What girl likes about boys!

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All about what girls like about boys.This might not be completely true...

Girls who are unpopular (average):


2.Cute/Charming/Handsome or don't mind looks

3.Someone who protects them



6.Someone who cheers them up when they're down

Girls who are popular and hot and rich(girly):

1.Hot and charming

2.Great kisser


4.Smart or bad in studies(doesn't matter)

5.Jerk or nice(doesn't mind again!)

6.Fun to be around

7.Good clothing

Girls who don't smile much(not so bright girls);

1.Someone who won't annoy them

2.Someone like them or someone who makes them feel special(doesn't matter again and again)

3.Smart, must not be a jerk what-so-ever

4.Who can out smart anyone!

A/N:This is my point of view so if something's wrong, don't blame me if something goes wrong...

Submitted: October 01, 2010

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