Golden Cello :part 2 protecter

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Anastasia just found out that her golden cello has a dark past and now has to risk her life and every thing that matters to make sure no one gets it.

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



  "Father, i cant do this. I cant."I just found out i was the golden cello's protector and I knew I would let the world down. The world would be in control of a dead man. People would die because i could not fulfill my destiny. "I just cant." I was nearing tears now.

  "Yes you can."my father must have a lot of faith in me. "No one else can. I am going to get your mother to make the cello into a necklace that way you can keep it with you and protect it."

  "Why can mother do it? She has no magic."

  "After she handed the response response ability of protector to you she got the power to help you protect it." He walked out of the room after that to get my mom. How could i do this? I looked over at the cursed cello. I loved it. I loved my family. I loved my castle. I loved my kingdom. I will protect it. I held my head up high as my mother came in.

  "Darling are you ready?"

  "Yes mother. Were is father?"

  "There is a ceremony with taking on the full protector job. He can not stay." she sat me down on my bed."Do you Anastasia promise to protect the Golden Cello the best you can not matter what the cost?"


  "Do you promise to protect this kingdom no matter what the cost?"


  "I pass the response ability of protector to you Anastasia Kay Medrano." She laid her hands on my shoulders as i felt a tingle flow into my body. She spoke a few mumbled words then placed my hands on the cello. Suddenly It shrank and a small gold chain formed through the fingerboard. She placed the necklace around my neck."good luck." That's when i realized she was crying. I lived a normal life after that but i never ever took the cello of my neck. 4 months after i was made protector we had another attack. 3 dozen men came within half a block on the castle burning 20 houses before they were all killed or arrested. My father came to me after that.

"Anastasia we have to send you away."

  "What!" I yeld at him.

  "They are coming after you. We are sending you to a camp on a 3 day jorney from here. They are going to train you to defend your self and safe the world." My mother came in then.

 "Honey I know this is hard but we are sending a guard with you."

  "Will I ever see you agian?" My parents looked at each other.

  "We will try to vist you or defet the enime so you can come home." My father gave me a hug. "it will be ok." 

  They gave me a day to pack then the next morning they sent me away before sunrise with one of their top guards.

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