Sleep walker (Blacktear's challenge)

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Breif over view: It's about this girl who dreams she dies and wakes up to find herself an inch form death, and theman inher dreams beocmes real, leads her to a building....yeah.

She no longer had control. For she no longer had a choice. Her dream, dark and eerie echoed through her head, the sound of the man's voice, "Closer, Christina, just a little closer..." as he motion to her. In her dream she only saw a trench, filled with fire, and death, but in reality, she was on top of a 40 story building in down town Houston. Of course she had no knowledge of this, she was having another night mare, and it might just be her last.

The man--a demon--the exact one that had haunted Christina's dreams since she was a child stood at the edge of the building, beckoning to her with a velvet tone, lethal and sooth all at the same time. She followed him, as he led her to her doom, she had no choice.

Luckily, Danny, the boy with which Christina had entrusted her deep secret of these dreams to, was aware of Christina's absense. He had followed the trail he had found, all the way up the elevator shaft, climbing, just now onto the building's cement top. Seeing Christina walking endlessly towards a man whowould not rest untill she was dead was a terrifying sight for Danny. But he wasted no time catching his breath, he ran, with all his might, startling the man, hitting him so hard it knocked them both 10 feet in the air, and against a pillar.

Christina stopped, her eyes closed. Danny wrestled with the man, trying to over power him, but his strength was too much, and he punched Danny. Danny fell hard against the cement. hisleft cheek bleeding with seizing. The pain was enfuriating, but the man laughed at his pain as he stood up and made his way over to Christina. He beckoned to her again, "Closer love, a bit closer now..."

Trying with much strength not to lose his balance, he stood up, and yelled, "Leave her alone!" This only made the man laugh harder.

"I don't think so, boy," He replied in a lethal voice.

Danny didn't answer immediatly, he just breathed heavily. Then, anger consumed him, "I'm not goinmg down without a fight!" And reache down and grabbed a crow bar off the ground. Running towards the man, but the demon was too quick, he ripped a metal pole out of the ground with one hand, hitting it with the crow bar, sending Danny's weapon off the dge of the building. Danny attempted to back away but the man, hit him with the pole, right in the chest, sending him spiraling to the ground. He just kept laughing.

Christina was getting closer now to the edge of the building. Danny had to stop her. But how could he when he was ont he ground? "Christina! Wake-up!" He shreiked at the top of his lungs, "Christina!!!!" And her eyes opened. She stopped mid step and turned to face the voice whcih she heard, "Danny?"

"Why you filthy--!" And the man raised the pole bar, and, with the sharper end, brought it down with such force that it plunged into Danny's left shoulder. Danny yelped, in pain, the pole had gone all the way through. Christina gasped, "DANNY!" But the man turned around angrilly and used some dark force to knock Christina down, and slider her to hit the crate by the edge.

"Christina!" Danny yelled, in pain. She tried to yell back, but the man grabbed her, "Let me go!"She shreiked, but the man didn't let go, she struggled, but it was no use. Danny struggled helplessly, grabbingh the pole, and yanking it, it hurt so bad, but he managed to pull it out. Just in time to see the man throw Christina off the edge of the building, her screams growing fainter and fainter.

"Christina!" Danny shouted, and without a second thought, a perception of the future, without a concience, he ran and jumped after her.

Submitted: June 13, 2009

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Nina Skye

Hey! I'm also entering the same challenge but my goodness...I think this one blows mine out of the water by far XD you have a really strong opening that draws readers in and a very nice ending. Everything in between is like

Sat, June 13th, 2009 11:04am

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