Dear birth Mom and Dad,

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This is about my birth family, I hope you can relate(: As my one of my favorite poets once said: "See, I grew up never knowing if my father was a poet... or just some poem." ~ Christopher Michael

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



How are you, are you happy Do you have a family Do you ever think of me I want you to know That I miss you with my entire heart

You came into my life and left When you left, my heart took Its last breathe I’m dead on the inside Just a walking zombie But on the outside I’m fully “Alive”

I remember a few happy times But mostly bad times Tons and tons of pain And hurt.

I can see you now Playing in the yard with your kids Not doing weed or meth And your life is no longer a mess You are on a new high You can fly Up with the birds in the sky Because you will NEVER hurt them Like you did to me and my brothers

Have you ever thought about that day When the state hurled me into that car In such a horrible way They didn’t care what I wanted They didn’t understand What it’s like to stand In the doorway And see your brothers get taken away While your mom is watching This whole thing take place The tears pouring down her face

When I saw you cry With the tears that fell like a waterfall Rushing down your cheeks and splashing at the ground I cried, and still do. The tears flow down to soak my pillow They never stopped for me They just fell and fell Did they stop for you

So after 10 years and 5 months The tears have slowed Until I look at that picture That permanent fixture Imprinted on my mind And the dam breaks

You and dad fought a lot In fact, I think of it all the time Your beauty and his muscle Hurling object after object Getting into a tussle And then him coming over And slapping me While you just watch

You ruined my life And I won’t let you come into my heart Dad, I never felt safe I would run and hide Behind that bookshelf or slide I feel like you never loved me Nor did she Just your drugs But my drug My drug was your hugs All I ever wanted was for you Both of you to love me

You shattered my heart But daddy I forgive you And I love you As much as my mother And I will never forget No matter how old I get That day.

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