Detective Randolf

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Some people are born to be genius. Now, witness a seven year old kid who prove that age doesn't matter when it comes to intelligence.

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



“Two years ago, a notorious multiple killer named ‘Harris’ escaped from prison. He killed his own wife, including his sister and other innocent people. But no need to know that. You’re too, young for that, Randolf.” Miss Trixie explained a little information to her seven year-old high school student.

“OK, but where is he now?” Randolf asked as he continued reading the article about ‘Harris’ Miss Trixie grabbed the book gently from his hands and returned the book in the bookshelf.

“Randolf, I know, those are facts, but they are not for kids like you. Besides, we still have classes, right? So, let’s go.” Miss Trixie convinced Randolf. Randolf agreed. He nodded his head and pushed his eyeglasses towards him.

Miss Trixie and Randolf headed towards the classroom. All of the students inside sat down on their respective seats, then Miss Trixie started to discuss the lesson.

Miss Trixie is a high school teacher. She teaches science and math. Like Randolf, she finished her studies earlier at her age.

Randolf, at the age of seven is now a high school student under the supervision of Miss Trixie. Randolf is a genius, little boy. He learned to read and write when he was only one year old. He entered his primary education when he was three. He got his Elementary diploma at the age of six. And now, he’s on his first year in high school.

Randolf excels in all areas, and he’s currently the most outstanding student in their class. He’s always the top-notcher in every exams and exercises. That is the reason why almost all of his classmates, which are much bigger than him, often bully him.

While on the middle of the discussion, they heard a loud sound of siren outside. It was inside the campus. It made everyone panic. Miss Trixie assigned Paul, the class president to take charge of the class. She went down to see what’s happening outside.

Paul stood in front of the class. He promoted a little game just for a motivation while Miss Trixie is out. While Paul is talking, Randolf sneaked out of the classroom to follow Miss Trixie.

“What happened to him?” Miss Trixie cried. Dr. James, the school doctor and brother of Miss Trixie was killed. Base on the investigation, Dr. James died due to several stab of an ice peek, a sharp knife commonly used to chop hard blocks of ices.

The killer didn’t leave any clue. He was indeed a ‘smooth criminal’.

Randolf comforted Miss Trixie. Miss Trixie told him to go back to the classroom, but Randolf insisted to stay with her. Just then, the detective that they called for help came. The police said that he was highly recommendable for the case. He is intelligent and always able to solve the case, but he never succeeds by himself. He always needs aid from others. He never threw himself alone in some cases, especially when the point comes that the police needs him in the crime scene and action scenes.

“E-excuse me Sir”, Randolf politely called the police officer standing beside them. “Yes? What can I do for you little kid?” the police asked smiling at the little boy in four eyes. “I’m a kid, but don’t call me kid. By the way, who is that man, sir?” The police officer was not able to sprout a word from his mouth upon hearing what the little kid said. “O-oh! He is Detective Jonas, by the way. He is good, but no-good.” The police replied. Randolf didn’t ask for more. He just simply looks at the lively man in front of them.

“Thanks you Sir.” Randolf shortly replied to the police. Then he went back to where Miss Trixie is.

Detective Jonas is a clumsy detective. He often slides, bumps, and meets some minor accidents. The most common accident he met is sliding on the floor.

“Ehem! What can I do for you?”, Detective Jonas lively said, as he looked all over the crime scene.

“All you can do is to solve the case, with my aid.” Randolf replied to Detective Jonas’ question. Detective Jonas was very surprise. He was speechless at first. After a second, he burst in laughter. He can’s stop laughing upon hearing Randolf.

“A kid will help me?” Detective Jonas sarcastically yelled.

“I’m a kid, but don’t treat me like a kid.” Randolf calmly replied. Detective Jonas was speechless again. He looked at Randolf from left to right, head to toe. He nodded his head, making sure that Randolf can pass his small challenge.

“Oh, right, then, how can you prove yourself that you’re deserving to be my partner this time, huh?” Randolf looked straight to his eyes.

“Well, then, look around. If you’re really smart, solve the case first before you argue with a kid like me.” Randolf said, heading towards the crime scene. “Oh, I almost forgot. Silence means yes, right? You didn’t say a word at all, so you agree that I will be your partner by this time. See, I’m smarter than a fifth grader, and smarter than you.” Randolf headed towards the crime scene. Miss Trixie followed him. Detective Jonas was frozen from what he heard from a little kid.

“Hey, Detective! Follow the kid!” The police officer suggested. “The kid is smarter then you.” The other police murmured, making sure that Detective Jonas wouldn’t hear it.

The police have four suspects: the first one is the janitor, the second one is the guidance councilor, the third one is Mr. Rivera, the chemistry teacher, and last, the news paper boy.

Inside the investigatory room, there is Miss Trixie, Detective Jonas, the policemen and of course, Randolf.

“Tell me where you are when the crime happened.” The police officer asked all the suspects.

The first suspect said that he was not there. He’s upstairs, cleaning the vacant classroom in the third floor. The second one says that he didn’t notice the crime at all. He insists that he is inside the guidance office. While the third one answered that he was inside the faculty room and computing grades. And lastly, the fourth answered that he was delivering news papers in the principal’s office and it is only a co-incidence that he passed by the corridor where Dr. James is.

“Sir Jonas, what do you think?” the police officer asked.

“I think, he’s the killer!” Detective Jonas pointed at the fourth suspect-the young news paper boy. Detective Jonas explained that he was passing by through the corridors when the crime happened. Everyone is not on the first floor except for the news paper boy.

“So, the nearest answer is the news paper boy, right?” No one answered to Jonas’ question.

“Excuse me?” Everybody looked at the little voice who spoke. “Sir Jonas, you forgot to ask if the guidance office is on the first floor or not.” Everybody listened attentively to what the little kid was speaking of.

“First of all, the guidance office is on the first floor, also. So, our guidance councilor is on the first floor also when the crime happened, right?” Randolf adjusts his eyeglass as he spoke.

“S-so, what do you want to say?” Detective Jonas asked, being pressure to Randolf’s statement.

“Second one, the news paper boy just passed by, right? He can’t kill Dr. James without entering inside. The third one.” By that moment, Randolf stood up.

“The third one, the janitor’s statement is clear. I know him, since I’ve been studying in my university for many years. He’s kind and has a sense of humor. He’s not a violent man at all.” Randolf wandered around the room. Miss Trixie can hardly close her lips due to amazement. Randolf talks and acts like more than a matured man do.

“So, you’re being bias?” Jonas also stood up, looking at Randolf’s eyes.

“No. What I’m saying is true. And I’m not yet done explaining. Regarding Mr. Rivera’s statement that he was computing grades. For your information, there’s no computation of grades. Our final exams had just finish last month. And now is only the start of the second grading period, right? So who’s telling a lie?” Everybody was speechless. Of course, all of them looked at Mr. Rivera, which was trying to explain. Randolf poured water to Mr. Rivera's face.

“Randolf! It’s over!” Miss Trixie interfered and tried her best to stop Randolf

“Look, Mr. Rivera, skin in your face was peeling.” Everybody looked at Mr. Rivera. They have witnessed how his skin peels.

“It was a mask.” The real face of Mt. Rivera showed up. Everybody was surprised, even Randolf. It was ‘Harris’, the notorious, multiple killer from the past.

The policemen thanked Randolf for solving the two-year unsolved case.

“You’ll pay, little brat!” Mr. Rivera, A.K.A. ‘Harris’ said, as the police puts him in jail.

“Bye! Bye!” Randolf waved his hand and bid goodbye to ‘Harris’. Miss Trixie was very amazed. She cried a river, not knowing how to thank Randolf for solving the case just for a moment.

One month passed. Randolf’s classmate set a Christmas presentation for him. They thanked him, and promise they will never bully him again. Randolf received gifts from everyone in the university, treating him like a special guess. Lastly, the biggest gift he received was from Detective Jonas.

“Randolf, I’m so sorry for treating you so small.” Jonas said. He puts his hand on the shoulders of the little ‘kid’.

“It’s alright, we can still be partners.” Randolf gave him a high-five.

That is the most unforgettable Christmas presentation Randolf had ever witnessed.

One year passed. The surrounding was peaceful when a loud sound of siren broke out. The police officer called to their headquarters. “Calling for the attention of Detective Jonas and Detective Randolf. Tell them to proceed here.”

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