"Do Or Die? : The Life-Risking Consequence of Lucy"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Plot: Your character is caught shoplifting. The shop owner says that she won't call the police in exchange for a personal favor


“Oh, I almost forgot. Today’s August 5!”

“August 5? What’s with August 5?”

Here they are again. People are just like pirated CDs. They kept on talking same things over and over again. Anyway, today's the controversial death of a woman named Lucia. That became one of the most biggest issue over the decades.

Well, people are people. Don’t get me wrong.

Here I am again, still wandering in the darkness. I don’t know where to go, where to stay, where to drop by. I can’t distinguish familiar faces from strangers. I don’t even know who I am. Am I a sinner? Or a saint?

It’s already late at night. The cold wind is blowing me up again. My blond hair is like a thread waving with the city lights. I robbed my hands together to resists the blood-freezing air. My jacket is not that thick for weathers like this.

The avenue I was wandering about is full of different faces with different sounds. Voices, hello and goodbyes; footsteps, rushing through the cement ground; sound of vehicles. Many people are surrounding me again. I have to stay calm. I don’t want any of them to feel suspicious against my acts. By that time, I’m searching for another place where I can get some ‘free’ stuff. I’m sure the security guard will not notice me again stealing some of his boss’ stuff. Of course, I’m an expert when it comes in stealing. I am like a pirated CD. I’m doing this act over and over again. Oh, I remembered my mom again. Whoop, many thoughts are running through my mind right now.

By the way, I’m Yohann Rivers. I hate my name. It sounds weird.

I hate my deep-green eyes. Every time I look at them, I can see the age of my dying mom. My eyes are very identical to her. And that’s the worst thing I have now. Well, I don’t care about my dad if he’s dead or alive right this moment. He’s very irresponsible. He left me and my mom after getting pregnant to my younger sister. Oh, I hate man. They are such a drag.

I hate myself for being who I am now. All I want to be respected by many people. I want everyone to respect me. But what happened is very contrast. The type of person like me is such a burden to the community. For sure, everybody will hate me if they knew who and what kind of person I really am. They will just scream, hate and burn me. This is even terribly worst than my eyes.

I hate everything that turns out my life to be miserable. Why do I have to be alone? Do I have to blame God? Of course not. I’m always faithful to Him, and still I am, although He dropped me by all alone.

I love God. I love Him so much. My mom told me to be faithful at Him forever and always. But what did my faith do? NOTHING. Look at me, this faith brings me to my own fate. I’m stealing and robbing other’s possession. I know this is a bad act, a sinful act either. But what can I do about it if it’s the only way to support my sister?

My sister Erra, she’s in the hospital for so long. She has a serious illness. Her eyes are getting worst. She needs to undergo operation immediately or else, she would definitely lose her eyesight.

This is a “do or die” deal. If I stopped stealing, me and my sister will.. See? My everyday life’s very difficult. I have no choice. I gotta hit the city and steal some stuff, as usual.

I crossed the street together with the bunch of people. Some of them were going home. Some of them were leaving home. I continued walking. I rushed my feet and entered a 24-hour store. “Lucy Mary Store”, that’s a weird name for a store.

The store is quite big. It is full of stuffs here and there. It is a jewelry store. Every angle is shiny. The sparks of the diamonds and golden pieces of accessories caught my attention. All women can’t resist this kind of charm. Yeah, I know women loves jewelry.

“I don’t like much shiny but.. I need it so bad. Now’s my chance to be an aid of help for my sister.”

I disguised as a customer, asking the price of an item that I want to steal.

“Hey, excuse me, how much is that item?” I asked the sales lady in charge.

“14,599 Php.” She replied smiling.

“Oh, it’s uh, expensive.” I giggled. It’s really a hard task to steal something without being noticed by someone. But, since I’m an expert, I have nothing to worry about.

The sales lady stares at me. Her eyes are very tricky as it seems that she is pushing me to buy it. Suddenly, a tall lady in a long, dark dress came out from the other door from the office of that store. Her body is wrapped around by shiny, glittering objects.

“Stella, come inside first.” The lady in dark dress told the sales lady to come inside her office or room or what so ever. She must be the owner of the jewelry store. But it’s kinda weird. They have a customer but both of them left me without even entertaining me. It’s quite an insult. It seems that they are testing me if I will steal something or not. That’s the first thing that comes out on my mind.

I roam around check the whole store. It’s quite strange that the security guard is not moving. Even the other sales lady seems not to care at all if there are customers on none. There are only few customers buying some jewelry that late night and I’m one of them, a disguise.

In one corner of the room, I noticed something weird. There’s a shiny, black thing in one corner of the store. I take some few little steps towards that thing. The feeling is so weird as if something is pulling me towards it. When I’m almost there, I finally figured out that shiny thing. It’s a diamond, but I really wonder why it wasn’t secure at all. No covers or protective shield protecting around it unlike the other diamonds and jewels here.

Compared to other jewelries, it looks more precious that the other stuff here. But I wonder why some stupid owner will place it without protection.

While looking at that shiny thing, I heard the voice of my sister crying for help. I witnessed how poor she was. She’s almost crawling on the ground with her eyes bleeding. I snapped the hell up. It was a daydream. I don’t know what to call it-a daydream or a nightmare. I remembered the pain that my sister had been through the years. Without any second thoughts, I grabbed the black diamond.

I kept it in my pocket and left the store without making a suspicious move. I carefully drag my feet outside the store. When I’m far away from the store, I ran as fast as I could and I hide myself somewhere in the darkness.

“What is this thing? It’s something handy-heavy, huh?” I spoke to myself. Just by the moment, I noticed something weird. There’s a little girl standing in front of me, holding a rug doll on her arm. What seem so strange are her eyes. Her whole eye is in black. I can’t see the white shades in her eyes. Her face is covered with darkness. But when a single strand of light flashes in her face, I was able to see what she really looks like. Her face is full of blood rushing all over her body. And something there’s something in her hand. I don’t know what she’s doing with that certain thing but it seems that she’s eating it.

“Do you want some?” The girl asked me as her distance becomes more close and close to me. I can’t move my feet. My whole body was frozen.

It’s too, late when I figured out what is it. It’s her eyes! The creepy little girl is holding her own eyes and asking me if I want to taste it. During my frozen state of mind and body, I can’t move or speak. I tried to shout, but no voice came out from my throat. I tried to run, but my feet were hammered onto the ground.

“Stay away!” I screamed.

That moment, my heart skipped two beats at a time. All the muscles in my body are shaking. My stomach is trembling inside my belly.

“Jesus Christ!” I cried for help. Just by the moment I screamed, someone behind the darkness spoke.

“Jesus Christ, huh?” the voice said.

“W-who’s there?” I asked with a shaking voice.

“It’s me, darling.” The woman showed her face. It was the owner of the jewelry store where I stole a precious stone.

“W-what are you doing here?” I asked her with a big confusion in my face.

“I’m here for you. Actually, I saw what you did a while ago.” She walked back and forth and carried the creepy little girl in her arms as she wiped the blood all over her face. Again, I breathe heavily. Of course, hat’s the least I can do to save myself from a very crippled event once in my life.

“Please, do not report me to the police.” I begged the tall lady in black dress.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell this to anyone.” She answered fast. I feel so thankful upon hearing her statement. She promised me that she will not tell what she saw a while ago. I tried to return the black diamond to the store owner but I can’t get near to her because of the creepy little girl.

“Don’t fear, young lady. This is my baby. Say hi to her.” The store owner giggles.

“Hi!” The creepy little girl waved her hand and spoke once again. She greets me ‘hi’ but instead of greeting her back, I stayed a few more inches away from her. I don’t know what kind of feeling is this. What I only know by this moment is the word ‘fear’.

“That’s yours now, dear.” The store owner said.

“No, I’ll return this to you.”

“No! Take it with you.” She said with a high tone of voice. I looked directly at her eyes, seeing something strange inside.

“Yes.” I nodded my head without hesitating. The feeling is weird. My own mind is anticipating myself. I answered without even thinking what to do. It’s like some sort of hypnotism.

“By the way, I’m Lucy. That stone is already yours. It will serve as our contact. I will not tell anyone what you have done a while ago BUT, there is one condition you need to do. You will follow me and worship my GOD. And another one, your younger sister will be alright if you follow what I have said.” The woman named LUCY said.

“Come with me.” She commanded.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I come with her without any hesitation. And one thing more I wonder is that, how did she knew that I have a sick younger sister? And her God, is she referring Satan or Lucifer or what?

I’m awake, but my brain is not functioning. I’m moving, but everything is not by my own free will. It seems that my muscles and bones are working together to move on their own. The moment when I noticed where I am, I was standing somewhere in a room from nowhere. The room was unpleasant for my eyes. There are skulls scattered all over the ground. There is a blinking red light on the ceiling. Every corner of the room is surrounded by red candles. There is a creepy image of a ram with long horns on its head. There is an altar, a weird altar. This is my first time to see an altar like this. There’s no Jesus there. What I saw is a different one. It’s like a demon. It’s a bat-looking man with sharp fangs and yellow eyes. Then, I saw a rotting corpse beside the altar. The smell is very unpleasant that it makes me want to vomit. The corpse’s eyes are deep green in color. I remembered someone having that kind of eyes. After seeing that, I run away from that place.

I remembered my sister once again.


I dragged my heavy feet and searched for an exit. I ran without noticing how fast or slow I am. The wind is whispering through my ear. My breath is so heavy as if my heart is pulling my lungs and almost all oxygen is being inhaled by my nostrils. I cannot find any doors inside the creepy room but there’s a small window in one corner of the room.

“Help me God.” I closed my eyes and pray for myself and for my sister. I tried to open the window but it was locked outside. I punched and kicked it as hard as I could but my efforts are effortless.

“Shit! What am I supposed to do?”

I felt something hard inside my pocket. It was the black diamond that Lucy gave me. An idea came to my mind just. My old teacher says that diamond is the hardest mineral on earth and has the ability to cut a matter into tiny pieces.

“Thanks sir Ricks!” I hit the window glass by the black diamond, but the black diamond was the first to collapse.

“Damn it!” I yelled. I fell down on my knees. I lost almost all of my hopes that time. Then I heard a cracking sound of a glass. The window had a big crack in the middle. My eyes spark and I kicked the window once again even though it hurts so much. Then I punched it once again. My fist bleeds. But I don’t care how much it hurts, all I have to do is to escape, or else I would die.

I heard footsteps coming outside. It’s coming outside from the creepy room where I was. I punched the widow for the last time, and thank God, it worked. I didn’t have any second thoughts to jump from the window, although it is very high. Yes, I’m afraid of high places, but I’m more than afraid to lose my life and my precious sister.

I fall on a dump side in the corner of the dark street. I got my left arm injured, but I continued running. The first place that came up to my mind is the hospital where Erra is confined.

There are still plenty of people outside. I accompanied their heavy footsteps rushing through the streets. I run and walk until I reached the hospital.

Erra’s room is on the fifth floor of the hospital. There are lots of random people using the elevator. It will take long for me to use the elevator. I have no choice but to use the stairs.

I hurriedly climbed the long stairs.

“Whoop, fourth floor! Last one!” Along my way to the fifth floor, Lucy surprised me. She was floating through the air. Her face changed. She looks older like a hundred-year-old witch with long white hair extending up to her feet.

“You have no escape!” Lucy yelled.

“Oh my God!” I went down again to the first floor. Thank God, when I reached the ground floor, there are few people using the elevator. I was able to use it.

Inside the elevator, I’m making myself calm but I just can’t. I’m still thinking about the life of my sister. I can feel that she is in danger.

“OK, OK, Yo’, calm down. Calm down” I forced myself to calm down, but it only adds my nervous when I saw Lucy’s reflection in the elevator. At last, I reached the fifth floor. I rushed through the corridor of the hospital and entered my sister’s room immediately. I opened the door with my almighty force that was left in me.


“Erra, you OK?” I sit beside my sister and watch her if she’s alright. I hugged her tightly.

“Yohann, what happened to you?” Erra lifted her head and looked at me. But what shocked me most when I saw who’s the person I’m hugging. It was the creepy little girl that I saw a while ago! Her face is full of blood. She has no eyes.

I stayed away from her. She’s coming on my way and she’s getting nearer and nearer. I don’t know what to do by this time. What I can only say is the word “God”.

“God, help me!” I yelled loudly. Suddenly, a light appeared from somewhere. I can’t look at it. What I only saw is the person standing in front of me. I can’t distinguish if it was a he or a she. Then, the creepy little girl vanished little by little, together with the unclear image of Lucy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I woke up with the rays of sunlight striking through my face. I found myself lying in the hospital, beside the bed of my younger sister.

“Was it all a dream?” I asked myself with amusement that I am still alive in behalf of the life-taking incident that happened last night.

“Finally, you’re awake, Miss Rivers.” A voice of a man spoke right beside me. My vision is still unclear, then I figured out he was a doctor. The doctor introduced himself properly. He’s my missing dad for the long time. After seeing him, all of my buried anger vanished. Now I know, he left us for a good reason. Aside from that, I have nothing to worry about. Erra is already safe. Dad operated her eyes.

After a couple of years, I and Erra, together with our dad lived together in one house as one family again. I got what I want. I’m now respected by anyone. I want to be a respected doctor, like my dad. It’s sad to think that mom’s no longer with us but I know wherever she is, she’s safe with my GOD. My only GOD.


Submitted: February 07, 2012

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Very intresting! Well done

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