So as you can see Kacey had changed me and not in a bad way. As I thought through the idea in my head, I realized, everybody’s gonna think I’m crazy or laugh at me.  Then I wasn’t sure if I should even do it. But with the thought in my head I decided I’d just see what my parents’ thoughts were about it, so I would ask them the next morning.


I woke up still thinking about this crazy idea, but when the time was right I asked. “Hey mom, this is gonna sound crazy, but I want to invite someone to my graduation.” That’s all I could manage to say. I was smiling like an idiot and she looked at me and asked who. I told her it was so weird and crazy. She insisted for me to tell her then guessed it. “Kacey Musgraves?” she said with a smile. There it was the secret was out. I wasn’t sure what she would say, but I nodded and looked at her. She said “Sure. That’d would be pretty cool.” I smiled and for the rest of the drive to school I told her all about my plans to get the message to Kacey.


I decided to call it “Operation Get Kacey to My Graduation”. Yes, very original, I know. But I planned a lot of things out. Step one was to write and get more fan mail out to her. I made an invitation and wrote a letter, like I usually do. After I finished I was so excited that I mailed it that day. The next day I initiated step two: hashtag it every day. Persistence was key. I knew Kacey knew my tweets by then, so if I tweeted once a day using some hashtag about the graduation, she was bound to see it.  I decided it needed to just say what I wanted so I came up with: #PleaseComeToMy8thGradeGraduation. So from that day on I would tweet Kacey once a day telling her why she should come to my graduation. She never really noticed those tweets but I was still getting tweets from her. I thought my plan was pretty well executed. She would also be only a state away. So I thought my chances were pretty good.


Right about then or a little before than I started a Kacey Musgraves Fans blog. I blogged for a while then decided a Facebook page would probably be better so I made one.  Before long I had 100 likes on it so I decided I’d stick with it and keep these fans updated with Kacey news.  Sometime after I got 100 likes on the page, I noticed that Karen Musgraves had liked my page. That’s when I realized: Kacey Musgraves’s mother just liked my page. I kind of freaked out. So that gave me more of an urge to make this page the best it could be. As the page got more popular I continued to post more frequently. Kacey’s mom also started liking a few posts which made me extremely happy. So one day I nervously decided I’d friend her mom. I know that sounds kinda weird, but I didn’t care. I was so surprised when I came on and it had been accepted. I felt accomplished for some strange reason, but soon after just went back to posting and my life as usual.


After using the hashtag every day for about a month, I started to tell Kacey about my 8th grade project. I wanted to keep it a secret so I wouldn’t give away too much about it, also hoping maybe it’d give her more of an urge to come. When I tweeted a sneak peak of part of the project, she favorite it. This was the first time she’s acknowledged the hashtag and anything about my graduation. So I was looking hopeful.


As my graduation got closer and closer I still kept up with the hash tagging and asking, but I had to tell myself: there’s an extremely small chance that she will actually come. It’d be her going out of her way just for some fan. Even if she didn’t come I wasn’t going to let that put a damper on my graduation. But there was a part of me that truly believed she would walk through the doors of my church on June 3rd. It kept me hopeful and gave me something to believe in.


After months of preparation and continued tweeting, I knew I had failed. Then I thought to myself. You know Jenn, it’s okay. This is your 8th grade graduation from the school you had been going to since Kindergarten, live for now and have an unforgettable night. And I did. Afterwards on the car ride home, late at night I thought to myself. I’m not mad at Kacey or myself. This was a long shot in the dark and it was actually fun planning and everything.  I had enjoyed the night and it was time to call it a day.


When we got home soon after, my mom asked should we do your gifts? I had already gotten numerous gifts and cards from teachers, friends, and family at graduation so I was as anybody would be, happy to accept more. We went in and I sat down on the floor in our living room, still in my graduation dress while my mom brought in a small stack of presents and a card. I opened the presents and was very thankful for the thoughtfulness of the small stamps from china that my parents had been saving for that very day. Then I opened the card. I felt like it was slow motion and I can still replay it in my head. As I ripped open the top of the envelope and took out the card, my heart jumped as I saw a corner of what I was familiar with as Ticketmaster tickets, sticking out of the card. I quickly opened the card and was speechless. That Saturday I was going to see my idol. After all of this I was actually gonna see her. Not to mention the king of summer tours, Kenny Chesney and his very famous other openers, Eric Church and Eli Young Band. After a short moment of silence and disbelief I screamed and with tears in my eyes asked jokingly to my parents if the was real life. And once again I called that the best day ever for that week. Still unknowing of what would happen in the next few days.


Part 2


So much ran through my head that night and the next day. I started planning right away. I planned what I was gonna wear, what I was gonna make poster wise, and everything just made me more excited. The Wednesday before the concert, I started in on posters. I decided to make two posters for Kacey and one poster for Eli Young Band.  One of Kacey’s would be huge and the other would be a smaller Follow Your Arrow poster.  For Eli Young Band, I’d make a small broken heart. So as I spent most of the day brainstorming and making the posters, it ran into the night and I had to call it quits. I had finished the two smaller posters and just had to glue things on the big Kacey poster.  The next day I got up early, eager to finish the masterpiece I was making for Kacey. I finished the poster which said “I ?KM” and it was made out of a collage of pictures of her. I then thought it needed more and added the final touches of lyrics around the pictures and hashtags of fandom names that I had given her friends and family calling them the “Kacey Crew” and that this was “Kacey Nation”. After looking over the finished project I was satisfied and very happy with them.


After the posters were finished there really wasn’t very, much else I needed to do for the concert, so I sat at home thinking about the amazing experience I would have that weekend. A day before the concert I had another brilliant idea.  I knew Kacey had meet and greets and that was my dream. That was literally the number one thing on my bucket list. I had tried all week to find out how to get a meet and greet. With no luck, I had just accepted that I wasn’t meeting her. But a crazy idea had popped into my head.  Why were my ideas always so crazy? I mean yes Kacey’s mom, had accepted my friend request but that didn’t give me the right to just be asking her the biggest favor of my life. But like the crazy 14 year old I am, I went out on a limb and did it. I didn’t want to come on as pleading but just as a dedicated fan whose dream would be to meet her daughter. So after a lot of proofreading of the paragraph I had written to message to Karen Musgraves I closed my eyes and hit send. 5 minutes later, I got a response.


I didn’t think she would even open the message much less read it. I was very nervous and read to myself the message she had written back “Hi Jenn - I try to stay out of these types of things (I think you can understand why!).  I will see what I can do but can't make any promises. I appreciate your fan page and enjoy it very much.  Which concert are you going to see her at?” Was this really happening? I could feel my heart beating faster with adrenaline rushing through me. I answered back and she told me she would get back to me later that evening. I sat staring at my laptop screen. With a huge smile on my face that wouldn’t be coming off for the entire day I just sat there amazed. She asked before she left that I keep it a secret and I gave my word. This incredibly nice woman was doing me the biggest favor ever making my dream come true. I swore to myself right then and there I would keep my word to her. About an hour later she got back to me.  I was shaky and nervous with excitement. When I read the message she had sent I started to cry. Right there on my couch, home alone, I cried out of pure joy. I was meeting my idol the next day. This is what I had been working for. This sounds so corny coming from a 14 year old but I’ve never worked this hard or loved an artist this much. And for this to be coming from her mother. It was so much and I just felt like the luckiest girl in the world. I wrote back another long paragraph trying to express all the thanks and joy I was feeling, but it wasn’t enough.  I quickly called my mom and dad to tell them. They didn’t believe me until I emailed them pictures of the messages. I don’t know how I fell asleep that night. But right before I was about to go to sleep, I just thanked God for the genuinely kindhearted people in this world and for blessing me with everything I have.

My eyes opened from being closed for eight hours and my face lit up with joy. Today was the day. I was meeting her. I was gonna hug her. I was gonna talk to her. I was gonna hear my favorite song live. And I was gonna be closer to the stage.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention, her mom even upgraded my seats! This day was gonna be the best. I got dressed in what I was going to wear to the concert, which was the Kacey shirt I got when I pre-ordered her cd, my Scotty McCreery necklace, my favorite pair of jean shorts, and my blue Nike’s.  I went downstairs, turned on the TV, and waited eagerly.


Before the concert we were going to my school’s Strawberry Festival, which was my favorite school event. I was bouncing off the walls with excitement while enjoying the fun hour that was spent at the festival.  And finally it was time to depart to Lincoln Financial Filed aka the Eagles’ stadium in Philadelphia.  My mind was rushing with what to say, questions to ask, and if everything was going to work out okay. But of course not everything can be perfect.


I guess we should have left a little earlier since the biggest summer tour was gonna be coming into Philly. We knew Kenny Chesney would bring the crowds, but I didn’t think the traffic would be so horrible. As we waited at a standstill on the bridge going in to Philly I started to panic. What if we’re late? What if since we’re late they had to give the meet & greets to someone else? Just stuff like that. It was driving me crazy being able to see the field, but still knowing we had to get through all of the mess ahead. That’s when I closed my eyes and just put in Same Trailer Different Park.  It made me feel better and before I knew it, we got out of the jam and then we had to get over the next hurdle: parking.


All the parking at Lincoln Financial Field was filed up with tailgaters. So we pulled into the Wells Fargo Center which is across the road from Lincoln. We rushed to find a spot and literally ran from the car to The Lincoln Financial Field parking lot. Rushing past tailgaters, crazy cowboys, and some party people straight to will call. I rushed up and waited for my mom, and when she got there, we asked for our meet and greets.  I’m a worrier. I knew that if something went wrong it probably would happen to me. But everything went right this time! The meet and greets were in the envelope and so were upgraded tickets. We were going to the section right above floor! I stood there for the longest time just staring at the beautiful meet and greets that had KM and a heart on them and our amazing new tickets. By then we had about an hour to kill before the doors opened so I suggested to my mom that we try and find Kacey’s photo booth that she brings to her shows and is sometime even in. So we walked away from the box office and right away I found it! We waited in line, not sure how this all went. But I noticed that there were 92.5 XTU radio station workers around the booth and under the tent. So I went up to one of them and asked if I was in the right line. She said she wasn’t sure and brought us to the front of the line to her boss to ask. As we walked up I tried to look at the screen that showed the pictures that were being taken in the booth. It was a beautiful sunny day so the glare made it really hard to see, but I could make out two figures in the picture. So as we got closer I got more excited. Kacey Musgraves could be in that booth just feet away from me. As we reached her boss and stood right next to the booth I leaned forward to see if she was in there and I saw the corner of her black shirt. While I was doing that the lady started to tell us that this was only a radio event and that these people had won the tickets for the photo booth, so we had to leave. Like I said I’m a worrier, and even though we had the meet and greets in our hands, I still felt like something was going to go wrong. So I thought to myself “That could be as close as I ever get to Kacey Musgraves.”


Part 3


When the gates opened I was so excited we were one of the first in line but not many people were there. The guards at the gate were very nice and seeing my huge posters wished me a great time. We walked up the steps as I read the directions on where to go for the meet and greet aloud to my mom. We walked around the covered stadium hallway looking around at the vendors and then I got my first glimpse of the stadium. It was actually breathtakingly beautiful for a football stadium. Not to mention the Kacey trailer backdrop was up on the stage which made it even better. But we walked until we found the No Shoes Nation meet and greet wall of posters.  I pointed out to my mom that of course we were under the section 107 sign. That meant it was lucky because as anybody who knows me, knows that 7 is my lucky number. So we said hello the three guards that were by the door leading down into the underground of the stadium.  We were the only ones there so far so we talked with the guards. They said they liked my posters too and we talked about how many people they had seen. We were pretty early for the meet and greets but we thought to ourselves we might as well just stay and wait. It gave me a lot of time to think about what I was going to say to Kacey and what the meet and greet was going to be like. As the closer it got to the time of 4 p.m. which was when the meet and greet was, I noticed nobody else was waiting. Then I just said to myself “It’s only because we’re early. There’s usually about 15 people to I’m sure they’ll come soon.” But I couldn’t help but think about the possibility of it only being a few more people or just me. So I started looking for people with the meet and greet sticker and I also started looking for Kacey. I wasn’t sure if she was just gonna come walking down the hall or what. But that kept me preoccupied until finally one of the security men was talking on the radio and said to us, “I don’t know if she’s down there but since it looks like you’re the only ones, we’re gonna take you down.” I gave my mom the look of “are you ready?” and smiled as we followed the man down a flight of stairs to the underground part of the stadium. It was really cool and it made me feel like a VIP. There were boxes and carts marked with Kenny’s skull and crossbones. Across from the door to the stairwell was a lounge with No Shoes Nation banners and to the right of us was a long hallway that curved to the left further down. I noticed a big No Shoes Nation backdrop next to us and asked the man if we could take a picture. So we did and then we casually talked with him asking about the field and the shows he’s been to. He even told us Kacey’s dressing room was just down the hall. I was still blown away by all of this and couldn’t believe it was real. The man then led us around the corner to the right and to a smaller hallway with a door, table, and a few more Kenny boxes in it. That’s where we stood for about ten minutes waiting for Kacey to get there. By then I was shaky and so nervous, and finally the man said four simple words that got me so excited: You can go in.


The room was small, probably bigger without the four backdrops for all the other meet and greets that would be happening down here later. We walked down a small carpeted hallway and then there she was. She was standing right there in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. The person who I look up to the most was right in front of me. You have no idea how amazing it felt. Then she said “Hey!” and awkwardly high fived me. I couldn’t believe she was talking to me then she saw all the posters and pictures I had to give her and she hugged me. I showed her everything I had brought starting with the huge I heart KM poster. We talked about it and all the hashtags, she even laughed at some of them which made me feel so good. I told her she could keep the poster then I gave her this little blue bracelet I had for her and she put it on. She said she’d wear it up on stage which made me fangirl a little on the inside. But then I started talking about my 8th grade project.


She knew about it. She knew about the project and my graduation. Kacey Musgraves told me she wanted to come to my graduation. Was this even happening? I explained the project and everything that was on the chair with the pictures I brought. I gave them to her and showed her a few Kacey collages that I had made and then it was time to sign some things.  I got her to sign three things! The first of which was the tweet of her holding my fan mail from 6 months ago. On that she wrote “To Jenn- The best fan in the whole world. Love, Kacey” Seeing her write that almost made me cry. My idol just called me her best fan in the whole world. That’s amazing! She signed the Follow Your Arrow poster and an Official Gravedigger Pass that I made as a joke. She was so nice about everything I showed her. Since it was getting closer to time for her to get ready to go on, we took pictures next. I got up to the backdrop that I had seen others stand in front of on Facebook and had dreamed of standing next to. Kacey and I posed and my mom took what is now my favorite picture. Then my mom came in for a picture. I almost couldn’t speak when what seemed to be her manager said we had to wrap it up for Eli Young Band’s meet and greet. I smiled and looked at Kacey and said “You’re literally the most amazing person in the world. Thank you for being you.” I meant every word I said then when she heard me say that she held my hand. Just the littlest things like that, that wouldn’t phase her mind as anything but a common gesture of comfort was so much more to me. She cared and I loved that. She hugged me one last time and then it really was time to go. So I grabbed what I had brought and thanked her for everything. Then walked out.


The 30 minutes after that but before Kacey’s set started was pretty much a blur. Possibly the most amazing thing between a fan and their idol had just happened.  I was so in awe, and I hadn’t even seen what I had come to see yet! With the meet and greet on my mind the whole time I watched and heard that amazing girl do what she does the best.  Kacey was so good live. When Merry Go ‘Round started I teared up. Hearing your favorite song live is one of the best experiences ever. It was so beautiful and I think the whole crowd was in awe of Kacey. I sung my heart out and when it was the last song I smiled and sang on. Kacey left the stage and I sat back just taking it all in. “This really was the best day of my life” I thought to myself. 



The rest of the concert was yes, amazing, but nothing compared to what had happened before the show. The months that followed were spent sending continued thanks to Kacey and her mother, Karen.  They made my dream come true and I’ll never be able to say how much it means to me.


Now, about 3 months later, August 5, 2013, it’s just a regular Monday in the summer, and I decided to write down my amazing story of meeting my idol, Kacey Musgraves. It’s been amazing reliving that moment and the moments leading up to it. I hope whoever happens to come across this story never gives up on meeting their idols. Support them forever, through anything, because I know that’s what I’ll be doing for Kacey. Thank you for reading My Kacey Musgraves Story. 

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