Gun Shots

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"The people who makes you happy, is the person who can makes you sad." Definitely true. But who could ever think that the person, who makes you happy, is the person who could make you scared? This is a story about the path of two people who crossed because of revenge.

Submitted: November 08, 2011

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



"The people who makes you happy, is the person who can makes you sad." Definitely true. But who could ever think that the person who makes you happy, is the person who could make you scared? This is a story about the path of two people that crossed because of revenge.

Thunders and lightnings are crashing through the skies of black and grey. Wind blows violently on the roofs of every home. A loud clash of a storm was coming and subsequently followed by a heavy tears of the dark clouds from the sky. It was a silent night after all. No sound can be heard except from the heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms.

Out of the night that covers the world from silence, there's one corner of the Earth where there are flashes of cameras, taking pictures, while others are capturing videos. Different faces of people can be seen - famous people from politicas, medias, reporters, police, private investigators, civilians; all of them were there. Red lights, yellow lane, portraying a "crime scene" is the common sight for everyone on that very moment. It was night full of noise coming from the ambulance and the sirens of police mobiles can be heard from North to South, East to West from the City of San Jose, California. It's around 11 o'clock when the news spread that the notorious criminal and multiple killer was captured and killed by one of the police due to gun shots of two that almost hit his heart. The order of the police higher agency was a shoot-to-kill order.

"Sir Lopez, can we have a short interview?"

"Mr. Lopez, what can you say about this?"

Reporters from different sects continue to interview Mr. Antonio Lopez, the police assigned to capture the most wanted criminal, Paul Denwitt, also known as "Robinhood" due to his ability and killing tactics in committing crimes. Antonio Lopez is the one who got "Robinhood" killed. Paul Denwitt, or "Robonhood" has a three year-old son named Rain Denwitt was still in search by the police and the police agency noted to the public to that child a notice so that he could be protected since he is just an innocent child knowing nothing about what happened.

"That news is twenty years ago, Florence", said Jane Dewey, the daughter of Joseph Dewey, one of the police who caught "Robinhood" two decade ago. Florence Lopez is the daughter of the famous police/FBI agent, Antonio Lopez.

"It's OK Jane, I just want to reminisce my father's great achievement. Our fathers, I mean. I want to be just like him someday, but he doubted that I can and he never agreed on what I want for life. And now, I am about to finish the course I never liked before. Culinary arts. I never learned how to cook properly", said Florence to her friend.

"Since you're about to finish, don't doubt that you will never find enjoyment when you got a job, Florence. It's already there! Besides, you can still take up second course, right?"

"Hmm, well, you have a point" Florence answered Jane with her eyeballs rolling from left to right.

"Hey Florence, why don't we go to the covered court and see how 'your' Michael Underwood plays basketball. C'mon, let's watch him!" Jane pulled Florence from her sit and led her to the covered court to see Michael Underwood, Florence's sweetheart.

Florence's facial expression changed from upset to smiling mode when she saw Michael playing basketball. Florence and Jane cheered him. Florence shouts at the loudest so that Michael can hear him.

"Go Michael! I'm over here!" Florence waved her hand as she shouts while smiling at Michael from a distance. Luckily, Michael heard her and smiled back at her. It was a pleasant smile after all that every woman wants to see from their guys.

"Game is over! The winner is from team red!" The referee announced. It was Michael's team.

After the game, Florence, together with Jane immediately went to where Michael is. Florence congratulated Michael and his team for winning the game.

"I'm so proud of you! Michael my dear!" Florence said while looking at Michael's beautiful blue eyes.

"Thank you, sweetheart" Michael replied smiling.

"Are we going out later?" Michael asked Florence.

"Sure." Florence's short answer with her head nodding.

"Oh, right sweetie, I'll be right back. I'll just change my shirt."

"OK, I'll wait for you here" said Florence as Jane smiled at her and moved her shoulder.

"You got a really cute one huh?" said Jane smiling with a silly facial expression to Florence.

"Stop making that smile Jane, it just makes me smile and makes me realize how he really cute was" replied Florence chuckling silently.

After a while, Michael had arrived with his outfit changed, and looks fresh. It seems that he is ready for a date.

"Florence" Michael called Florence with a beautiful smile all over his face. Florence stood up as if Jane is not with her. Florence just wave a hand at her friend and bid her bye. The two went outside to have a date. Outside their campus is a long way to be at the city. Unfortunately, it was traffic. They have to wait almost an hour. The two are inside the car. Both of them feel boring because of the long way to the city. Many vehicles were also stock in the long high way just like them.

"Florence" said Michael softly.

"Yea dear? What's the matter?" replied Florence.

"Nothing really matters, I just want to greet you happy parent's day."

"Happy parent's day? For my parents?"

"M-maybe yes but. No, for you. Advance happy parent's day for the two of us when you became the mother of our child-to-be." Michael said while smilng naughtily at her.

Florence laughed at Michael's naughty joke. But there's a sudden change of the air's atmosphere. The atmosphere of happiness of the two was changed into nervous especially to Florence.

"Oh my God, what happened?" said Florence.

"Can you see that Michael?" she asked Michael. It was a crime scene and many police and private investigators were there.

"Yeah, I can see that. It is a crime scene" said Michael looking at the scene near the way where they are. Many people were there.

At last, the traffic was ending little by little. Many stocked vehicles in the road started to operate and run again. And after an hour, they finally reached the city. It was a long drive at all. The two of them decided to go to a coffee shop since both of them lovesto drink coffee. Both of them were quiet and speechless because of what they have witnessed.

“Florence” said Michael as he held Florence’s hand.

“Don’t think too, much about it. I know it’s a bit traumatic but nothing happened bad to both of us, right? Besides, we’re not involved.” Michael encouraged Florence not to think too, much about it. Florence simply smiled at Michael’s encouragement. Florence then shares a story to Michael so that their date will be lively.

“Know what Michael, my dream is not to be a cook someday, but unfortunately, that would be going to happen” said Florence as she laugh silently that made Michael smile.

“Why? You can surely be a good cook, aren’t you?” said Michael.

“I don’t know. Honestly, I want to be like my dad. That’s my dream since I was a kid. I want to follow his footsteps.” A second of silence stood up between their distances. Michael looked at Florence as if he was looking at her with meaning.

“I want to be just like him” Florence continued. “What impressed me more about dad is when he caught “Robinhood”, the most wanted criminal of all times.”

Michael stopped drinking.for a while and respond to Florence‘s statement.

“Really? Wow, that’s incredible”, he said.

“How I wish I could be like him..and maybe after graduation, I’ll take up criminology as my second course.”

“Are you sure, Florence?” asked Michael.

“Yes, I’m sure..How abut you? What are you planning after graduation?”

“Well, after graduation, I will study again in a school of law.” Michael said.

“School of law? Wow, that sounds great Michael! But why law?” asked Florence curiously. “You never told me about that since then.” She added.

“Why law?” Michael responded. “It’s because I want to seek justice for my father who was murdered many years ago. But the case was already close and I want to restart a new case for that. I want to give justice to my father” said Michael.

“I know Michael, that’s you’re dream for your father” Florence said as she grab her boyfriend’s hand.

They had a long talk to one another. And when they get fully satisfied with what they had been through, they decided to go back at their campus. But when they returned, what’s even more surprising is when there are police mobiles in the parking area of their school.

“Oh my, what happened?!” Florence asked while rushing through the school campus.

“Florence, wait!” Michael followed Florence as she continued going near to the school parking area.

All of the students went away from where the police mobiles parked by. There is a grat buzz with every one of them. Florence worries a lot of Jane. It was a relieve when she saw Jane rushing towards them.

“Oh Jane!”said Florence feeling so relieved knowing that her friend was safe.

“Florence!” Jane said while rushing towards her friend. Jane and Florence hugged each other to express that they are both alright.

“What happened?” asked Florence.

“Daniel Foster from the English department and the adviser of School publication, he’s dead” said Jane shaking from fear.

“But how?” asked Florence curiously.

“I..I don’t know. His corpse was recovered lately..Around 10 o’clock in the morning.” replied Jane. “The investigators said that the result of the investigation will know by tomorrow. I wonder who’s the person behind that” Jane added.

After a day, the result of the investigation states that one of the suspects is as follows: the school principal, Peter Black, a weird student who was wandering around the campus when the incident happened. Another suspect is the woman in red where the spy camera captured. That woman was standing at the gate of the school and calling somebody through her phone. But the police have no result for the investigation yet. They were still studying the case.

The class was suspended by the day. That night, Florence was bothered on what she has witnessed within the day. There are two consecutive crimes happened at the same date. She is a bit worried about the upcoming result that the killer might be Peter Black. Peter Black, despite of being weird, is kind to her. If a person’s mind is malicious, they would think that Peter likes Florence because of his too, much kindness and concern to Florence. Florence, to lessen her worries, opened the TV to watch news. The news said that the investigation is merely vivid.

The corpse of Daniel Foster was recovered under the huge tree in the school campus. Based on the autopsy, Foster died due to gun shots of two on his belly and the other shot is a head shot. The school principal said that he was in his office when that killing incident happened. It just happened that his office is at the back of the huge tree where the corpse of Foster was discovered. Another interview from one of the suspects. Peter Black not in the school campus. He was not able to come by that day because he was in his doctor. And lastly, the woman in red, is haven’t been interviewed by the police. The public was looking for that girl. And the police recognized her as “Jane Dewey”. The news said that “Jane Dewey” is hiding from the police and can be say that she is guilty.

“Red dress? Oh my God, Jane?” Florence was so shocked. The third suspect is Jane Dewey, her best friend. Florence didn’t believe in the news. She knows her best friend a lot. And besides, Jane is a daughter of a police. If she is really the criminal, then Jane will surrender to her father. But there is one proof that it was really Jane-the red dress.

Florence switched the channel of the television and the other news is about the man who was killed near the highway. There are two gun shot. That is the cause of his death.

“Wait, two gun shots? But it’s too, impossible, “Robinhood” died from a long time ago” Florence said to herself.

“Robinhood’s” trademark when murdering people is the two gun shots. But It is so hard to believe because that “Robinhood” died from a long time ago.

Florence went to Jane’s house to check if her friend is there. Her phone rang. She received a message from Jane telling her to come in their house. Florence is quite afraid, but she still goes to Jane’s house. When she was in the parking lot, she beeps her car’s buzzer but no one answered. The house seems to be so quiet as if there are no people inside.

“Where is Jane and her family?” Florence asked herself.

“The police are supposed to be here. I thought that they were investigating Jane” Florence continued asking herself. Florence decided to go inside the house of her best friend. The lights are off. There is quiet atmosphere inside the room as if there’s something wrong. Florence turned on the lights.

“Jane?” she started calling her friend’s name but still, no one answered. Florence went up the stairs and continues searching for her friend and her family. She opened almost all of the rooms upstairs, but she found no one. On her left side, there is a closed room. She attempted to open it but it was locked. She kicked the door and luckily, it opened. A smell of blood is spending all over the dark room. Florence opened the light and a figure of a lying bodies’ silhouette can be figured out! I was Jane’s father! Joseph Dewey. And beside Jane’s father is her mother’s! Both of them Florence wants to run as fast as she can. Florence wants to shout but there’s no voice coming from her. She didn’t find Jane or even Jane’s corpse, if she’s dead.

Florence hurried down the stairs as if she’s flying. On the kitchen, she noticed someone standing. She saw Jane’s silhouette in the darkness. It was exactly Jane, but like her parents, she is dead, receiving two gun shots in her belly. Florence tried to call up the police, but the wirings of the phone’s line in Jane’s house is disconnected.

Florence hurried up to went outside. She runs fast as she could, looking at her back, thinking that “Robinhood” is after her. She bumped at somebody’s chest. It was Michael.

“Michael!” Florence hugged him and continue crying.

“Florence! What happened to you? Are you OK?” asked Michael.

“Jane’s family is dead, including her! We have to report this to the police now!” Florence said. A second of silence stood between the two. Florence’s eyes widened and her face became suspicious.

“Michael? How did you know that I’m here?”

“Well”, Michael said while smiling at her with a terrifying smile.

“Of course, I know, I text you and told you to go here, right?”, Michael said. It is now clear for Florence that Michael is the killer. Florence run fast as she could, but Michael grabbed her hair and slapped her face. When she was perfectly lying at the floor, Michael started talking.

“The man in the high way, I killed him by humiliating my father. And also Mr. Foster. He always says that my father is criminal which is never true! Father will surely be happy about this. I had given justice to his death.” Michael said while laughing.

Florence cant believe on what’s happening. She can hardly speak.

“W-what are you talking about?” Florence shouted at him.

“What am I talking about? I’m talking about my father! Are you deaf? If you don’t gat it, then I will explain all the details. I’m not Michael Underwood. I’m Rain Denwitt. Paul Denwitt’s son! I will continue my father’s legacy.. hahahah! And I witnessed how your father killed my dad. Now, don’t you get it?”

Florence cant move her body due to fear.

“Game over” Michael said as he raised his right hand with gun.

Out of the silence of the night, two consecutive shots of gun can be heard.

“Game over”, It is a voice of a man. It was Peter Black. He perfectly shot Michael and the gun shots are the cause of death of Michael.

“Are you OK, Florence?” asked Peter.

Florence stands up and hugged Peter. Peter explained that he is a secret agent spying every step of Michael Underwood, and that’s the reason why he is always after the two every time they are having their date.

After 7 years when the traumatic crime happened, Florence and Peter had their own family. They got a son. Their family decided to go picnic in a park.

“Peter” said Florence while looking at their son playing at the park.

“I’m so lucky that I have you. Without you, maybe now, I’m six feet under the ground”, said Florence while laughing.

“Florence, I love you” said Peter and the two of them kissed.

“Excuse me Peter, I will wash my hand at the faucet, wait for me honey.” Said Florence.

“I’ll wait for you honey” said Peter as he had a flying kiss factor to his wife.

Florence is washing her hand. There is no reason to be afraid. Florence and Peter are now living peacefully together with their son.

“Hi Florence.”

Florence looked at the man who spoke. His voice is too, familiar.

“Do you missed me?” the man removed his hat. His face finally showed up. It surprises Florence seeing a cute smile from the past. His face never changed. It was Michael Underwood.

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