The Normal Magic (Contest Entry)

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A/N: So this is my entry in "The Normal Magic Contest". Our task is to write on how either Lykron, Selina or Eric was, Jingle Q, sorry for some additional infos that I have put here which you never mentioned in your novel.. *laughs*
Hope you will enjoy reading this.. :)

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



Lykron and Eric were together that night, waiting for Selina. They were talking about the first time they have seen each other. Just by a moment, Lykron’s phone rang. It was a message, coming from someone whom he didn’t know. “Lykron, this is Selina, a favor please! Please help me to carry some stuff I have brought in the market. And, I have to tell you something. Please come. I’m on the fifth avenue. I’ll be waiting for you. –Sel”

Lykron did not think twice. He decided to go.

“Who’s that?”, Eric asked him with curiosity.

“It’s Selina. Well, I’m going to leave you here for a while, I’ll be back later.” Lykron replied.

“Why? Is there anything wrong? Where are you going?” Eric asked once again.

“Nothing’s really going wrong. I’m going at the fifth avenue. Maybe she needs some help to carry her stuffs from the market.” Lykron said and walked away.

Lykron arrived in the fifth avenue without a Selina. He gets two balls in his pocket and started juggling. Ten minutes have past, but still, there’s no Selina yet. He tried his best not to text the number whom Selina used, but he ended up texting it.

“Hey, where are you? I’m here.” Lykron sent the message, but after he sent the message, two men came behind him.

“So it’s a trap. Where is Selina?” Lykron said as he faced the two guys.

“So you finally get it, huh. And oh, how nice, a boy worrying for his girl.” Zander giggled a bit. I’m Zander, by the way. Nice meeting you”, he asked for a shake hand. But unfortunately, something happened to the air. Fog appears. It spread through the atmosphere. Lykron could hardly see the enemy. When he was apparently blinded by the thick fog around him, a baseball bat hit him and he lost consciousness.

“Take him”, Zander commanded his people and take Lykron inside the car. Lykron dropped his two juggling balls in the dark.

“Only two were left.” Zander whispered to himself with an evil grin on his face.


=== === ===


“Hey! Eric, is Lykron here?” Selina came rushing towards Eric. With a surprise, Eric couldn’t answer Selina immediately.

“Huh? But he’s going to meet you. You texted him, right? Haven’t you seen each other on the way?” Eric said. “I thought both of you have seen each other on the way. It’s almost half hour since he left to see you, and where are the stuffs you brought from the market?” Eric added as he searched for the ‘stuffs’ to Selina.

“What are you talking about? Actually, I fall asleep, then someone had texted me to go in the fifth avenue because both of you were waiting for me, and it was Lykron who tected me, but I saw you here, so, why did you left him there?” Selina showed the text messages to Eric.

“A trap!” Eric said to himself, and thinks some ways to find Lykron. He didn’t know to start explaining to Selina that it was a trap. Eric just pulled her and they went to the fifth avenue.

When they arrive, Eric pulled Selina’s arm and they stick to one wall, hiding from someone.

“Hey! Why are we hiding?” Selina asked Eric as she looked at Eric’s facial expression.

“Selina, listen to me, this is a trap! Lykron must be abducted or what..I don’t know how to start telling you…but..” Eric said as they tried to hide over the walls.

“Huh? Do you mean, you know that this is a trap at the first place?” Selina’s voice is quite shaking.

“Listen carefully, see those footsteps? And haven’t you notice? You and Lykron received the same messages!?” Eric replied Selina and pointed at the footsteps that were left.

“So,” Selina tried to think a solution about Lykron’s abduction. “So you just figured it out now?” Selina added. Eric nodded.

“We have to figure out if there is someone out here watching for our steps. And the next step is.. to face them”, Selina then brings out her yo-yo. Eric agreed and they made a plan to find Lykron.


=== === ===


A few minutes later, Selina and Eric showed themselves to the unseeing enemy-Zander’s people. Selina and Eric raised both of their hands as if they were giving up to the enemy.

“Take us now!” Selina’s voice echoed through the corners of the building. Zander’s people showed themselves to them. Then a voice from the darkness spoke.

“What a nice view”, it was a man wearing shades and a black jacket, clapping his hands due to his amazement.

“Arrest them”, the man in shades commanded his people. The man in black suits bends Selina’s arm and put it in her back. They did the same to Eric. Eric whispered softly to Selina’s ear.

“You know what to do.”

Selina carefully got her yo-yo in her pocket, then she threw it on one of the man behind her, then she began to struggle over the three men surrounding her. Eric didn’t use any of his poker cards, but he fought Zander’s people using his bare hands and some self defense he learned from Lykron. Eric knocked down almost five of them. Then another batch came out to face them. Eric gave Selina a meaningful look, then he said, “Now, go, I can handle this”, Eric said as he nodded his head once again.

Selina went her way to find Lykron by herself. She used her yo-yo to climb the high wall. Luckily, she got her way to find Lykron and Zander. They were inside a parachute. Selina jumped as high as she could just to reach the tip of the rope connecting on the parachute. Selina hang at the end of the rope. She hold tighter so that her hands would not slip. She pulled herself to reach the top of the parachute. At last, she finally reached it. She found Lykron unconscious. She silently makes each step and manages not to create any sound.

“I didn’t expect that there are still people who are willing to risk their lives for the sake of the people they love. How touching this sight was.” Zander spoke as he looked the two.

“What do you want?” Selina asked Zander without any fear of getting hurt as she gasps almost all of the air around them.

“The game had just started”, Zander grinned, and opened a bottle, and something came out from it-the fog. It’s getting thicker and thicker. Selina can’t help herself because she is not able to see anything around her. She hold Lykron’s arm tighter to make sure he will not be taken again by anyone. Selina then remembered that Eric lend half of his poker card to her, and she finally remembered what Eric had told her a while ago.


“I noticed some footsteps climbing up this wall..I’m not sure, but I think Lykron was taken here. So, Selina, be careful, the fog is getting thicker around this area, especially for the places is high altitude. When the fog scattered, just throw one of my poker cards and it will create an explosion. When it happened, my card will automatically go back to me, and I’ll follow your direction when I got a signal.”


Selina threw one of Eric’s poker cards and jumped from the parachute, holding Lykron in one of her arms. Eric saw the explosion and followed the direction where his card pointed. Eric ran as fast as he could. Then he saw Selina and Lykron were falling from the sky. Eric tried to catch them and the three lied on the floor.


“What happened?” Lykron woke up in Selina’s arm, and Selina found herself lying in Eric’s body.

“Ouch..Are you alright guys? Because.. I’m not…You’”Eric said as he cannot manage to move because of the two.


=== === ===


“You fool me by this moment, but I’ll make next time..I’m going to catch you..” Zander’s whisper echoed around his mind, and the wind blew colder and colder, as the night runs darker and darker.

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