The waters (a dream)

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This is a dream I once had,I suspect that whoever helped me out was either an Angel or Jesus

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



“Push it harder!” I yelled to my best friend, Megan.

“Hahaha! That’s what she said! She yelled back as we cracked up laughing.

Megan and I were sitting in a big ford truck. She had cylinder blocks attached to the wheels so it would not go anywhere when we pushed down on the accelerator. Megan loved hearing the engine roar; after all, she is a country girl! Me on the other hand, I am a city girl by heart, although I do live down the road from her house in a very small country town. Elk, Washington. Although right now, we are in some far out, unknown town.

As we were laughing and having a good old time, I looked around. There were many cars, trucks, and tents surrounding us. Megan spotted a small tent with two men playing pocker inside. She grabbed my arm and told me to get over there! We ran over to the tent and played pocker for a while. Eventually we got bored of it and decided to go mess around in the truck again. Megan bent down to check the cylinders to make sure they were in proper order and perfectly attached. After all we wouldn’t want to actually drive! We are only 15! Megan set her foot on the accelerator and Whoosh! We went flying off of the cliff ahead of us~

“Megan! Get your foot off of it!” I screamed grabbing the wheel, trying to get us to turn around in the air.

“I can’t! It’s stuck. Ohh, someone please HEEELLLPPPP us!”

“We are going to die!” I screamed.

We landed in the water below. Somehow, we managed to get out of the truck. We started drowning. I saw the me that was asleep I was breathing hard and I could feel my heart beat and hear it “Ba-doom! Ba-doom! Ba-doom!” It was going faster and faster. I could feel the complete fear. I felt the sheet surrounding me, holding me down.

I came back into my dream. I reached my hand out and screamed for air. Someone pulled me out of the water. Megan grabbed my leg and she got pulled out to.

I woke up just as we came out of the water.

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