Afterward of Arriana's secret unicorn

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Afterwards of Arriana's secret unicorn

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



Arriana didn't know until now this isn't Xaviers herd. She was so full of happiness and love that she had also brought family home to him. Without the love of the human the bottom falls unicorn were scared to venture from their safety behind the falls. Xavier had never noticed them because they were always invisible to those who hadn't had human love after the war. Xavier kisses Arriana and thanks her. Telling her they'd meet at watering time every morning he went off to the others.

Xavier walked up to the herd and spoke to them. He said his name and the oldest male announced his name. Xavier immediately recognized the name Triton. Triton was the father of Fione. He was so excited that Fione would now be with her dad. Triton introduce Majenta, his wife after the war. He told of  Majenta being Graphton's wife until they found him never to return from war. Xavier waited for Majenta to speak. She tells Xavier that the older of the males here was Graphton's son when he went off that day. His name is Patrion, he was ten when war started. Faulina is 25 a week ago which was also Graphton's fawn then. Graphton had ordered  that i find Majenta and these two and keep them safe. We escaped behind the falls and haven't seen anyother unicorn until you ,says Triton.  The twin fawns are mine and Majenta's newest addition born last week.Xavier did the math and the day he let Arriana touch him they concieved. Salvion and Salina are the salvation that we knew the end of burden had came. We hadnt talked to human so we knew there were others still left but too afraid to go out looking. Xavier lead them to the others. Fione was the first he introduced to them. Triton nuzzled his little Fione and introduced her twin sibblings to her.Faulina and Zanders eyes meet and they knew they were the next pair. Xavier turns to Pastina and said, the fawns you've begged long enough for will soon be here, I have twins in my line also so pick some names. She breyed with delight and nuzzled him and they left the herd.





Arriana has been coming to the falls alone to see Xavier for almost a year bringing the sweet flowers in boquettes for him and the herd. She has been learning to ride Xavier and has only started ridind a few months ago. They have a love that keeps the unicorn growing and the unicornians reproducing again.

Arriana asks how the herd is doing. Xavier says that Pastina has had her second set of twin fawns and Faulina and Zander had their first fawn a month ago. Majenta's twins are with Fione catching up on their new sister who's had a fawn. The herd has regenerated enough where as the fawns reach adulthood there will be a pair for each being that Majenta's twins and mine aren't related. Fione's fawn  was concieved before Zander met Faulina so theres a new family and as they get older more will come.

Xavier asks of the unicornians. Arriana replies that her mother has had another child, the three female he brought home were pregnant or soon after became and have had a child. The market man's children are now only three children with the return of their parents (the teachers) from bottom falls their two left behind are now with them and their daughter had a child with the boy who came home from bottom falls. The male child had no so they live with the teachers.

Arriana hugs and rubs Xavier, she thanked him for returning the way of the unicornians. He rubbed her and thanked her for the love of haumankind. He watched Arriana go. They will never lose touch and Arriana will continue bring the sweet flowers for the herd and learn how to ride Xavier. The population of the unicornians will proceed and so will the unicorn.

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