Something I wrote for my friends that are gone.

The days have become shorter,
It is early and it's dark.
Though it was dark before.

The leaves have long changed,
They have fallen from the trees,
And now their skeletons are left.

Sleep no longer comes easily,
The dreams too real.
Too vivid and cutting.

The blade once was sharp,
Your flesh once was whole.
Now both lay broken.

The darkness crept in,
Invading the spaces,
And bringing the thoughts.

The words did not rhyme.
They have no rythym,
And make no sense.

It doesn't seem fair.
It seems like no wrong had been done.
Understanding is futile.

The weather grows cold,
The night grows longer,
The light fades more.

The snow falls white,
Stained with bright red blood,
Slaughtered under vicious words.

It grows harder to breath,
Easier to stay hidden,
Better to remain silent.

Search all you want,
The ice will consume all.
Even the smiles.

Black no longer stands out,
The music fades into silence,
Faith is lost.

The sickness spreads,
The hearts shatter,
Like a disease it continues,

Like dominoes in a row we fall,
Not just one,
But all,

Don't close your eyes,
Don't listen to close,
Watch the ones you love the most.

For this is Suicide Season my friends,
From the beginning,
Straight to the end.



Dedicated to Cody and Josh.

I loved you Cody,
November 1, 2010

Josh. I can't find the words.
November 3, 2011

Submitted: June 16, 2013

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